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Making Dutch Society Smarter - some strategies and lessons for creating social change

Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Making Dutch society smarter some strategies and lessons for creating social change Joeri van den Steenhoven <ul><li>Summer school on Social Innovation </li></ul><ul><li>29 July 2008 </li></ul>
  2. 2. railway track
  3. 3. responses challenges social value research making dutch society smarter economic prosperity designing change interventions projects learning vision reflection transfer action themes NGO 17 people thinktank Amsterdam 1999 Network no core funding mixed finance catalyst
  4. 4. Mission Mission Mission Vision Intervention Learning Action Spin offs
  5. 6. Digital Pioneers 163 projects funded Project leader sessions 1132 applications active learning Digital Pioneers Academy network web-based social initiatives seed capital social investment fund coaching civil society media active learning 15 rounds 82% alive after 5 years 2 million users each month Chatting with Kids Phone 15.000 euro 32.000 euro open source open content grant from Dept. of Media onetime funding
  6. 8. Kafkabrigade each institution works from its own perspective, no one sees total picture contra-analysis putting citizen at centre narrative research & intervention action plan personal healthcare budget the smallest possible step with the greatest possible result marriage not less rules, but smarter fighting unnecessary bureaucracy collective performance review case method multi-problem families youth care immigrant entrepreneurs services for chronically ill school drop outs solving the case, structural solutions, transferring method
  7. 9. social entrepreneurship creative economy smart schools current work open content good government Academics without borders Belgians do it better Creative Challenge Call Breakthrough Classroom Innovators Network Kafkabrigade Public Access Regional research Memory channel Images for the future Creative Commons NL Creative business models Digital Pioneers Mediawisdom map Education Pioneers Dutch Heroes P2P Fusion
  8. 10. some lessons think big inspiration then make it smaller share everything (but do not give it away too soon) create a brand choose your intervention analyse the challenge there are always more smart people outside your organisation connection be open if you allow others to take credit, you can achieve anything networks visionary practical it’s all about creating a dynamic that is larger than yourself
  9. 11.