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Dfw 2013 ppt 01


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dhaka fashion week 2013 presentation

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Dfw 2013 ppt 01

  1. 1. objective of DFW:To build a common platform where we’d be able to showcase the works of all the talented and creative fashionprofessionals working in the industry. Not just the designers but also works done by fashionphotographers, fashion journalists, models, choreographers, make up artists, musicians, light and sound directors, stage directors and so on. I felt by bringing in all these professionals in a common platform , we could startbuilding an image of Bangladesh full of creativity and imaginative people and projects. Our aim is to generateenough interest in Bangladesh fashion industry in both home and abroad so that in 5 years down the line Dhakacould become an international fashion capital like Delhi or London.
  2. 2. DFW 2013 factsheet100 fashion, lifestyle and beauty products and services brands will participate.Leading fashion designers and fashion professionals including photographers, choreographers, make up artists,light and sound directors, stage directors, and fashion and life style journalists will participate.American club (ARA Dhaka).Leading celebrities will be among the audiences.The audiences will include diplomats, civil society and business leaders, media personalities and celebrities.Extensive media coverage by national and international media.Presence of RMG sector representatives including BGMEA and BKMEA.
  3. 3. DFW 2013 factsheetInternational designers including those from India, USA, UK and middle East will participate.The event will be telecast live by DFW 2013 Media Partner (broadcast/telecast).A promotional event will be held at American club Dhaka.Advertisements in National dailies.Pre-event coverage in National print and electronic media.Website lunch of the event/ Facebook page.Leading models of the country including some celebrities will walk the ramp.
  4. 4. DFW in 2008 & 2009 2008 2009 Duration 7 days 3days Venue Gulshan Club / Dhaka Club Dhaka Club Designers 16 Bangladeshi 20 Bangladeshi Marico Bangladesh ltd. Title Sponsor Marico Bangladesh ltd. ETV, Radio Today, The Daily Star, ETV, Radio Today, The Daily Star, Media Partners Annodin, Ice Today Annodin, Ice Today
  5. 5. DFW in 2010 Duration 7 days Venue The Westin Club / Dhaka Club Designers 16 Bangladeshi, 1 USA Title Sponsor Otobi ETV, The Independent, Charbela Chardik, Ice Today, Media Partners Bengal Music, New Age, Vorer Kagoj Venue Partner The Westin Dhaka International Media AFP, Reuters, EPA, AP
  6. 6. DFW in 2011 Duration 4 days The Westin Dhaka, Izumi, University of South Asia, Raffles Design Venue Institute Designers 45 Bangladeshis, 5 Indians, 1 French, 1 Spanish Gold Sponsor New Jarwa House, Raffles Design Institute Media Partners ETV, New Age, Canvas, Purple Hospitility Partner The Westin Dhaka International Media AFP, Reuters, EPA, AP