Spring 2012 Alumni Newsletter


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Spring 2012 Alumni Newsletter

  1. 1. 321   Spring  2012   Volume  45  |  Issue  1   SIGMA  NEWS   Philanthropy          2   Beach  It!                          3   House                                  4   The  active  chapter   Mark  your  calendar  for   Learn  what’s  happening   continues  to  make  giving   Alumni  Beach  Weekend  –   with  the  Housing   back  a  priority.   June  2 2  –  24.    We’re   Corporation.   heading  back  to  the   Beachcomber!   Spring  Recruitment   Guess  which  USF  fraternity  chapter  had  the   largest  pledge  class  this  Spring?   Continuing  on  strong  recruitment   diversity  within the  chapter  allows  us   trends  and  traditions,  Theta  Alpha   to  recruit  from  a  larger  pool  of   Chapter  accepted  23  exceptional   students  than  some  other   To  believe  in  the  Life  of  Love,     young  men  to  go  through  the  Spring   fraternities.”   to  walk  in  the  Way  of  Honor,     candidacy  program.       to  serve  in  the  Light  of  Truth;     If  all  23  young  men  complete  their   candidacy  program,  the  active  chapter   this  is  the  Life,  the  Way  and  the   “The  chapter  was  successful  with   recruitment  because  of  our  recent   roster  size  will  increase  to  100  active   Light  of  Sigma  Nu  –  this  is  the   successes  in  winning  the  chapter  of   brothers.     Creed  of  our  Fraternity.   the  year,  several  intramural  sports   such  as  football  and  softball  and  the   This  is  a  great  manpower  triumph  for   obvious  strength  of  our  alumni,”  said   the  active  chapter,  growing  from  24   AJ  Williams,  Eminent  Commander.   active  brothers  in  2009  to  currently   “Our  house  is  clearly  the  nicest  among   having  77  active  brothers.   fraternity  houses  at  USF  and  the   Brotherhood  online  @  www.SigmaNuUSF.com  
  2. 2. 321   Spring  2012   Volume  45  |  Issue  1       The  Actives     Give  Back     Whether  it’s  our  p hilanthropy  or   one  being  held  by  another  Greek     organization,  ΘΑ  brothers     dominate  the  field.                 Photos:   top  left  –  Kicking  it  for  AOΠ     st top  right  –  Taking  1  place  in  the  ΚΣ  5K   center  –  Friday  Knight  Lights   Friday  Knight   On-­‐Campus   Alumni/Active   Lights:  ΣN  Effort   Philanthropies   Softball  Game   to  Help  St.  Jude   Theta  Alpha  Chapter  has  won  all   the  philanthropies  in  which  it  has   The  Alumni/Active  Softball  game   will  be  held  on  Sunday,  April  15th  at   On  Friday,  March  23rd,  Theta  Alpha   participated  so  far  in  the  Spring   11  a.m.  at  Eddie  Lopez  field  off  of   Chapter  hosted  its  Second  Annual   semester,  including  1st  place  in  the   22nd  Street,  near  Sligh  Avenue  in   Flag  Football  philanthropy  to  help   AOΠ  Kickball  tournament  against   Central  Tampa.    The  Actives  stand   St.  Jude  Children’s  Research   other  IFC  organizations.   as  defending  champs.   Hospital. Friday  Knight  Lights  is  a   co-­‐ed  flag  football  championship   Sigma  Nu  also  took  1st  place  in  ΚΣ’s   If  you’re  interested  in  playing,   where  teams  pair  up  with  another   First  Annual  5K  philanthropy,  with   please  contact  Brett  Farrar  at   organization  and  compete  in  a   all  the  proceeds  benefitting   bwfarrar@mail.usf.edu  or  813-­‐ tournament  to  see  who  will  set  the   military  veterans.  Congratulations   838-­‐4770.   stage  for  many  years  to  come!   to  brother  Jake  Hamilton,  who   finished  in  first  place,  completing     Unlike  other  on-­‐campus   the  race  in  just  22  minutes.     philanthropies,  the  bulk  of  the   funds  raised  come  from     sponsorships  and  donations.    This     year,  the  tournament  raised  more   than  $5,500,  a  more  than  100%     increase  over  last  year.     2   Brotherhood  online  @  www.SigmaNuUSF.com  
  3. 3. 21   Spring  2012   Volume  45  |  Issue  1   Alumni  Beach  Weekend  III   The  Snakes  are  heading  back  to  the  Beachcomber!   After  the  last  three  year’s  hugely  successful  Alumni   We’ll  have  all-­‐day  access  to  the  pool,  beach,  game   Beach  weekends,  with  more  than  100  people  each   room  and,  of  course,  the  Tiki  Bar!    We  will  have   time,  we’ve  decided  to  hold  the  event  the  same  time   games  for  the  different  decades  (horse  shoes,  corn   every  year,  the  weekend  after  Fathers  Day.     hole,  etc.)  to  compete  against  one  another.    Pizza   will  be  provided  on  Saturday.  We  will  also  have   This  year’s  event  will  be  held  June  22-­‐24,  2012  at  the   first-­‐come,  first-­‐serve  access  to  the  overflow   Beachcomber  Resort  on  St.  Pete  Beach  (727-­‐367-­‐ parking  lot  across  the  street.  It  will  be  a  fun-­‐filled   1902,  800-­‐544-­‐4222  or  beachcomberflorida.com).       day  with  friends  and  family  in  the  sun!  Hope  to  see   “Celebrating  our  unique  brotherhood  at  Beach   everyone  there!   Weekend  is  about  the  best  thing  I  can  do,”  says  Dan   McSherry  (ΘA  317),  the  de  facto  host.    “I  look  forward   to  it  all  year.”   The  hotel’s  room  rate  is  $115  per  night,  which  is  the   same  low  rate  as  last  year.  The  rooms  are  reserved   under  Dan  McSherry’s  name.     Put  it  on  your  calendar  NOW,  and  plan  on  bringing   your  family,  kids,  significant  others  and  friends  as  it  is   sure  to  be  a  blast  once  again!     3   Brotherhood  online  @  www.SigmaNuUSF.com  
  4. 4. 321   Spring  2012   Volume  45  |  Issue  1   • Totally  remodeled  the  kitchen   • Represented  the  GHA  at  the   and  living  room  as  an  “all   USF  Student  Affairs  Fraternity   brother”  project  with  the   &  Sorority  strategic  planning   generous  contributions  of   meeting.   time,  talent  and  treasure  from   • Expanded  the  HC  Board  to   Chris  Beckwith  (ΘΑ  459),   eight  members,  adding  Scott   Nelson  Cusmano  (ΘΑ  94),   Kalman  (ΘΑ  386)  and  Brett   Andy  De  La  Parte  (ΘΑ  216),   Farrar  (ΘΑ  741).   Jim  Harvey  (ΘΑ  313)  and     Ernie  MacFerran  (KPATOΣ/   As  we  begin  our  plans  for  2012,  the  HC   ΘΑ  435).   has  set  the  following  goals:   • Awarded  three  full  $1,200   scholarships  to  AJ  Williams,   • Continue  the  50-­‐50-­‐50   Will  Warmke  and  Brent   Fundraising  Campaign  to  raise   Davenport  from  the  Alumni   $50,000  to  support  ongoing   Scholarship  Fund.   maintenance,  upgrades  and   • Rewrote  and  passed  new   improvements  to  the  house,   Chapter  Bylaws  to  better   chapter  room  and  furnishings.   define  policies  and  procedures   • Double  the  scholarship  fund   endowment.     for  house  leases,  parlor  fees,   priority  for  living  in  the  house   • Complete  Phase  II  of  the   House   and  HC  obligations.   KPATOΣ  Hall  remodel  and   • Entered  2012  with  more  than   begin  Phase  III,  budget   $15,000  in  the  Special  Housing   permitting.   Corporation   Fund  and  more  than  $8,000  in   the  Scholarship  Fund.  The   • Update  our  five-­‐year  strategic   plan  to  guide  the  long-­‐term   Report   majority  of  these  funds  are   budgeted  toward  completing     future  of  the  HC.   2011  has  to  be  the  best  year  in  the  history   Phase  II  of  KPATOΣ  Hall   Special  thanks  to  the  work  and   of  the  House  Corporation  (HC)  since  1991   remodel  with  built-­‐in  trophy   dedication  of  my  fellow  HC  Board   when  we  made  the  initial  $20,000  down   cases  and  wainscoting  of  the   members,  Mike  Castellari  (ΘΑ  462),   payment  toward  our  campus  house.  In   entire  chapter  room.   Brett  Farrar  (ΘΑ  741),  Jim  Harvey  (ΘΑ   partnership  with  the  Active  Chapter,  we   • In  partnership  with  the  Greek   313),  Frank  Hult  (ΘΑ  139),  Scott   made  significant  accomplishments  in   Housing  Association  (GHA),   Kalman  (ΘΑ  386),  Steve  Mangione   funding,  house  improvements,   Sigma  Nu  took  the  lead  to   (ΘΑ  429),  and  Russ  Maynard  (ΘΑ  369).   membership,  scholarship,  policy,  and   influence  USF  to  hold  the   alumni  connection.     Greek  Housing  Lease  at  its   Respectfully  submitted,   current  rate  with  no  increase   Working  together,  we:   Jim  Crotty  (ΘΑ  116)   proposed  for  2012-­‐13.   • Launched  the  50-­‐50-­‐50   Fundraising  Campaign  and   raised  more  than  $30,000   towards  our  $50,000  goal.   • Sponsored  the  Homecoming   Alumni  Reunion  with  more  than   120  brothers  and  spouses   attending.   • Completed  Phase  I  of  the   KPATOΣ  Hall  Chapter  Room   remodel  with  both  KPATOΣ  and   Sigma  Nu  memorabilia  and   composites  from  1985-­‐2010.   Before                            After   4   Brotherhood  online  @  www.SigmaNuUSF.com  
  5. 5. 21   Spring  2012   Volume  45  |  Issue  1   Reconnect   Cari  and  Russ  Burcham  (ΘΑ  528)   welcomed  d aughter  Whitley  Belle   Theta  Alpha  is  online,  able  to  connect   into  the  family  on  November  10.     with  you  through  multiple  channels.   Big  brother  Everett  is  six.   Start  with  SigmaNuUSF.com.    It’s  full   Jill  and  Scott  Arendell  (ΘΑ  565)   of  pictures  from  across  the  years  and   Spencer  Montgomery  (ΘA  750),  a   welcomed  their  son  Colby  to  the   recently  added  a  Brother  Business   leadership  consultant  with  National,   family  on  February  6.    Big  sister   Directory.    Joining  is  free  and  it’s  a   recently  contributed  the  following  to  the   Hailey  is  three.   great  way  to  stay  current  with  the   Sigma  Nu  blog  (sigmanublog.com).   chapter.    All  kinds  of  information  is   Jenn  and  Travis  Loxton  (ΘΑ  628)   The  first  thing  that  comes  to  mind  when   regularly  posted  on  this  website.   welcomed  their  daughter,   thinking  o f  what  I  learned  from  being   Savannah  Kate,  to  the  family  on   initiated  into  the  Legion  o f  Honor  is  the  true   On  Facebook,  search  for  Sigma  Nu  –   January  4.   meaning  of  what  it  means  to  be  a  Sigma   Theta  Alpha.    It’s  a  private  group   Nu.    I  s pent  twelve  weeks  learning  about  all   (meaning  your  posts  are  not  seen  by   Mike  Gonzalez  (ΘΑ  724)  married   aspects  of  Sigma  Nu  including  history,   non-­‐members)  where  more  than  300   Julie  Montgomery  on  March  24.   leadership,  our  purpose,  and  more.  Reading   about  the  purpose  of  our  fraternity  over  and   of  your  brothers  are  maintaining  the   over  again  could  only  mean  so  much  to  me. bonds  of  brotherhood.    Click  the   The  active  chapter  recipients  of  the     Request  to  Join  link.    The  Facebook   Alumni  Scholarship  Awards  have   I  had  been  involved  in  all  sorts  of   group  helps  keep  you  informed,  and   been  announced.    Kudos  to  Brent   organizations  on  campus,  but  this  experience   there  are  many,  many  random  and   Davenport  (ΘΑ  763),  Jay  Moor  (ΘΑ   was  different.  For  the  first  time,  I  felt  that  I   entertaining  p osts.   803),  Tyler  Richter  (ΘΑ  778)  and   was  part  of  something  bigger  than  myself.     Will  Warmke  (ΘΑ  779),.   Even  though  I  was  listening  to  a  22-­‐year-­‐old   There  are  n umerous  Sigma  Nu  groups   from  Clearwater,  Florida,  talk  about  the   fraternity,  I  heard  a  young  cadet  at  the   to  join  on  LinkedIn,  plus  one  for  Theta   Alpha  brothers  who  want  to  stay   Join  Us   Virginia  Military  Institute  speaking  about  his   connected  p rofessionally.    Search  for   Team  USF  ΣN  Alumni  Golf  is   love  of  creating  this  fraternity.   Sigma  Nu  –  Theta  Alpha.   competing  against  Team  USF  ATΩ     on  Friday,  April  13th  at  the  USF   It  gave  me  a  greater  understanding  of  what  I   Claw.  Brother  Andy  De  La  Parte   had   actually  joined  but  in  turn  made  me   Congratulations!     (and  his  ATΩ  brother-­‐in-­‐law)  will   realize  not  everyone  around  me  fully  grasped   William  Bracken  (ΘΑ  340)  was   host  the  after  party  at  their  Cold   what  we  stand  for.     appointed  b y  Governor  Rick  Scott  to   Storage  Craft  Brewery  exclusively   Over  250,000  people  have  taken  the  same   the  Florida  State  Board  of  Professional   for  ΣΝ  brothers,  spouses  and   oath  that  I  had  taken  that  night  and  I  wasn’t   Engineers.   significant  others  (and  the  ATΩ’s  as   sure  if  they  actually  took  that  seriously.   well).  The  party  starts  at  6-­‐ish  p.m.     Andy  Coe  (ΘΑ  537)  was  appointed  to   I  learned  from  Initiation  that  it  is  my  place  to   and  lasts  until  it’s  over.    This  will  be   the  USF  Alumni  Association  Board  of   hold  other   brothers  accountable  for  their   a  great  Happy  Hour  to  hang  out   Directors.    His  term  b egins  in  June.   actions.   with  your  brothers  and  try  the     Matthew  Dolson  (ΘΑ  745)  is  the   delicious  local  craft  beers  that  Cold   It  is  my  place  to  make  s ure  they  are  living  to   Storage  has  to  offer  for  only  a  $5   a  code  of  honor.   Organizational  Effectiveness  Intern  at   HCA,  the  leading  healthcare  provider   admission!    Please  RSVP  to  Jim     It  is  my  place  to  make  a  difference  in  this   in  the  nation.   Harvey  at  jharvey@kolter.com  or   world.   813-­‐784-­‐6398.     Amanda  and  Kevin  Fitzgerald  (ΘΑ   There  are  very  few  times  in  your  life  when  a   391)  announce  the  pending  arrival  of   Check  out  their  website  –   person  will  commit  to  an  oath.  I  learned  that   a  second  child,  which  will  join  Ella,   coldstoragecraftbrewery.com  –  or   I  needed  to  do  my  part  and  not  take  my  oath   like  them  on  Facebook.   to  the  Legion  of  Honor  for  granted.   who  is  13  months  old.     5   Brotherhood  online  @  www.SigmaNuUSF.com  
  6. 6.  Spring  2012   Volume  45  |  Issue  1   Tell  Us  What’s  Going  On     Your  brothers  want  to  know  about  changes  in  your  life.    Help  us  stay  current.    While  you’re  at  it,  renew  your   Alumni  Dues.    It’s  $75  –  chump  change  for  a  successful  magnate  like  you.   Name:                            Badge:       Address:                                                                 Phone:  (   )                This  is  my:      ☐  Mobile                ☐ Home                ☐  Work   Email  Address:                               Marital  Status:                  Children:               Enclosed  is:         ☐  $75  for  2012  Alumni  Dues     ☐  $75  for  2011  Alumni  Dues   Mail  checks  to:     Sigma  Nu  Alumni  Club         P.O.  Box  23352         Tampa,  FL  33623   Please  detach  the  above  section  and  return  it  to  us  with  your  Alumni  Dues.       By  the  way,  has  anyone  told  you  that  you  look  like  you’ve  lost  a  few  pounds?    Is  your  hair  thicker?    Gray  hair  is  distinguished.   Sigma  Nu  Alumni  Club   P.O.  Box  23352   Tampa,  FL  33623     Address  Correction  Requested