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Digital Marketing In The Age Of 5G Mobile - BrightonSEO September 2015


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Jon Hibbitt, SiteVisibility's Technical SEO Analyst spoke at BrightonSEO about digital marketing in the age of 5G & how 5G will make mobile devices the primary digital marketing device. Jon also provides ideas on the opportunities that 5G presents.

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Digital Marketing In The Age Of 5G Mobile - BrightonSEO September 2015

  1. 1. Jon Hibbitt Twitter: @jonhibbitt LinkedIn /jonhibbitt
  2. 2. What is 5G? Next gen mobile and wireless connectivity network
  3. 3. Why 5G? Meets demand for mobile data & Internet of Things (IoT)
  4. 4. 5G Goals? Aims to deliver end to end network across cellular, wi-fi, satellite & cable
  5. 5. 5G Delivery? UK Test speeds of 1Tbp/s 65,000 X faster than 4G More bandwidth Real time data (low latency) delivery
  6. 6. When will 5G be available? ☐ 2020 in the UK ☐ 2018 in South Korea
  7. 7. Cellular & Wi-Fi access patchy, inconsistent – annoying! Goal of seamless delivery on all networks Multiple network layers ‘clunky’ and slow things down - bottlenecks
  8. 8. Huge demand for high bandwidth data Need for more capacity – predicted 410% increase in online devices by 2020
  9. 9. Demand for superfast, low latency data transfer – 50+Mbps everywhere This time it’s real time
  10. 10. 2G E EDGE130 hrs 60 mins 24 mins < 1 sec 4G LTE 3G H+ DC-HSPA+ 5G Trial speed of 1tbp/s
  12. 12. Key Point – Ideas = Opportunities + = SMEs +
  13. 13. Including USA UK JAPAN
  14. 14. Siri Google Voice Cortana
  15. 15. 2010 - 5275 Million 2015 – 7278 Million (+38%) 2020 - 9038 Million (+24%)
  16. 16. Time spent on mobile 2008 Mobile 12% 2015 Mobile 51% 2020 Mobile ??? Source:
  17. 17. Devices Connected to the Internet 2015 – 4.9 Billion Devices 2020 - 25 Billion Devices 4.9B 25B
  18. 18. IoT + Experiential Context Interactive Real time Intelligent
  19. 19. Build-in Implicit consent Create more ‘win win’ reasons for users to share data
  20. 20. Respect individual rights Keep data safe
  21. 21. Information is the currency of the web Mountain of new data from people and increasingly - devices
  22. 22. 80/20 rule: 80% analyst brains 20% tools for insights Use more sophisticated ad matching options and triggers in paid search
  23. 23. Location based offers Location based experiences
  24. 24. Upsells based on interaction Community led ‘happenings’ Push notifications
  25. 25. Smart assistant recommends things to do / offers based on location
  26. 26. ‘personalised’ offers appear on screens or phone on passing Real time triggers
  27. 27. Screens virtualise you into a fashion ‘look’ as you pass by
  28. 28. Restaurant offers ‘personalised’ to your tastes appear on screens or phone on passing Permission based offers from your favourite brands
  29. 29. Smartphone with earpiece translates foreign language speech in real time on the fly
  30. 30. On arrival smartphone lets user know taxi waiting and guides you to its location. Voice controlled search on the move – “Drive to X’
  31. 31. Next Steps Don’t Miss Out Flex your idea muscles - Mobile marketing ideas – new tools, concepts, voice – Engage with Brighton’s Digital Catapult Push mobile marketing higher up the agenda
  32. 32. Follow @ Dr Hamid Falaki @hfalaki Peter Passaro @theDataist 5GIC @Surrey5GIC Erricsson Research @EricssonLabs Brighton IoT Group @IoT_brighton Chandan Rajah @ChandanRajah Digital Catapult Brighton @Digicatbrighton