Chennai Drupal Meet


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Drupal chennai meet presentation by sivaji. It is all about his GSoC project Enhancing Drupal quiz module.

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Chennai Drupal Meet

  1. 1. Drupal Chennai Meet 2009
  2. 2. Agenda About Google Summer of Code (GSoC) History of Quiz Module About Quiz Module Before GSoC Current Status After GSoC Upcoming features of Quiz Module Contributing to Drupal
  3. 3. About My GSoC Project Enhancing Drupal Quiz Module -by Sivaji Matt Butcher Shyamala
  4. 4. About Google Summer of Code It is an annual program. Starts on May and ends on August Kicked off in the year 2005. Motivates student developers to write code for various open source projects. Google Sponsors 4500 USD to each student participants. Participants must be a student enrolled to some university with an age limit 18 years or older.
  5. 5. GSoC 2009 Stats Students/mentor : 1,000 No. of Projects : 150 No. countries got selected : 70
  6. 6. History of Quiz Module 2005 GSoC project was assigned to webchick and sheddr (never tried to commit a single line of code) It was a failure project then. This project gave a new contributor webchick to Drupal Community. She became an active member of doc team. she is maintaining and leading D7.
  7. 7. About Quiz Module A contributed module, official GSoC 2009 project. .. allows user with appropriate role to create intractive quizzes for site users. A quiz is given as a series of questions, with only one question appearing per page. ..initially designed to work only with multichoice quizzes. It is currently under active development.
  8. 8. My Proposal to GSoC My proposal is about introducing some new features to already existing module. To turn a simple module into a better module. Adds features required for an e-learning quiz engine.
  9. 9. Before GSoC (quiz 2.x) It had only a less number of features. It was lacking most of the features required for an e-Learning quiz engine. Exposed to cross site scripting (XSS) attack. Poorly maintained.
  10. 10. Current Status (quiz 3.x) Headed By Matt Butcher. Complete CCK and View 2.x Integration. New question types were introduced. JavaScript timer of timed quiz. Better reporting and Admin Interface New APIs to create custom questions were introduced. Drag and Drop UI. Pause and Resume quiz.
  11. 11. Current Status (quiz 3.x)...
  12. 12. After GSoC (quiz 4.x) It is expected to have the following features. Dashboard for quiz creator/student. Quiz results over e-mail. Ability to import/export quiz questions across drupal and moodle sites. Feature to export quiz results in HTML/XML/CSV and store them out of drupal db and file system. AJAX quizzes.
  13. 13. After GSoC (quiz 4.x).. It is likely to improve the usability of Drupal in e- Learning domain. Expected to avoid the need for moodle-drupal integration. This will introduce a tiny LMS within Drupal
  14. 14. Upcoming features Certifying quizzes. Separating question bank from the quiz module. Advanced Scoring options. Better Import/Export Feature. Refactoring Quiz Internal Structure Better Integration with other LMS. Likert question type.
  15. 15. Contributing to Drupal Support Mailing list IRC channel Drupal Forum Issue queue bug reporting feature request Code snippets
  16. 16. Contributing to Drupal... Review D7 Patches Write Documentation Blog post
  17. 17. Patch Rolling Check out code from CVS Refer ”cvs instructions tab” on project page or Edit the code Run diff command from $ cvs diff -up > quiz-13456.patch To apply patch $ patch < quiz-13456.patch Submit quiz-13456.patch to issue queue.
  18. 18. Contribute a module Existing project Join as a co-maintainer Good reputation Has to submit some solid patches Bug Reporting Feature Request Translation (.po file) Writing Documentation Patches Testing Beta version
  19. 19. Contribute a module .. New Project Should not duplicate the code/functionality of already existing module. Should Make sense to community.
  20. 20. CVS Account CVS account - to maintain contributed modules in Drupal repository One should have a new module or willing to join as co-maintainer of existing module. Existing module Create an issue in project issue queue . Get approval from current maintainer. Wait for 2 to 3 weeks to get response. Create an issue in webmaster queue.
  21. 21. CVS Account.. New module Should not duplicate code/functionality of alreay existing module Should make sense to community.
  22. 22. References
  23. 23. :-) End