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Newly founded Irish Company which has been established to develop a range of roofing products for use by roofers.

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  1. 1. Sit ‘n’ Slate Pat. Pending GB1106099.3 Pat. Pending EP11170159.3We are currently seeking industrial partners to licence the products.
  2. 2. Sit ‟n‟ Slate Limited is a newly formed Irishcompany which has been established todevelop a range of roofing products for use byroofers
  3. 3. The product which is for use within the construction industryis a „seat‟ that allows the roofer to slate a roof in a muchmore comfortable working position. The seat is fullyadjustable for all batten spaces and roof pitches.The accompanying slate carrier, when stacked with slates can berolled safely in conjunction with the roofer, negating the need tohave the roof stacked out with slates.
  4. 4. The 3rd component is a station that works between 2 roofladders. The seat & slate carrier can be attached to create aworking platform between the 2 roofing ladders for use onexisting finished pitched roofs. This platform can be used for example to retro fit solar panels.
  5. 5. How You BenefitThese products have been designed with thefollowing in mind: To improve work-place safety To enhance comfortable working and pain relief for roofers Make the job easier and help productivity
  6. 6. Sit „n‟ Slate Customer reviews Testimonials: John O‟Reilly - Carpenter. “I no longer get wet from sitting on wet timber batons enabling me to work in comfort.” Michael Brennan – Roofer. “My job is now a pleasure as I can slate faster and am no longer suffering with sore knees and back pain.”
  7. 7. ContactDenis Treacy - 00353 86 2531990Office - 00353 56 7771988Website -