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Six Inches Communication Credentials


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A journey began with the thought of creating path breaking work and giving the world memorable brands through meaningful ideas. This journey was named as Six Inches, inspired by a famous saying that “between six inches of grey matter is where advertising wars take place”. We are proud of this journey. We are proud of this connectedness of 9 years, the learning’s, experiences, mistakes, teamwork and the brand universe.
We have revisited our past achievements and our future goals. And that has led us to a refreshing change for brand Six Inches to reflect our new path. We believe continuous improvement and change have been integral part of Six Inches growth. Continuous improvement has given us stability, reliability and a foundation, while our desire to change and constantly evolve have driven our growth and enabled us to thrive in the constantly evolving brands and consumer’s landscape.

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Six Inches Communication Credentials

  1. 1. looking for a integrated agency J}, Web News Images Maps Videos More V Search tools About t6.60,00,000 results (0.46 seconds) Looking for an integrated agency can be a tough choice.
  2. 2. Right now you are in a rush to launch your new brand campaign OR in need to activate a multi-city promotional program OR you have decided to shed your old brand identity but the TAT is limited OR you are not happy with your digital assets. .. 16.6 million search results can be daunting. Stop searching!
  3. 3. 9 years of collaborative success. or ‘ ire strategy. ideas. experience. , I ‘II
  4. 4. From . ,. rebranding an IT giant in East Africa I . I70 repositioning ; .'? ’ a news channel . ~./ .-" in Karnataka. ..
  5. 5. What do yot "' ' root cause he losing her I What do you think gets '* ”°°""" you worked up often? 8. In/ erinr < A. Poorsleep c. other I». m 8. Work pressu C. Lackafinlim an intimate gel online & offline = I *. » 7.I''777 ‘ ; :;r, , ' I I to an I Italian wedding . 7 album in India. ..
  6. 6. %. .-——— PIIESEIIT WA 3' I I ‘e. .,. .~. -V ‘I Talkto EIWJ7 Catch It. . . hum lllt . _, orth- I. l?In])5;llf2I()))! ?.Cnlll , From promoting to a movie -. 1 : ‘_, /—/ /‘f , an international lovers portal Financial Firm. .. for India. .. fi_ -. _-
  7. 7. .'H. '.—. fl SUPER-SIZED STORAGE AT SUPER SPEED I . .,, ,.. ,.II. .»a-IaI. ».m. .a. .II. .. . ». ... <.. I . ...1 r>. ... ... ... w. 5-vim-Arm . Besides being a I brand custodian for the I world's largest memory ‘ manufacturer. ..
  8. 8. For the past 9 years we have created ~ deep and meaningful brand connections for our clients.
  10. 10. Our business focus BRAND BRAND CREADDN CONNECDDN BRAND CONTENT 3 Focus areas of business to achieve connectedness
  11. 11. Creating brands is at the heart of our business. ln any sector or discipline — be it a corporate brand to an entrepreneur's brand. to products and services from startups and multinational companies, to retailers and charity organizations, our three step approach delivers standout results based on the true nature of your business. Discover Create Activate Brand Audit The Connection Idea Brand Launch across Media Competitive Research The Brand Story Brand Orientation Audience & Data Analytics Purpose & Values Employee Engagement Trends Forecasting Nomenclature Environment Branding Positioning Brand Architecture Signage Recommendations Identity Design Brand Management Visual Systems
  12. 12. The end users experience is far more relevant than any communication for the success of a brand. Our team plans well in advance and always keeps in mind the brand's connection as this ensures that every possible touch point Focuses on audience interaction. Right From a digital touch to a website, to a mobile app to a pop—up shop, to live events and large expos, is taken care of. Digital Assets Management - Website - Design, Build and Manage - Social Management - Search Optimisation - Mobile Applications - Email Marketing - Media Planning and Buying Exhibitions & Conferences Events and Launches Corporate Connect Programs Consumer Connect Programs Retail Branding Experiences - Store Experience - POS Displays - Branding Employee Connect - Internal Communication Planning - Campaigns and Programs Trade Connect - Channel Connection Programs - Channel Recognitions - Channel Mystery Audits
  13. 13. From simple infographic creation to Full-scale Film production, we create content that entertains, inspires, helps and connects. - Long and Short Films - Motion Graphics and Animation - Editorial Design - Photography and Imagery - lnfographic - Content Writing
  14. 14. Our Client Partnerships: Technology Real Estate & Hospitality Financial Services IKHMQMH Ifianandani Egauur. OM R xp-zuuann H THEHAVHQ : ~xlRVICll) iusiuiuus—— H»: ». u l1tli. V hi| |ipCapita| Your Partner In Finance GIGABYTE” INDYA ESTATES 3 . ;z. (Cash poniaiinics unllrnlmed lDifinki ANMRTA Amie-nu: I MAIT REYA H REALTORS Bu llinn""' THE DUAL INCOME ADVANTAGE l, .1._. ® *@ ACME m6 R O U P We % Happiness, Slllfie 1976 ‘Q afigfipism “ DIRECT Ideas for lulure gofiovrron Moon no: woman vow ocsnuv-on
  15. 15. Our Client Partnerships: Media 6 55777393 NEWS NONSTDP Manufacturer / Producer Where Dreams are xmpansioi/ iiias IT Services & Management _ technologies Home Care Ha. I in Qualily minis Education Ambuja Cement Servires e cs) E/ eclracarcl HIGARE PIIY COIVIOL IXDIIVI IN'I'F. 'RNA'. I'lON SO-IOOL, KAMPALA ISDI I INDIAN SCHOOL OF DESIGN 8- INNOVATION ReL| /NCe Power I-a technology . associates Qmstrong pi_ljion? ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS
  16. 16. Client Our Client Partnerships: Personal Care FMCG Online / Publisher / Ecommerce I I: ‘_i3,= .I '51 HOMOEOPATHY Proven And Pvelerred glxinug SALSALITO I so an an lllfiu. IQ-on )3Irv&/ Iyyr‘arI‘cJuyar w%1r—vr mi: fr DAILY | t’s all good‘ : :'GROFERS LAB 3 A is _/ pi; . A4: Jet, /U HUUU9 EDIBLE OILS S. FOODS
  17. 17. FAST FACTS years of building brands 72% client retention 100% independent 0% business enquiries because of our name 32 Team Members Headquartered in Mumbai with I 2 network partners across the country Planning & Strategy/ Art & VisuaIization/ Copywriters/ Content Development/ Media P| anners/ Social Media Managers/ Client Servicing/ Business Development/ Search Experts/ Accounts & Finance / HR / IT
  18. 18. A‘ I1‘. IIl! il'-III‘-I" 1'-r-in . .,i I'll‘ ”"""‘J| Ht: IV16ICFIan€‘ik. ‘ campaign Dnanane l(D§Qn‘| ir‘)Tl , 6 a Pmfin Shah. Founder & CEO. slmres his eqzen opinion on next big move l. )‘G-(‘OIl1lllE'l'L‘E portals <. -faqs' S1 30-‘ iclnlrizi ill‘-4' 11 “-. Inlf5l‘| nI} ziizgsi-.4 "i-. iiii : -.i: ...
  19. 19. Questions? Remarks? Orjust meet us for a chat over some coffee. info@sixinches. in I 91-2240678989 www. sixinches. in facebook. com/ sixinchescommunication