A networked space: SPEED SHOW in just one evening


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A panel presentation as part of the round table symposium: Artistic and cultural strategies, technology and urban transformations

27 Mar 2014 @ Aarhus University, Denmark

by Winnie Soon and Audrey Samson

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A networked space: SPEED SHOW in just one evening

  1. 1. A networked space: SPEED SHOW in just one evening Winnie Soon (PIT, Aarhus University) Audrey Samson (SCM, City University of Hong Kong)
  2. 2. add here aram bartholl bit… ***
  3. 3. Participatory live network Summer (2013), Olia Lialina http://art.teleportacia.org/olia/summer/
  4. 4. 1. Network speed: local/Internet 2. Changing the tension between the space and the audience 3. Granularity: aware of the materiality/functioning of the network Participatory live network
  5. 5. 4. Frames animate through the network 5. Physical spaces (server/machine) storage: conflating into a browser window (network in a physical connection) 6. Fetch (access + search + transmit) data with program code 7. The dynamic translation process between browser-data-code/script 8. Fragility of the network : error / glitch 9. A personal and collaborative network through the artists ... Participatory live network (cont)
  6. 6. One evening SPEED SHOW "It is not simply humans who network with humans; nor is it just computers that are hooked up with one another. As Bruno Latour likes to remind us, humans and nonhumans are in this together (1993: 3)” (Munster, 2013 p.6)
  7. 7. Thank you