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  1. 1. Project/Google Glass Wong Siu Sing (12206857) Wong Long Ling (12201189) *
  2. 2. •Objectives p.3•Introduction of Google glass p.4-12•Job Division p.13•Information Collected p.14-16•Online Survey and Result p.17-19
  3. 3. Project Objectives• Sharing the information of new innovation--- the Google Glass • Such as: • General idea • The usage • Design purpose• The using habit of people with the Google technology
  4. 4. Project/Google Glass 1UE&
  5. 5. Basic features•Developed by Google. Google X Lab•Android based•Price between $250-$600(U.S Dollar)•Include 3G or 4 LTE connections•Ability to take photo•Record 720p video•Voice commands
  6. 6. Control Feature Voice activation text Record video "ok glass, record a video." Take picture "ok glass, take a picture." Search "ok glass, google [searchquery]" Translate "ok glass,say[text]in[language]Send message "ok glass, send a message to "[name]"Search photos "ok glass, google photos of [search query]."
  7. 7. Applications
  8. 8. Application• 26 multi-resolution camera• 28 light sensor for the camera• 46 adjustable earpieces• 50 display module• 52 display prism housing• 54 display prism• 70 textured touch-based input surface• 78 camera and sensor housing• 80 circuitry and battery housing• 82 communications port
  9. 9. Current Applications video uploaded shows Google Glass in action. opened up the trial of the product to "creative individuals" and developers with $1,500 offer. Google co-founder Sergey Brin testing the device on New Yorks subway . Source from ‘Google Glass features unveiled in preview video’ by BBC (20/2/2013)
  10. 10. 2.Sergey Brin wearing the Google Glass
  11. 11. Concern•Weight• Influence to health - radiation• Safety -when it get damaged• Power• Stability(e,g voice control)
  12. 12. Mind Map Wong Long LingOnline Survey Wong Siu Sing Job Division PowerPoint Wong Long Ling Wong Siu Sing
  13. 13. Information Collected(1)•Web Searching$1500/58-19135•Keywords for searching•
  14. 14. Information Collected(2)•Library Search E.g OneSearch (or Wisenews)•Keywords for searching Google Glass application Google glass in life
  15. 15. Mind Map•
  16. 16. Online Survey•Aim: finding group of people interested inGoogle technology, especially the GoogleGlass•Survey Link:•No. of responds: 41
  17. 17. Survey Question1:private information2:using habit of new technology products3:what do they considing when they buy a technology products4:acknowledge of google glass fousing -teenagers using habit of technology products -the extensive of google technology
  18. 18. Survey Result(1)
  19. 19. Survey Result(2)
  20. 20. AnalysisGraph 1:Most of the teenagers have smart phones and computerReason: (Most)for entertainment and learning (Women) following the trendGraph 2:Most popular 1:google search 2:google map 3:google translateConclude: google technology is popular even though the innovation is useful, but some people using the technology just for following the trend
  21. 21. THE END