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Blue Ribbon Investment Opportunity


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Affordable, Sunny, Southeast Arizona Real Estate-land, platted lots, homes- all with 360 degree mountain views in Cochise College Park, near Douglas and Bisbee in Cochise County, near Mexico, at the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains.

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Blue Ribbon Investment Opportunity

  1. 1. Blue Ribbon Investment Package See what One millionDollars can buy in Arizona
  2. 2. Our young nationfought a war to gain muscle to buy thisstrip of land in a dealcalled, The Gadsden Purchase, for $16 million. A bargain? Yes, but see how much of it you can “The Az Crazy Ranch “, at dusk, fromnow buy for one million Cipriano Drive in Douglas, Arizona to the moon over Saddle Back , the southern dollars and , this time, most gap in the North American Rockies..get a free and clear titlefrom the Stuckey Trust.
  3. 3. 147 Acres fenced Four or five, fenced and contiguous mini- ranch possibilities, from two to sixty acres,each with water and electricity on a county- maintained road, with 136 irrigated trees along the ranch lane.
  4. 4. Ranch Gate In 2008136 irrigated trees along the ranch lane arenow nearly twice as tall, in January 2011, as they were when this picture was taken.
  5. 5. Starbuck House & Visitors Center • Four bedrooms. • Two stories.• Ten year-old ranch. Landscaped courtyard accessed from the Arizona room.
  6. 6. Arizona Friends CommunityMore than 470 surveyed building sites – 12 lots are in the fenced area of Cochise College ParkUnit Seven. (Electronic spreadsheet of all legal descriptions available).
  7. 7. Coronado Lakes Estates More than 300 of the 470 surveyed building sites are located in Cochise College Park Units Six, Seven &Eight, known locally as Coronado Lakes Estates - three miles north of the Douglas city limits.
  8. 8. Cochise College Park Unit 10 46 beautiful, but remote,parcels are a mile south of theStarbuck House in the fencedarea of Unit Seven, known as the Arizona Friends Community. Without immediate access toelectricity or community water- For the past three years these lots have been yielding between $900 and $2800 via eBay auction.
  9. 9. “The Region’s Premier, Site-built-home, Rural Development” 12 of the 470 building lots are located in the fenced portion of Cochise College Park Unit Seven, in the Arizona Friends Community. All utilities are underground.
  10. 10. Douglas Golf CourseThis building site is located in Unit Nine --only 1200 feet from the Douglas Golf Course!
  11. 11. Arizona water corporation for future use One hundred percent interest in a new private, freestanding water company. Most Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA)recommendations addressed - study report available.
  12. 12. One of twenty-seven sharesThe Arizona Friends Water Water Company,with WIFA study recommendations addressed.
  13. 13. ArizonaFriends WaterCompany Ltd.Shown in blue onright hand side of map in relationship to College PeakWater Inc. shown in green. These Arizona Water Infrastructuretwo system serve Financing Authority (WIFA) Units Seven and study recommendationsEight and extend are being addressed. into Unit Ten.
  14. 14. Plans for solar bunk houseThirty by sixty foot, 20 inch, foundation perimeter in place. Plans, drawn by a regionally respected alternative home designer. The septic system plans are approved, but the CochiseCounty consolidatedbuilding permit must be renewed.
  15. 15. Historic LocationOn the east side of the ranch there is a solar pump and water system with a 5000 gallon storage tank andseasonal well. This system can easily be connected to the nearby pipes system of the strong College Peak Water Inc.
  16. 16. RV Park Identified space for a small recreational vehicle park with four hook ups, located on west side of the historic ranch.
  17. 17. Equipment J.R. Power Grader,five foot with electric depth control. Fifth-Wheel Travel Trailer, 3/4 tonpickup truck, 24-foot cattle trailer, 20 foot implement trailer,Ford 8N Tractor withblade, rotary mower, and rock carrier.Array of hand tools in tool van.
  18. 18. 10 year old website
  19. 19. Social Media@azcrazyranch Arizona Friends Community Page
  20. 20. Lets Connect!
  21. 21. Wish to invest more than a million dollars?Additional property, for sale by others, such as that listed on the “Opportunities” page of website,, includes two ranches totaling 155 acres both fenced, a new 1800 sq. ft. house, 340 additional building lots, and more.
  22. 22. Easter Sunrise! ~ Over Saddleback Gap ~“Where the Wild West was won, but never really forgotten.” ~Roy Joe Stuckey
  23. 23. Blue RibbonInvestment Package Offered by: Stuckey Trust
  24. 24. Roy Joe & Ruth Stuckey Trustees