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  1. 1. Ua dh Scrap Cloth Pencil HolderHoliday LinksDon’t throw away those bits and pieces of cloth that are left over from allyour different projects. Save them and make new projects, such as thisadorable and unique scrap coth pencil holder. A fun way to celebrate EarthDay!Take some time to visit our other fun Earth Day crafts, recycledcrafts,recipes, fun printables, and keeping a green home. Take our quizzes totest your Earth Day IQ and find out if you are living green.What youll need: Empty aluminum can White acrylic paint Paintbrush Fabric scraps Scissors White craft glue Water How to make it: 1. Mix together equal parts of white craft glue and water. Mixture should be paintable but not too thin. 2. Paint can with one coat of white craft paint. Let dry. 3. Start anywhere on the can, paint a small amount of glue mixture on to the surface. Apply a fabric scrap and paint more of the mixture over the top of the fabric and smooth it out. Repeat this process, overlapping the fabric scraps so that none of the can’s surface shows through. 4. Use scissors to trim any pieces of fabric that are sticking out above the can. 5. Let dry completely before using. Tips: Decoupage is great for many surfaces, including picture frames, wooden boxes, cardboard, glass and plastic. Use zipper gallon storage bags to keep fabric scraps together. Squeeze out the air to store them as flat as possible. If you like, add a lip of fabric or felt around the top of the can.
  2. 2. Craft Stick Rosebud Picture FrameYou Need: 8 Craft Sticks 3 Small Oval Woodsies 3 Medium Oval Woodsies 2 Medium Tear Drop Woodsies 4 Small Tear Drop Woodsies Tacky Glue Paint or Markers (I like to use paint markers with craft sticks.) Photo Cardboard Easel Low Temp Glue Gun (to glue on the easel)Instructions:Paint pieces and set aside to dry. Assemble with tacky glue. Let dry. Trim cardboardto cover the back. Run a bead of glue along bottom and both sides of cardboard.Leaving top open to slide in photo. Secure to back of frame. Glue on an easel.Tip for group craft:Dye pieces ahead of time to keep mess and time to a minimum. You can do this bysoaking the wooden pieces in traditional fabric dye dissolved in water or try soakingin concentrated kool-aid. You can even use dried out markers. Just remove the padsfrom inside the barrels and place in a tub of water with wooden pieces.
  3. 3. Glowing FlowersWhen you press flowers and leaves, they become thinner and light can shinethrough them. In this project, you simply decoupage pressed flowers and leavesto a votive cup and cover with tissue paper.Reprinted with permission from Joy Williams wonderful book Nature Crafts.You Need: Pressed Leaves or Flowers Votive Cup Tissue Paper Decoupage Solution Foam BrushesInstructions:Press flowers and leaves traditionally or with the Microwave Flower Press.Tear off the straight edges from a sheet of tissue paper, then tear the paper intosmall pieces. Brush the outside of the votive cup with decoupage solution. Arrangepressed flowers and leaves all around the glass. Brush on more glue and lay thepieces of paper on the glass, overlapping the edges. Keep adding paper and glueuntil the entire glass is covered.