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BoB National @ UAL


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Presentation slides for BoB National roadshow at UAL

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BoB National @ UAL

  1. 1. Access to BoB National @UAL
  2. 2. Box of Broadcasts• A shared off-air recording and media archive service• Provides online access to TV and radio programmes• Has an archive of 45,000 recorded programmes dating from 2007
  3. 3. What can you do on BoB?• Book recordings for broadcasts a week in advance – from around 45 TV and radio channels• Buffer – Record TV and radio programmes from previous week – from a set number of selected channels – channels may vary each day – if more channels are added the buffer may become shorter• Search for programmes, clips and shared playlists• Watch recorded videos streamed online• Listen to recorded radio broadcasts online• Create playlists of full programmes• Create clips – keep personal or share• Contribute to metadata information for stored programmes and clips
  4. 4. Current limitations• Use on or off-campus within the UK• Flash (FLV) videos only
  5. 5. Coverage• ERA+ Licence – BBC television and radio – ITV Network services • including ITV2 and ITV3 – Channel Four and E4 – Five television – S4C • Pay per view services are not included – Freeview channels – Local regional channels• See listings on BoB
  6. 6. ERA Licence• Open University programmes are not covered by ERA Licence or BoB• UAL has a separate OU Licence
  7. 7. Off-air recordings• BoB National to replace off-air recordings in the colleges and libraries• Staff and students to make own recordings using the BoB National service
  8. 8. BUFVC off-air back-up recording service• Hard copies of DVDs for permanent collection can be ordered via Resources & Systems – Send requests to Centralised Bibliographic Services team at R&S – R&S will place orders with BUFVC – Catalogue and process at R&S – Send to colleges in inter-site deliveries – Can be prioritised if requested
  9. 9. Access• On UAL e-library’s Databases A-Z list• – Will be able to find using e-library’s search in the near future• Access directly on• Accessible via Shibboleth – Login with UAL network username and password
  10. 10. Login and registration• To log-in, enter ‘University of the Arts London’ in the ‘Where are you from?’ box and use your UAL network login• When you visit BoB for the first time you will be asked to set up your account and enter your email address
  11. 11. “Why can’t I login?”• May need to clear browser’s cache if nothing happens – may have to reset account• To reset account choose ‘Existing user’ after logging in – submit email address in pop-up box – click on link in email to access BoB• Shibboleth may be having technical problems
  12. 12. Recording• Maximum 3 recordings per user per day• Seven days before and after broadcast• Searchable by keyword – Search calendar = dates one week previous and one week in advance. – ‘Archive search’ includes future transmissions – Sorting results only appears in ‘Advanced search’• Browse listings – Items in green have been set to record already • is already in the ‘Archive’ Beginning of the video may be the end of the programme before
  13. 13. Search/Browse in Archive• Future transmissions will appear in the Archive search if already set to record by another BoB user• To browse programmes over a certain period go to Advanced search and use date/channel/ etc. – Do not enter title keywords.
  14. 14. Playlists• To add to a playlist click on the ‘Add to playlist’ link at the side of the programme or clip. This will give you a pop up menu asking which playlist you would like to put the programme in – or you can create a new playlist• Private by default – can be changed to public• To search for other people’s playlists go to the green ‘Archive’ icon at the top-right of the screen then select ‘Search playlists’
  15. 15. Metadata• Essential metadata is automatically recorded – title – date – time – channel – brief description• Can add metadata by clicking on the Metadata link underneath the programme or video clip• After updating your metadata will be viewed by a BoB National administrator for suitability/accuracy before appearing on the database
  16. 16. Embedding in VLE• Source code is on bottom left of the screen in the Embed field – Copy and paste into VLE
  17. 17. Subtitles• Switch on and off using rectangle icon under the video• May not always work in full-screen mode• Not all videos have subtitles• Can’t be resized
  18. 18. Video controls• Can fast forward or rewind by clicking and dragging the white vertical line on the grey timeline bar beneath the video during play or pause• Can nudge videos backward or forward by minutes or seconds using buttons on either side of the play button
  19. 19. Creating clips• Click on ‘Create a clip’ link beneath the video• Can make clips in full screen mode• To view what is being clipped it may be better to work in play mode• Click ‘New clip’ button on the right• Clip is represented as a green area on the timeline (grey bar beneath video) – 1. Drag the green handles left and right to mark the start and end points – 2. or Click ‘Set in’ button to mark start and ‘Set out’ button to mark end – 3. or Edit the time in the clip information on the right by clicking on the time, change the minutes and seconds and press enter
  20. 20. Adding preview frames to video clips• In play mode click and drag the white vertical line to the frame you want to capture• Pause the video• Click the blue ‘Frame’ button• To move the frame to a different point click and drag blue handles on the timeline – can also edit the time in the preview frame information on the right • in blue above the clip(s) information• Only one preview frame can be set for a series of clips made at the same time
  21. 21. Working with clips• Can add to metadata – Pending on BoB National administrator’s decision• Do add a preview frame to video clips – To aid recognition in results listings• Can’t add own titles• Access your clips in MyBoB• Can delete from MyBoB• Can’t delete from BoB National database
  22. 22. Video tutorials• eo• Link to videos on top menu bar – Might not be able to see link clearly under ‘What is BoB?’ – Available on YouTube • Search for ‘Box of Broadcasts’
  23. 23. User guide• .html• Click ‘Help’ in top menu bar – Some screenshot examples from the user guide may be different from what you can see on your screen
  24. 24. Promotional posters• Resources & Systems will distribute these to the colleges• Available in PDF A3 format online from BUFVC – changeable to A4 poster-available-for-download
  25. 25. UAL contacts• Contact• UAL local administrator detail in ‘Contact info’ on top menu bar after login
  26. 26. BUFVC future plans• Upload videos to BoB National• ‘Amnesties’ – Programmes authorised to be removed will be deleted• Shared Services Project – Source of broadcast data for HE and FE – Holdings and listings information from broadcasters, BUFVC’s databases and UK educational institutions• Union catalogue trial – UAL is a trial participant