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PC-based online game market, mobile games, pixiv, NicoNicoDouga, Hatsune Miku, MikuMikuDance, Project Diva

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Online Games and Videos in Japan

  1. 1. Online Games and Videos in Japan Fumi Yamazaki
  2. 2. Overview of PC-based Online Games in Japan
  3. 3. Online Game Market Size unit:JPY Package sales Operational sales total Data source: JOGA
  4. 4. Online Game Market in Japan still small but growing unit:100million yen
  5. 5. Online Game Market Comparison unit:100million yen
  6. 6. Number of online game titles by business model
  7. 7. Average monthly fee for PC games paid by the users
  8. 8. Number of online game companies
  9. 9. Number of PC online game titles
  10. 10. Number of PC online games by genre
  11. 11. Number of online games by category
  12. 12. Average product life of online games in Japan
  13. 13. Mobile Gaming in Japan
  14. 14. Mobage-Town sales membership Monthly page view (unit:1million JPY) (unit:10thousand) (unit:1million) game avatar affiliate Ad FY FY FY FY FY FY
  15. 15. GREE (unit:10,000) (unit:100million) membership pageview mobile Sales and business profit sales Business profit (unit:1million JPY)
  16. 16. GREE and its business model Premium membership revenue Site registration affiliate Provide “gold” Register or purchase Paying services Provide “gold” members Invite friends Ad revenue Friends register Provide “gold” Use “gold” Avatars, game items
  17. 17. Location Games1-Keitai Kunitori Gassen Game: Japan is divided into 600 "countries" and the users will register to each country and start conquering countries by visiting those areas (like stamp rally). The more conquers, the more status you get in-game. There are also quiz about history and if you have good scores you can get in-game currency which enables you to buy avatar items. 230,000 users as of June. 33% of the total is over 35 years old, and only less than 4% is under 19 years old. Business model: partnerships with JR (Japan Railways) and Gurunavi (a large gourmet site).
  18. 18. Location Games-2 Colony Life Plus Game: Create towns (like SIM city- build buildings and secure water and food etc), but you need to physically move. The more you move, the more in-game currency you get. 200,000 players, monthly PV is 280million as of May. 70% of their users are 20-49 years old Business Model 1) donation from users 2) affiliate ads and sponsorship (traditional shops etc)
  19. 19. Websites and Games
  20. 20. Pixiv “Pixiv” is a popular illustration sharing site with 700million PV/month
  21. 21. Pixiv-Fantasia Users started to set up a “game” within Pixiv. They made original settings, rules, countries, characters, items,stories, etc....
  22. 22. Pixiv Fantasia-countries Windland Kingdom Akatsuhara Empire Gigandal Commonwealth v
  23. 23. Pixiv-user generated illustrations User generated characters, vehicles, episodes and stories....
  24. 24. Pixiv-how the game works User generated announcement Statistics (number of illustrations and views) User generated battle stories User generated rules (win/loss based on views of the illustrations) MVP announcements
  25. 25. Pixiv Fantasia-user generated map
  26. 26. Pixiv Fantasia-user generated newspaper
  27. 27. Online Video
  28. 28. NicoNicoDouga
  29. 29. NicoNicoDouga -Comment Art
  30. 30. NicoNicoDouga-data 12.27 million 329 thousand 3.5 million Registered Users Paying members Mobile Users Data source: Dwango IR data
  31. 31. NicoNicoDouga user demographics
  32. 32. NicoNicoDouga-addictive! Data source: Net Ratings Japan Average usage per month- NicoNicoDouga was 193 minutes whereas YouTube was 187 minutes (Data source Comcast 2009/2) 1/12 of Japan’s traffic is NicoNicoDouga
  33. 33. NicoNicoDouga and its business model unit:1million yen Examples of online video sites' business models: -Revenue for YouTube (US) in 2008 100million USD(200million worldwide) -Revenue for Hulu(US) in 2008 70million USD Paid membership Ad revenue affiliate Point revenue channel cost
  34. 34. NicoNicoDouga -Community Building ex) Hatsune Miku 27% market share
  35. 35. Hatsune Miku- Music “Super Cell” Album made with Hatsune Miku Made it to #2 of daily sales ranking
  36. 36. Hatsune Miku- Picture By kyuukyuu By makotok1 BY momone ※Crypton Future Media let the community create parodies
  37. 37. Hatsune Miku- 3DPV
  38. 38. Hatsune Miku- 3DPV
  39. 39. Hatsune Miku- software development] “MikuMikuDance (MMD)”
  40. 40. 3D videos created with “MikuMikuDance (MMD)”
  41. 41. Evolution of “MikuMikuDance” - physical engine on newest version
  42. 42. “Project Diva” game by SEGA featuring Hatsune Miku
  43. 43. Example video of a user playing with “Project Diva”
  44. 44. “Project Diva” and its “Edit Mode” Users can import music (mp3 file that they have), and select characters, costumes, dance motions, backgrounds, camera angles to create dance videos.
  45. 45. Example video of “Project Diva”'s “Edit Mode”
  46. 46. Politicians' channels- NicoNicoDouga is not only for subculture!
  47. 47. We tend to thing the companies are in the center user s user user s s Company user user s s user s
  48. 48. FAIL user s user user s s Company user user s s user s
  49. 49. Users/community is in the center Users / community
  50. 50. Contents are created by the users pictures music softwares Users / community videos games etc...
  51. 51. Which gives REAL WORLD impacts Music Software sales sales pictures music softwares Users / Karaoke Offline community events videos games etc... Game Pageviews sales
  52. 52. NicoNico = Smiley Smiley Eco system Hatsune Miku Crypton Music Software sales sales pictures music softwares Offline events Karaoke Users / community videos games Project etc... NicoNicoD Diva ouga SEGA Dwango Game etc.... sales
  53. 53. Thank you!