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Siva New


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Siva New

  1. 1. Siva Sankar Nayak E-Mail: Skype ID-sivasankar676 Passport-L5752636 Mobile: +91 9777049974 Plot-1817 Mohatab road; Old Town;Bhubaneswar Career objective To work and grow in an organization to which I can provide my creative inputs to the best of my abilities.I havegood knowledge in SYMANTEC NETBACKUP, effective Communication and troubleshootingskills thatI would liketo apply towards the success and growth of the organization and achievethe set goals. Professional Summary:  Dynamic and result oriented professional with 4 years of relevant experience in data protection and troubleshooting. Currently working as Level 2 Backup Administrator one of its major clients in the telecom industry (Bharti Airtel).  TECHNICAL SKILLS VERITAS Netbackup Products - Netbackup Ver. 6.5, 7.0 ,7.5 and Ticket management tools - Manage now 6.2.2 & Maximo web client Operating System - Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, Windows NT, AIX, Linux, Unix. Data Protection & Storage Administration:-  Administration of NetBackup 6.5, 7.0, 7.5 & 7.6 on Windows, Unix and Linux systems  Implementation of Multiplexing, Multi-streaming and Media Sharing to optimize the Backup process Installation & Commissioning/ Maintenance:-  Installation & Configuration of NetBackup 6.5 and 7.0, 7.5 and 7.6 on Unix , Windows 2000/2003/2012,Solaris,Red Hat, Suse Linux Education:  BachelorinCommerce. Certification:  MicrosoftCertifiedSystemAdministrator( MCSA )  DiplomainInformationTechnologyunderCEDTI,DELHI  DiplomainComputerSystemMaintenance,UnderCEDTI,Delhi  Hardware & Networking(WindowsNT4.0, 2000, LINUX, NOVELL),ASSETInternational,Bhubaneswar  CiscoCertifiedNetworkAssociate (CCNA) Study Center:HCL CareerDevelopmentCentre,Bhubaneswar,Orissa  ITIL
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Netconnect (P)Ltd 16th Nov 2015 to Cont.. Kaizen IT services Pvt.Ltd 5th Sept 2011 to 11th Sep 2013 Client: Bharti Airtel East HUB Data Center 14th Dec 2013 to 15th Nov 2015 Symantec Netbackup L2 Company Profile International Business Machines Corporation (known as IBM or "Big Blue"; NYSE: IBM) is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation New York, USA. The company is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware, software, infrastructure services, hosting services and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe compu ters to nanotechnology. It's worthwhile to mention that Bharti Airtel, India's largest private telecom company has chosen IBM as its partner for outsourcing its entire network & IT backbone . Client Bharti Airtel Title IBM – Bharti Project Environment 10+ Master Servers of AIX, 1000+ Media Servers, more than 5000+ clients Library 60 IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library , Skills Set & Responsibilities:  Installing, configuring and troubleshooting of VERITAS Netbackup Master Server, Media Server, SLP & Clients.  Creation of backup Policies and storage unit and Configuration.  Netbackup up gradation from 6 to 6.5 to 7.1 and further to 7.5 and 7.6  Restore data and importing Netbackup images when required.  Resolving escalated problems within SLA & Working on trouble tickets.  Managing Day to day activities of server backup, recovery.  Backup Performance, analysis and Tuning.  Configured online backups, using online database agents Oracle, Db2, VMware.  Implementation of Multiplexing, Multi-streaming and Disk Staging to optimize the Backup process.  Implementation of MSDP and Accelerator alongwith SLP in cloud infrastructurecomprisingof 400 virtual machines & windows master server.  Data Restoration for TRAI Audit 2013 – 2014  Conversion of Media - Technical Refresh of Tapes  Working with IBM TS 3500 Series Tape Libraries with Gen3/4/5/6 tape drives and media.  Patch Management in windows servers  Configuring the Windows 2008, 2003 Servers as per the client requirements. (OS installation with GSD policy settings( Including User Managements, Network bonding )  Raid configuration on hardware and software platform.  Expert in IBM X-Series and IBM Blade Center.  Knowledge in DS4800 and Ds 8k Storage.  User management in Aix, Linux and Windows.  FTP configuration, DNS, DHCP in Linux. IMPLEMENTATION (PROJECTS HANDLING) ------------------------------------------------------ Project A (Data Center Migration Project) A project like DC Migration from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar has been done with great responsibilities and less than 5 Months. More than 200 Physical boxes Like X-Series, P-Series (Running with a large no of LPARS) has been migrated during this period. Responsibilities:
  3. 3.  Checking Proper Server Hardware Configuration as per Application Team and DBA Team  Making Plan how to arrange the Servers and Racks as per Power, Network , Storage and SAN Switch Connectivity  Server Mounting on Racks  After Mounting, Giving HMC Connectivity to P-Series Servers and LPAR Creation as per requirement  RAID Configuration both Hardware and Software ( Using IBM Server Guide)  OS Installation as per Requirement  Implementing new GSD policy settings on newly installed OS and make the OS ready and changes as per DBA team or as per application team.  Installing Useful Applications Like VERITAS Netback up 7.1 and 6.5, IBM ITM Tool for Monitoring Servers, Log forwarder, Symantec Antivirus,  Configuring Net Backup Client, ITM Tool and Log forwarder for all Servers  Most Important part is SA&D ( Service Activation and Deactivation) Process in Servers as per IBM Guideline  Critical data has been restored using VERITAS Netback up Server by importing the media as required.  Giving Network Connection by the help of Network Team and making Teaming in Windows Server and Bonding in Linux and AIX Servers and checking its working Properly or not  SAN Switch Connectivity.  When everything is working fine then it will handed over to the Production… Project B ( Projects of 5 year old Hardware Refreshment After Migration) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A critical project like old hardware refreshing has completed with more efficiency It took 6 Months to complete the project. It was including New H/W changes, OS platform changes and old P-series ( P4 ,P5 Boxes) to new P-series ( P7 Boxes ) Responsibilities: During this period I had to communicate with all the respective teams and share the implementation plan and providing the prompt support for any technical queries as well as the implementation process. Data Centre Activity--AMT Management;Antivirus Management;Backup & Restore; Basic Hygine Change Management;Incident Management;MediaManagement;Patch Management;Performance Management;Physical AccessControl; Process Management;Profiles Database Management SA&D Management;SHCManagement;UserID Management;VASIManagement Kartavya Consultants (ASPWipro) 14th Apr.2008 to 31st Aug 2011 Client:HDFC Bank, AVIVALife Insurance SeniorEngineer Responsibilities:  Implementation/Troubleshootingof Windows2003 / 2000 Servers  ImplementationandMaintenance of RAID.  Active DirectoryServices2000 / 2003 ( DFS, FSMO Roles)  Implementation/Troubleshootingof DHCP,DNS,WINS,GPO’s  Active DirectoryMigrationsandUsersand Group Management  DiskImagingSolutionsandRemote Administrations.  ServerHardware up gradation& troubleshooting.  Testingthe Critical PatchesandApplicationSoftware’susingthe MicrosoftVirtualServer.
  4. 4.  ServerpatchingusingWSUS.  Backup & RestorationusingNT-BackupUtility.  Remote UserManagementusingRDPand VNCProtocols.  Managing ClientOffice outlook2007 installationand troubleshooting.  Managing all PC,Network,LaptopandPrinterinstallationandtroubleshooting.  Managing LotusNotes.  MaintainingTrend-MicroCorporate AntivirusServer.  Managing Routers,ManagedswitchesandHubs PCS TechnologyLtd. 1st Apr. 2006 to 10th Apr. 2008 Client:VedantaAluminumLtd. Sr. System Engineer Responsibilities:  Implementation/Troubleshootingof Windows2003 / 2000 Servers  Active DirectoryServices2000 / 2003 ( DFS, FSMO Roles)  Implementation/Troubleshootingof DHCP,DNS,WINS,GPO’s  Active DirectoryMigrationsandUsersand Group Management  Active DirectoryDisasterRecovery( ADObjectRecoveryfromDeletion)  ServerHardware up gradation& troubleshooting.  Testingthe Critical PatchesandApplicationSoftware’s usingthe MicrosoftVirtualServer.  ServerpatchingusingWSUS.  MaintainingandIssuingthe Certificatestothe ClientsusingMicrosoftCertificate Server.  Backup & RestorationusingNTBackupUtility. OperatingSystems and Applications  Windows2003 Server,Windows2000 ServerandOtherMicrosoftSupportToolsand Resource KitToolsfor Troubleshooting.  Managing 480 Pcs and 100 Laptop (HP,DELL, IBM),IBM NetfinityServer- 5500 and IBM X-100 servers used for Backup,Anti Virus.  AlsoLooking500 DMP Printerand 12 NetworkPrinters.  TrendMicro Antiviruscorporate edition,WirelessNetworks,andLAN alsoincludedinAnnualcontactof PCS Technology. DGT Systems. Oct. 2002 to 27th Mar. 2006 Client:NTPC SystemEngineer Responsibilities:  Troubleshootingof WindowsNT4.0 SERVER  WindowsNTAdministration.  InstallationandImplementationof Windows2000 server  ImplementationandMaintenance of RAID.  Troubleshootingof ServerOSrelatedproblems  Installationof DNSandDHCP Server.  ServerHardware and DesktopUpGradation andMaintenance.  NortonCorporate EditionAntivirusandSpamProtectionstothe Network.  SymantecGhostImagingSolutions.  User, Group& OU Maintenance.  Data Backup and Restorations.
  5. 5.  Installationandimplementationof IBM/VXLThinClients. Additional Information: Sex: Male Nationality: Indian DOB: 15-04-1979 Marital status: Married PermanentAdd: Santi Nagar,Chatrapur Ganjam(Orissa) Language Known: English,Hindi,Oriya Declaration I do herebydeclare thatall the above informationgivenbyme istrue according to the bestof my knowledgeandbelief. Place: Date: Signature