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Linkedin Recruiter - Beginner Version


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What is
It’s a business-focused social networking website, designed first and foremost to help you leverage your existing relationships. You can also meet and interact with new people, in a professional context.

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Linkedin Recruiter - Beginner Version

  1. 1.
  2. 2. What isIt’s a business-focused social networking website, designed first and foremost to help you leverage your existing relationships. You can also meet and interact with new people, in a professional context.
  3. 3. Why Should You Use LinkedIn?The largest professional networking site online Over 100 Million users! – all interested in being better networked professionallyA great place to find expertise professionalsA place to ask, collaborate, and offer help to others Website Unique visitors count 11,042 UV / perday 34,520 UV / perday 26,186,877 UV / perday
  4. 4. Visitors trend between Portals & Linkedin
  5. 5. Number of Unique Visitors inEarly 2008 4+ M unique visitors/monthJune 2008 9.5 M unique visitors/monthNow 26 M unique visitors/day.
  6. 6. The BasicsConnections 1 1 st 3 r st 2 n 3 r d d 2 n d d 3 r 1 st d 1 st 2 n d 3 r d 3 r d 1 st 1 st 2 n 2 n d d 3 r 2 3 r d 1 st n d d
  7. 7. How to increase your chances of getting relevant professionals Fully complete your profile! - Make it EASY to read! 1. BRIEF – Key points summary with Specialties 2. Skills & Expertise 3. CONTACT INFORMATION! 4. Full Job History (written in SHORT points with white space) 5. Accomplishments / Successes 6. KEYWORDS – KEYWORDS - KEYWORDS 7. Recommendations 8. PROFESSIONAL Picture (to built trust) 9. Acadamic informations 10. Update your Website BlogaddressTwitter id At the end  Go to Profile -> edit profile -> Improve your profile & fill up the details accordingly.
  8. 8. BUILD YOUR NETWORK!Add Connections – As many as possible for good searchesRecent and Old Co-workers, Classmates, Friends, Family, Relevant Skilled Peoples, Rare skilled peoples, even recruiters*.Join ‘Groups’ related to your career or industry
  9. 9. Searching professionalsSearches to define your target job titles, locations, Skills required and much more…Searches to find contacts at your target companies  Search current company, titles, keywordsSearches to find company informationNot getting enough results???  BOOLEAN SEARCH IN GOOGLE!!!
  10. 10. Do’s  Add your daily outlook email connections using Outlook toolbar  Add appropriate groups using Skills option  Add LIONS as your connections.  Daily visit Linkedin Today to get today trends (Rypple)  Use Skills option very effectively to know about appropriate skills, to add perfect groups & much more  Use bullhornreach to post your jobs  Post your jobs before 12pm everyday  Follow companies.  Always use Linkedin Advanced search for finding professionals within specific group/all linkedin users.  Always lookout your linkedin updates (All updates/Coworkers/  Update your linkedin account frequently.  Always use comments to post your jobs on relevant postings/groups.  Use professional inmail formats.  Sent a message to moderator, when a group member not accepts your group requests.  Get recommendations from your Successful hires  Promote your profile everywhere (Email signature, forums, other social sites)  Export your linkedin connections in regular basis.
  11. 11. Don’t’s Do not mention your client name while posting the jobs Do not sent invitations with default message (Always use (personal message) Do not add Irrelevant connections / Groups. Do not post jobs in general discussion forum of any groups.(always use job discussions forum). Do not post any jobs without reading the group rules
  12. 12. Google Boolean Keyword to find people intitle:linkedin YOUR KEYWORDS HERE -intitle:answers -intitle:updated - intitle:blog -intitle:directory -inurl:jobs -
  13. 13. Most Useful Links Linkedin Advanced search  Linkedin Today  To Add Linkedin Lions  invite-connect/ Google Boolean Keywords  Twitter search !/search-advanced Bullhorn reach  Boolean Key find email id for Linkedin public user :  "location * India" inurl:in | pub -dir "email * * @*com" | "email * * @*org" | "email * * @*edu" -intext:http | -intext:www "UNIX“
  14. 14. THANK YOU!