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Ads for All

  1. 1. Future Lions 2012
  2. 2. This is a brillian breakthrough to create a positiveadvertising image to people (in general) mindset,especially the Target Audience.Proposed by Dunela Liunanda & Siti WulandariUniversity of Indonesia, 2012
  3. 3.  We are challenged to advertise a product or service from a brand of our choosing in a way that wasn’t possible five years ago In this campaign we advertise a search engine named Yahoo! that pioneering a new type of pop up ads in Internet Industry
  4. 4. • It just full of rubbish.. It’s all lie .. – Maynita Evauli, 19th• It’s all about one.. The art of persuasive ..– Riyo Dwityo Tomo, 31st• Annoying. Too Forcing. – Ina Nervana, 19th• It’s a visual polution - Timothi Loen 20th• Pop up ads is a nuisance in a web page..– Johan Vivaldi, 23rd• It’s so annoying for people who don’t need the product or don’t understand the pop up itself– Bardha Gemilang, 20th• It has to be interesting – Berli Darhana, 32nd• I like the informative one.. It’s cool and give me some great insight – David Cessa 25th
  5. 5. Our Idea to take this problem to the surface is begin when we surfingon the Internet and browse any info about Future Lions 2012. Whenwe opened an article, randomly, we get a pop up ads. We click the‘close button’ immedietely without not taking care of the ads. But,something make us thinking again for a while about what we just did.We as the future of Advertising Industry, think that, with closing thepop up ads in a second (that already being a usual treatment fromthe Internet user for pop up ads) will bring big disadvantage for us asa media, and client, and the most important thing is.. our ads issimply ignored. But we also know that majority of pop up ads iscontain unnecessary ads that annoys the user of the web page, eventhe Web Browser have a ‘pop up blocker’ tools. As it name sound,pop up blocker is a tool in Web Browser to block every pop up page inour Browser. This thing make us think that pop up ads is moreunappreciated. It becomes an Irony because we are the ‘advertisingpeople’.
  6. 6. Nowadays, not every advertisement having informative andentertaining side, instead, it’s full of lie and annoys. To keep the goodimage, advertising need support from every element inside (client,agency, media, and consumer).Push the agency to make advertisement that more informative andentertaining.Make media to not just focus on making financial benefit but alsobeing selective about what kind of ads that can pass on the web page.And give a chance to the advertiser to presenting their ads, but stillconcern with the target audience’s wants to not seeing it over andover again.
  7. 7. Yahoo is the first search engine that concernabout ‘how important an ads with a goodimage is’, and the finish line of that thoughtis, giving benefits to client, agency,consumer and also the media itself . The keyof it is very simple, respect each othersRights.So, Ads for All
  8. 8.  Pioneering a new way of pop up in the Internet and make engagement program between media, client, agency and customer through forum community website that having Advertisement as the discussion theme Our pop up type named, ‘5SSP’ (5 Second Stopping Power)
  9. 9.  Yahoo! as the first media that support this campaign invite over other media to follow using the 5SSP to restore the advertising image at its best and give a chance to advertiser to presenting the ads with not forgetting the target audience wants Yahoo! itself, using the 5SSSP way on every pop up ads inside Yahoo! also invite people to participate into with ads that located in right side of Yahoo homepage. The website is contain vision and mission of advertising, examples of winning awards ads and the best ads from many agency, and we will always updating. This is become an output but also an input from advertising to change the negative thoughts about ads in peoples mind
  10. 10.  Giving a new way of pop up ads that have the close button after the first 5 second 5SSP can not be used freely for any kind of media, only the media who have contact us and make an agreement with us that can use it. Which means, the media support this campaign and will have the official symbol in their media, and for the ads that pass the selection will get the symbol too as the achievement for making a good ads and positive image for advertising This campaign push the agencies to create pop up ads that having a stopping power quality that will be more embraced by the 5SSP
  11. 11.  is indeed an advertising community that accommodate and engange every element of advertising (client, agency, media, and consumer) to make the good image will still remain, especially on consumer eyes, with their aspiration as the input We are not a dictator. We want to invite the consumer regularly to support this campaign with give their aspiration about what they think about ‘how ads is supposed to be’ Rules made from people insights and old great ads Consumer as an advertising observer, giving advice and judging ads. Consumer will giving the social law to the agency and media, and it will make an impact to the brand image to the product that being advertise
  12. 12.  To prevent a conflict due to every aspiration that comes, in ‘IDEA from you for you’ menu (as we see in the website), we have admins to make the forum still in a health conversation (this thing is a happen a lot, because people point of view is different) The aspirator also must have an account in this site as a symbol of their support and active in the site. Furthermore, the user data is covering demographic of the account user, to make their personal opinion can we use as a data of riset. We also use ratting to every opinion that comes, and calculate how bad or good an ads is
  13. 13. “Advertising is so much fun, it’s informative yet inspiring. Thanks Yahoo! ”
  14. 14. This is a campaign to encourage media &motivate agency to create and showing an adsthat have a goal to help people, not to annoysthem.This is the fastest way to change peoplesnegative mindset about advertising nowadays.Ads for All