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Bala ppt


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Bala ppt

  1. 1. BALA…the FIN DON….. The filter-kaapi Ambi who became the IIMB Don
  2. 2. The Remo side of this Ambi..Our ambi’s personality hasundergone a sea changeafter IIMB, leading to a lotof angels in his life...... Intha poonaiyum paal kudikuma nu paatha, ithu beer eh litre kanakula kudikum
  3. 3. Well, his charm is not just limited to girls.. Oh My God Bala! You are so Hot!! Shall we go out to lunch after this class…
  4. 4. What he does when he’s not balancing Balance sheets… Krishna Kafe, Koramangala, just started a ‘Loyalty Card Programme’, inspireThe accountant in him d by Balamaintains an impeccablerecord of his movies instore, watched & to bewatched.
  5. 5. As a member of SPICMACAY, our all-rounder was sent to the US to teach the people there.. This is how we sing the This is how we dance in South India Navaratri Navavarnas…
  6. 6. Come on, punch me if you can! Hey I look more comical than you, Charlie
  7. 7. The Party AnimalThe Actor… The I-Banker The Strict Controller
  8. 8. Career Path Chief Head Governor
  9. 9. Happy Birthday