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Guangzhou practice on urban planing


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Guangzhou practice on urban planing
Zongcai Wei

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Guangzhou practice on urban planing

  1. 1. 1/24/2014 Guangzhou’s Practice on Urban Planning Zongcai Wei Jan 23th, 2014 We would like to talk • Role and implementation of Chinese master plans • What has Guangzhou done in its master plan? • Planning approval steps on new construction • Some comments • Level 1
  2. 2. 1/24/2014 Role and implementation of Chinese master plans   What are master plans and local governments like in laws? What kind of master plans local governments want? Plan system according to Act Urban and rural plans Urban system plan City plan Town plan Xiang Plan Village plan Master plan Detailed plan 控制性详细规划 Regulatory plan Site plan 2
  3. 3. 1/24/2014 What should master plans be like according to the Act?      Made by the local governments and approved by higher level of governments. Local governments have no right to make the final decisions, but they have to implement the plans unconditionally Master plans should consider long-term Master plans have too many things to think about In short, a tool of Central Government What are Chinese local governments like     Provider of public goods, such as education, healthcare, public transportation, etc. More than above, Local governments are like megaenterprises Cities have been becoming the machines creating fortunes the first and chief aim of planning must be to oil the machinery( Hall, 1996) 3
  4. 4. 1/24/2014 Then, what kind of master plans local governments want       Flexible Short-term rather than long-term Good to land selling Image-promotion Instructive: where to develop, how to develop BE A VOICE, NOT AN ECHO What has Guangzhou done in master plan?   Strategic plan of Guangzhou(2000-2010), the first one in Mainland From Strategic plan to master plan 4
  5. 5. 1/24/2014 In 2000,Strategic Plan of GZ, the first one in Mainland Consultation for strategic plan 清 华 大 学 中 规 院 Tsinghua Univ. 同 济 大 学 CAUPR Tongji Univ. 广 州 院 中 山 大 学 Zhongshan Univ. “一江多岸” 方案 GZPI “巨型绿心” 方案 5
  6. 6. 1/24/2014 Strategic plan   Symposium on Guangzhou Strategic plan held in December, 2000 Final version has 4 parts, including objectives, land use, ecological system, urban transportation Objectives   一个繁荣、高效、文明 的国际性区域中心城市 An international central city with prosperity, efficiency and civilization 一个适宜创业发展、 又适宜居住生活的山水 型生态城市 An ecological city for living and working 6
  7. 7. 1/24/2014 Developmental directions   East and South are major directions for development Spatial strategy: Expanding South, Optimising North, Developing East, Combining West( 南拓、北优、东 进、西联) New spatial pattern  山 Mountain, city, field and sea, given that the city has more developing space 城 田 海 7
  8. 8. 1/24/2014 Major projects South  Pearl River New Town(GCBD21)  Nansha Port  University Town  Pazhou International Conference and Exhibition Centre (New venue for Canton Fair) East  Olympic Centre  Science City North  New Baiyun Airport Pearl River New Town •The point of intersection between East and South development axis •New CBD of Guangzhou 珠江新城 8
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  10. 10. 1/24/2014 From Strategic plan to master plan   Based on strategic plan, master plan was made according to Planning Act and relevant regulations within 4 years The master plan was approved by the state council on 22 Dec, 2005.[国函〔2005〕105 号] 战略规划指导下的总规方案 10
  11. 11. 1/24/2014 Master Plan is important, but not enough   We need to plan more details, so several plans on one place based on master plan Which one can be guidelines of development? Relationship between master plan and regulatory plan     Regulatory plans are mandatory for urban construction according to the newly issued Planning Act But the task of making them is very pressing, should be finished in this year covering 7,000km2 Meanwhile, the master plan won’t be unfinished by this year Solution? 11
  12. 12. 1/24/2014 If we want to build     Hospital, school, factory, office building…… We don’t know where to build, how to build So we need more plans In other word, master plan cannot direct the construction activities directly 规划行政许可 1、建设项目选址意见书 2、建设用地规划许可证 3、建设工程规划许可证 4、建设工程规划验收合格证 详见:广州市规划局·规划在线: 12
  13. 13. 1/24/2014 建设单位申请(项目建议书) 建设项目审批流程 划拨用地 用地范围及功能 建设项目选址意见书 控制性详细规划 具体控制指标及要求 用地预审(国土局) 环境影响评估(环保局) 立项审批(发改委) 建设用地规划许可证 建设用地批准书 土地划拨决定书(国土局) 调土 整地 难未 度划 小拨 规划设计条件 总平面 方案设计 修建性详细规划 国有土地使用证(国土局) 建设工程规划许可证 单体建筑方案设计 施工许可证(建委) 建设工程规划验收合格证 房地产权证(国土局) 13
  14. 14. 1/24/2014 缺项,故统一平台查不到容积率信息 电子表格形式 收案号 20090300015824 证书编号 穗规地证〔2010〕136号 日期 2010-04-09 抄送 广州市国土资源和房屋管理局(附图)荔湾规划分局(附图) 用地单位 广州市荔湾区海龙街增滘股份合作经济联合社 用地项目名称 村经济留用地 用地位置 荔湾区芳村体育中心以南、增南路以东 用地性质 村镇企业用地 用地面积 29475平方米 建设规模 缺项 附图及附件名称 1、建设用地规划红线图(地形图号:20-30-7); 2、规划条件。 附加说明 1、本证根据广州市荔湾区海龙街增滘股份合作经济联合社《关于建设用地调整补充 说明》申请,对穗规地证[2009]1号《建设用地规划许可证》换领,原穗规地证字 [2001]第48号村经济发展留用地60415平方米,通过本规划条件变更全部兑现。随证 注销穗规地证字[2001]第48号《建设用地规划许可证》及附件和穗规地证[2009]1号 《建设用地规划许可证》及附件。 2、本地块应结合城中村改造综合考虑用地平衡、 同步建设。 3、建设单位必须在取得本证一年内向土地行政主管部门申请用地,逾期 未申请的,本证及其附件自行失效。 14
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  17. 17. 1/24/2014 Some comments    Master plan is more complex than we can see from the laws and regulations literally. The emergence of strategic plan embodies the complexity of master plan Once the strategic plan is approved by the local government, all the plans should comply with it 17
  18. 18. 1/24/2014 Balance? Local Government Market: More Land Central Government Land Control Planning, the leading role? Who control the planning? 18
  19. 19. 1/24/2014 Thanks for your time Q&A 19