How to Create an Online Brand through Search


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Everyone says you need to build a brand for SEO success, but actually how do you do that? In this presentation, Kelvin shares the top advice from his four branding heros.

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How to Create an Online Brand through Search

  1. 1. How to Create an Online Brandthrough SearchSASCON 2012
  2. 2. Strategy Director SiteVisibility A digital agency specialising inretail, travel and financial services
  3. 3. Organiser BrightonSEOThe Free SEO Conference
  4. 4. Co-Founder Clockwork TalentDecent Digital Recruitment
  5. 5. How to Create an Online TextBrand through Search
  6. 6. How to Create an Online Text TextBrand through Search
  7. 7. How to Create an Online TextBrand for Search
  8. 8. My Four Branding TextHeroes...
  9. 9. RandText Fishkin
  10. 10. LovelyText bloke but just an SEO
  11. 11. Seth Godin
  12. 12. Built oneamazingbrand- himself
  13. 13. Steve Jobs
  14. 14. Cliche
  15. 15. and he makesit up as hegoes along
  16. 16. David Ogilvy
  17. 17. Dave Trott
  18. 18. Mark Earls
  19. 19. David Hepworth
  20. 20. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  21. 21. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  22. 22. David Ogilvy
  23. 23. pictomag.
  24. 24. The consumer isn’t a moron; she isyour wife.
  25. 25. If you ever have the good fortune tocreate a great advertisingcampaign, you will soon see anotheragency steal it.This is irritating, but don’t let itworry you; nobody has ever built abrand by imitating somebody else’sadvertising. woodleywonderworks
  26. 26. It takes a big idea to attract theattention of consumers and getthem to buy your product.Unless your advertising contains abig idea, it will pass like a ship inthe night. I doubt if more than onecampaign in a hundred contains abig idea.
  27. 27. If it doesnt sell, it isnt creative. AMagill
  28. 28. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  29. 29. Dave Trott
  30. 30. adewale_oshineye
  31. 31. People buy a product for what itDOES.But they buy a brand for what itSAYS about them bucklava
  32. 32. Every purchase decision is acombination of ‘desire’ and‘permission’ emiliokuffer
  33. 33. Over 2,000 years ago, Democritussaid, “The mind is not a vessel to befilled, but a fire to be ignited.” Sean Rogers1
  34. 34. Maurice Saatchi used to say,“I don’t have to win. I just have tomake you lose.” timtak
  35. 35. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  36. 36. Mark Earls
  37. 37. paulisakson
  38. 38. We use the brains of others to thinkfor us & as a place to storeknowledge about the world; almosteverything we know & do involvesshared knowledge from past &present people—billions of themby now. Beige Alert
  39. 39. We are beset with emotions andcognitive biases, and much of thetime we avoid thinking altogether. Rennett Stowe
  40. 40. The trick is to create something ofsocial meaning above and beyondthe product or service. GregTheBusker
  41. 41. We do what we do largelybecause of our interactionwith - and under theinfluence of - others.And mostly without realizing it Ed Yourdon
  42. 42. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  43. 43. David Hepworth
  44. 44. DonkeyHotey
  45. 45. The Mail is the most-visitednewspaper site in theworld- because its found thatit can do just as well outof provoking itsopponents as in pleasingits fans. Treginefabext
  46. 46. Beginning an email with the words‘I’m an unsigned artist’ is likesaying‘I’m an unemployed chef’”Surely announcingyourself as "unsigned"is a classic case of leadingwith a feature that isnt abenefit dullhunk
  47. 47. Great records creep up on you likefriendship. The things that makethem great records are often notobvious on firstacquaintance.Most cakes havethe sameingredients.Only the goodones rise. Rubyran
  48. 48. You learn to work like you learnmost other things, at first bycopying and then by graduallybuilding your own style. letmehearyousaydeskomdeskom
  49. 49. fin.