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Book Club at Melbourne High School. Powerpoint by Eric Xie.

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  • Book club reading discovery

    1. 1. MHS cyber book clubthe art ofBOOK DISCOVERY
    2. 2. Really Cool Steps That I Made UpWhat Types of Find the names Research andBooks are you of (well-rated) Read! Looking For? books These are simply guidelines, not rules
    3. 3. Determine What You’relooking for E.g. My keys.
    4. 4. Reading is Recreational The key to discovering great new books is often to know what kinds of books you’re looking for. This lets you know how to search. Fiction? If so, what kind of fiction? Do you want deep, meaningful and philosophical texts that make you seem educated? Or are you looing for an epic fantasy to escape into whilst you’re reading on the toilet?Determine Personally: Deep, philosophical “top 100 books of all time” kind of books
    5. 5. Find The names of Books This is the best part!
    6. 6. Something that really helps in this step is aREADING LIST.
    7. 7. Reading lists Reading lists help you organize the books that you come across and let you know which books you’ve read or have yet to read They can also provide inspiration and motivation for your reading. Whenever you see your reading list, you can be reminded of all the books that are waiting to be read
    8. 8. Where do you go to find out about books? So you know what you’re looking for – now’s the time to start searching. But where do you go?Discover
    9. 9. Book Clubs Places such as the MHS Cyber Book Club can provide us with connections and people who are more than willing to suggest great things that they’ve recently read.Book Clubs
    10. 10. People Don’t these guys just look like that want to give you a hand? Other people – especially people who have similar reading tastes to yours can often recommend books that you’ll probably like. Librarians in all libraries are more than happy to offer suggestions!People – Friends, Family, Librarians
    11. 11. Newspapers, Magazines, Bookshops and Libraries Media such as newspapers often have reviews in their arts and culture section. Just browsing a bookshop or a library can often lead to discoveries of new books, and a lighter wallet.Newspapers + Bookshops/ Libraries
    12. 12. The Internet The internet is one of the best ways to find out about new books that you may never have noticed before. There’s a vast range of recommendations that exist if you know where to look, and additionally, the internet can provide information about books that you might not be able to get otherwise.The Interwebs
    13. 13. The cake is a lie! internet and see where weLets have a look around thecan find sources of book recommendations
    14. 14. Top 100 Lists Often, editorial websites (such as for newspapers/ editors/ publishers/ etc.) publish “Top 100 Recommended Books” lists. Often when editors and academics make these lists, these books are books that have ‘contributed to the Western understanding of literature’ and are deep, philosophical, and meaningful (and potentially very boring). That’s why it’s often good to seeDiscover ‘popular lists’ and the Top 100 lists which are created by users and individuals. Modern Library has a great example of one of these lists.
    15. 15. Top 100 Lists Often, editorial websites (such as for newspapers/ editors/ publishers/ etc.) publish “Top 100 Recommended Books” lists. Here’s another example from The GuardianDiscover
    16. 16. Amazon. com has one of the largest ranges of books that are available for browsing And a great ‘Have you considered…’ mechanism that suggests books that it thinks you would enjoy.Discover
    17. 17. Amazon. com Additionally, they categorize all their books according to genre, and have different lists of popular books (based on things such as: award winners, most popular for the month/year/decade, on the NYT bestseller lists, etc.)Discover
    18. 18. Amazon. com Another great thing about Amazon is the customer reviews often give you a GREAT insight into what the book’s like and what the book is about, things that you like and things that you might not like about the book. The website is almost like a digital friend who can recommend for or against a book.Discover
    19. 19. Amazon. com Also, there are customer discussions which can be a great source of new books to consider.Discover
    20. 20. Reddit lists Reddit often have massive, type/genre-specific lists of recommended books. There’s a focus on ‘educated’ books.Discover
    21. 21. Discover Reddit lists
    22. 22. GoodReads GoodReads is a social networking site based around books. You can see what all your friends or other people are reading and what they think about the books (as well as professional opinions on the books), you can post your own reviews and your favourite books, and you can also enter discussions about books and contact authors! It has a great discovery tool as well!Discover http://www.goodreads .com/book/show/7716 140-married-with- zombies
    23. 23. Research and Read The best part!
    24. 24. Research and Read Research the books that you’ve considered interesting by asking friends their opinion, reading reviews (Amazon/ GoodReads/ elsewhere) or even just jumping straight into the book. And then enjoy reading the bookssee the pages you’ve just discovered!read the pages
    25. 25. Cyber Book Club 2012STAY AWESOME