Social Media and Enterprise Integration


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Social Media and Enterprise Integration - An IBI solution

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Social Media and Enterprise Integration

  1. 1. Social Media and Enterprise IntegrationAn IBI solution for Integration and Beyond Siva Krishnajee Technical Director January 14, 2011 Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 1
  2. 2. DisclaimerThe contents in the following slides are intended to show our product direction. This is provided only for the informational purpose and cannot be bound into any type of contract. The release timelines for this products are at the sole discretion of Information Builders. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 2
  3. 3. Social Media Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 3
  4. 4. Social Media Users Facebook – 500 million users (half a billion). Twitter - 175 million users Myspace - 125 million Linkedin - 85 million Youtube - Hundreds of millions users.  Some people are users in more than one social media. For example, a person may have account in both LinkedIn and Facebook. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 4
  5. 5. Social MediaUser Actions  Shares news, photos and videos.  Read and write blogs.  Use the apps and play games.  Self promotion.  Product / Service reviews, critiques, usage experience, recommendations. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 5
  6. 6. Social MediaMarketing  Global medium for marketing products and services.  Products can be marketed for a mass audience, specific market segment or individuals.  Ability to know the current and future trends in customer requirement.  Read and analyze consumer requirements, preferences and sentiments.  Get feedback about brands and products. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 6
  7. 7. Social MediaSpending • 11% of spending on online marketing goes towards Social Media. • Social Media marketing spending is on a growing scale.
  8. 8. Social MediaSpending •By 2014, spending on Social Media marketing will be $3.1B. •Social Media marketing will outgrow email and mobile marketing by 2014.
  9. 9. Social MediaSpending •Major industries are increasing their budget for spending on Social Media. •Retail / e-Commerce industry is leading the effort in social media marketing.
  10. 10. Social Media Gartner By 2014, 20% of the employees will use social networks as their business communication. IBM and Microsoft will add links to internal and external social networks from email clients to connect contacts, calendars and tasks. By 2012, all smart phones will be enabled to connect to contact lists, calendars and messaging clients from social- enabled applications. Social Networks are rich in Word-of-Mouth discussions about Retailers and Products Social Networks are a huge source of consumer data, but retailers cannot easily access it. Applications will have to be built to access this data. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 10
  11. 11. Social Media Gartner By 2012, over 50 percent of enterprises will use activity streams that include microblogging (i.e., public services like Twitter), but stand-alone enterprise microblogging (i.e., services like Yammer) will have less than 5 percent penetration. Over 80% of growth in enterprise use of social networking tools will be driven by customer engagement projects, analyst forecasts Enterprise adoption of social media will occur primarily in the context of customer relationship management (CRM). Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 11
  12. 12. Social Media for Enterprise Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 12
  13. 13. Social Media for EnterpriseEnterprise Monitoring  Customer interests and passion. For example, playing tennis or watching movies.  What customer is doing currently and what he is planning for future. For example, vacation plan, expecting a baby or buying a house.  Likes and dislikes. For example, vacation in Hawaii and skiing in Colorado.  Action and reaction. Support / unsupport for tax reforms and health care reform. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 13
  14. 14. Social Media for EnterpriseEnterprise MonitoringSearch for content Analyze the content Take action
  15. 15. Social Media for Enterprise Use CasesDell • Dell customer support analyzes Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin for complaints or problems with Dell products. • Dell sales watch for unhappy customers with competitor’s products. • Dell Human resources department look for potential new hires. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 15
  16. 16. Social Media for Enterprise Use Cases Elsevier’s Nursing and Health Professions student ambassadors share links to health care material in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.• Ford bets the Fiesta on Social Networking.• Intuit’s “Live Community” for Turbo Tax. Success has been extended to QuickBooks and Quicken.• Comcast & Citibank provides its customer support through Twitter.• Starbucks plans to use Foursquare data for getting feedback about what customers like and do not like.• Jetblue uses the social media to address the customer’s concern and complements. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 16
  17. 17. Social Media for EnterpriseCurrent CRM data flow Call center / Front office Stored into Enterprise CRM Middleware
  18. 18. Social Media for Enterprise CRM DataWhat does enterprise CRM data about a customer provide?  CRM like Siebel, Clarify and stores only the enterprise data about the customers.  Customer data like name, address and specific details. For example, telecom company will have the phone plan.  Customer history.  Past trends in customer habits. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 18
  19. 19. Social Media for Enterprise Current Issues Enterprises do not know whether a social network user is a enterprise customer or not. Analyzing enterprise customer data and social network user data is manual. No integrated view between them. Integration of social network data with enterprise CRM is manual. Analyze the blog, comment, interest from social network with the existing data in the enterprise. Analyzing social network is a time consuming manual job. Market and sell the product according to the customer requirement. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 19
  20. 20. Social Media for Enterprise Enterprise Requirement“The vision I have is, when you drill down on a record, it will show the person’s LinkedIn profile, Twitter stream, Facebook page-whatever I can get that’s public.” Todd Michaud, VP of IT at Focus Brands Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 20
  21. 21. Social Media for EnterpriseEnterprise Requirement“If, for instance, an exchange with a customer on Twitter orFacebook flowers into a full-blown tech-support case, the Dellemployee copies and pastes the pertinent data-name, contactinformation, product, problem-into the company’s case-management system”.Manish Mehta,Vice president of Social Media and Community, DELLMehta wishes the above tasks were automated by thesoftware vendors. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 21
  22. 22. Social Media for EnterpriseEnterprise Requirement“From Ford, to Dell, to Starbucks, to Jet Blue, and a host of othercompanies who have pioneered early uses of social media for business,2011 will be the year these companies take a serious look at integratingsocial media, not only regionally but globally. Dont be surprised if thesame companies that piloted programs such as Fords "Fiesta Movement"and Starbucks Foursquare programs also become the first companies totake on the huge challenge of integrating social media into all facets ofbusiness from global marketing to crisis management and beyond.”Harvard Business Review Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 22
  23. 23. Social Media for EnterpriseIBI Solution for Integration and Beyond iWay iWay iWay Service DQC / Adapters Manager MDM Publish, Subscribe, Business Content Social CRM Data quality Intelligence
  24. 24. Social Media for EnterpriseiWay Social Media Adapters iWay Social Media Adapters enable integration of enterprise CRM with Social Media through bi-directional connectivity
  25. 25. Social Media for EnterpriseSocial CRMEnterprise customer ID Facebook ID Linkedin ID Twitter ID iWay enables an enterprise CRM into a Social CRM by integrating profiles from different social media Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 25
  26. 26. Social Media for EnterpriseSocial CRM iWay enables an enterprise CRM into a Social CRM by integrating social media data like blogs. Twitter Stream Facebook blog Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 26
  27. 27. Social Media for Enterprise iWay Social Media Adapters iWay enables an enterprise CRM into a Social CRM by it’s enterprise integration products such as ESB, Social Media Adapters and CRM adapters. iWay Social Media Adapters for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provides bi-directional access between Enterprise CRM and Social Media. Integrate user information from Social Media with Enterprise CRM such as Siebel,, SAP and etc., Capture the stream of data such as tweets and blogs and integrate with Enterprise CRM. Publish information into social media from enterprise CRM. Search for users and other specific contents into Social CRM. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 27
  28. 28. Social Media for Enterprise iWay EIM SuiteSocial Media Customer data issues can be managed through iWay Enterprise Information Management suite. Data cleansing and unification during data system migrations. Data quality assurance in software integration projects. Data profiling as a part of data-integration project analysis.
  29. 29. Social Media for EnterpriseWebfocus Analytics•Industry leading business intelligence tool can provide analyticalcapability to research about the social media data.•Webfocus combines all the functionality of query tools, reportingtools, predictive modeling, and OLAP into a single powerful solutionwith one common interface.•Create simple queries, as well as highly complex reports, charts,and dashboards from multiple enterprise information sources.
  30. 30. References Altimetergroup  CIO magazine(December 1st 2010) Forrester Gartner  - Social CRM to soar, says Gartner  - Gartner Says Social-Networking Services to Replace E-Mail as the Primary Vehicle for Interpersonal Communications for 20 Percent of Business Users by 2014  - Gartner Says Social Networks Are Attracting Too Much Traffic for Retailers to Ignore  - Gartner Reveals Five Social Software Predictions for 2010 and Beyond Harvard Business Review  Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 30