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[Webinar] Amy Africa's 34 Sure-Fire Tips to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales!


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If you have responsibility for an ecommerce site, you're already thinking about the 4th quarter. Spend this hour with ecommerce expert Amy Africa and get 34 (yes, you read that right!) sure-fire tips for making more sales online, including:

7 proven techniques for improving your navigation
8 tried-and-true tactics for creating the perfect shopping cart and checkout
3 secret-sauce solutions for collecting more email names
11 BIG-bang-for-the-buck tips for designing product page
4 of the biggest lies most conversion consultants tell and why you should ignore them

As a bonus, Amy will also reveal the #1 reason why the backend is more important than the front end of any ecommerce business and what you can do to maximize your revenues without breaking the bank.

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[Webinar] Amy Africa's 34 Sure-Fire Tips to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales!

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 - All Rights Reserved.34 Sure-Fire Tips toIncrease Your Ecommerce Sales Today!Featured SpeakerAmy AfricaEight by Eight@amyafricaHost & ModeratorTim AshSiteTuners@tim_ash#AMY34
  2. 2. THE MAGIC FORMULAThere are only four things you need to know about selling online.(Five if you really want to win BIG.)
  3. 3. Over half our brainis dedicated tovisual processingpower.We need to see it tothink it, feel it,believe it…VISUAL MATCH
  4. 4. This is one of the mostunderestimatedthings in conversionand optimizationtoday.Remember, wordshaven’t been aroundfor very long. Thedecoding of wordsslows down action!WORD CONNECT
  5. 5. Users see things inviews, not pages.Each view must beable to stand on itsown.Folks will scroll buttheir focus will remainup top.VIEWS, NOT PAGES
  6. 6. The bigger, thebetter. The more,the merrier.The language onyour button makes abig difference.ACTION DIRECTIVES
  7. 7. Deadlines createurgency and they causepeople to focus.Keep ‘em short. Onlinedeadlines are VERYdifferent from offlinedeadlines.Don’t have an offer?Find a way to use adeadline anyway.DEADLINES
  8. 8. SOLID NAVIGATIONIs your site a library or a bookstore? Navigation is a self-fulfillingprophecy. You get what I give you. It’s the thing we pay the leastattention to as marketers and it’s the thing that matters most toour revenues & overall success.
  9. 9. USER-CENTERED* Different users needdifferent navigation:top, left, bottom, facets,refinements and P/S.* There is no such thingas righthand navigation.* The word connectplays here in a BIG way.* Prominent actiondirectives are critical.* Your perpetual andpop-carts count asnavigational items.* Highlight the thingsyou want to give extraattention to.* Show the breadth ofproduct line if you can.* Most sites have toomuch or too littlenavigation.QLOG: * Twitter: @amyafrica * © 2012
  10. 10. TEXT SEARCHa.k.a. “The Kiss of Death”If your site is any good, it will function WITHOUT internal search.
  11. 11. SIZE MATTERSThe size of thesearch boxmakes a hugedifference in thesuccess.The position ofthe boxdetermines howand when it willbe used.If your usersaren’t great atsearching,consider a split.
  12. 12. SIMPLIFY RESULTSThe presentation of theresults is more importantthan the resultsthemselves.Use refinementsstrategically, not justbecause everyone elseuses them.Limit your facets(categories) and thenumber of choices.Offer genericrecommendations for no-finds.
  13. 13. PERFECT CHECKOUTThe perfect cart/checkout is the one your customer uses, not necessarilythe one you like best.
  14. 14. Things users like:• Speed• Carts that never expire• Guest checkouts• No irrelevant questions• Clear action directives• Temperature barsThings users need:• Perpetual carts• Aggressive flow• Security/privacy/guaranteeplugs• Limited navigation• Alternative ways to order• Customized checkoutsCHECKOUT
  15. 15. LEAD FORMS Things users like:• Speed• Prefilled, one-pagers• No irrelevantquestions• Vertical fields• BIG, bold actiondirectives• Information presentedin a logical order• No captchasThings users need:• Status bars• Benefits reminder• Security/guarantees• Alternative contactinformation
  16. 16. CONTENT THATCONVERTS…We spend a lot of time working on the 90% that doesn’t matter.Instead we should work on the 10% that does.
  17. 17. Things that matter tousers:• Primary visual• Action directives• Deadlines• Supporting visuals• Headlines & subhead• D&A information• Alternative ways toorder• Clear pricing• Captions on photos• Customer reviews• Upsells & Cross-sellsPAGES THAT SELL
  18. 18. YouTube is the secondlargest search engine butthat’s not the only reasonwhy video matters.It tells your story in a waythat the brain that buyscan better understand.Needn’t be perfect.The key is in the actiondirectives. Be aggressivewith your blue screenpitch/tags.User videos will work.Make sure to donut them.Keep your SEO strategy Inmind.VIDEO
  19. 19. POPSThey work for the exact same reason we hate them.They’re pattern interrupters.
  20. 20. POPSHands-down, THE MOSTEFFICIENT way to collectemail addresses.Their success isCOMPLETELY dependenton the creative.Change them outfrequently.If you are completelyallergic, use one of thealternatives, just usesomething.
  21. 21. WORK THE BACKENDIt’s where the BIG money is made.
  22. 22. USE POPS ON EXITRemember, this may be yourlast chance to get their emailaddress.
  23. 23. CARTHOPPERS ON ENTRANCEPurpose is to recognizethe user and skip thesteps they wouldn’tfind and/or be good at.Like pops, their successis COMPLETELYdependent on thecreative.Develop special onesfor direct/no referrerusers.
  24. 24. TRIGGERS FORFOLLOW-UP• Triggers should perform 4-6xyour best performing thrust.• The majority of your success isdependent on things “outsidethe envelope.” Then, what youknow about them (inside.)• Be clear about what you wantthe user to do.• Offer alternatives toinquiring/ordering online.• Personalize the emails, if youcan.• Use deadlines.• Timing is critical (may bedifferent from your regularprogram.)• Make sure to work the transfer.
  25. 25. TRIGGERS THAT WORK* Abandoned carts* Site exits* Reactivation emails* Confirmations & thank you’s* EBOPP’s (emails based on pastpurchases)* EBOSI’s (emails based on selectedinterest)* EBOTA’s (emails based on targetedaudiences)* Inventory – Back in stock… I wouldhave bought this…* A friend thought you’d like this…* Requests for productreviews/testimonials….and many, many more!
  26. 26. INSTIGATED FOR THE SAVEInstigated will convertthe best.Start with instigated.Perfect it. Then moveon.Give it 6-9 monthsbefore you start tomonitor it. Maybe ayear. It’s important toremember: just becausesomeone is fantastic onthe phone doesn’t meanthey’ll be good at chat.Keep track of thediscussions – if nothingelse it may be a goodway for you to collectemail addresses.
  27. 27. REMARKETING PROGRAMS Do-it-yourself or build it like you wouldan affiliate program. They will work aslong as you’re focused. Program is completely dependent oncreative. If you don’t have clear action directives,don’t bother. They will make or breakyour program. Work your be-backs. Sell your soul to thedevil for emails. Test properties. Get CPA deals.(Yes, I know. Get them anyway.)Showing the item(s) the user abandoned will either work for you or it won’t.If it works, it REALLY works so you should definitely test it.
  28. 28. LIES…Conversion consultants tell lots of lies. Some because they want tomake money (you can’t fault them for that). Some because theydon’t know any better. (We don’t know what we don’t know.)Others? Just because they’re idiots.
  29. 29. TOP 8 LIES• * Carousels don’t work• * One-page checkoutsalways perform better• * Search should be in theupper righthand cornerof your site.• * Pop-ups negativelyinfluence your brand• * Users can handleeleventy bazillionproducts• * Online users only wantto order online• * Abandoned carts areTHE most importantthings.• * Conversion is THE mostimportant metric.
  30. 30. THANK YOU…Follow me on Twitter: @amyafricaRead the QLOG: amyafrica.comE-mail: amyafrica@eightbyeight.comPhone: 802-881-0061
  31. 31. Copyright © 2013, SiteTuners - All Rights Reserved.Express Review - Special Offer - $100 Off• 45 or 90-min interactive review of landing page• Video transcript recorded via GoToMeeting• Includes AttentionWizard “attention heatmap” of page – Starting at only $699$100 off if you order by May 15th(mention “AMY34” after you order)
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