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Site Shack Web Design owner Judy Wilson presents a great tutorial deck on SEO (the training on Yoast SEO was conducted live and is not part of the slideshow). Judy teaches WordPress classes for The Skillery in Nashville. Check for upcoming classes.

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Site Shack Web Design - WordPress SEO with Yoast

  1. 1. ____________________________Site Shack Web Design owner Judy Wilson presents “Got Visibility? WordPress Search Engine Optimization with the Yoast SEO plugin.copyright 2013all rights reserved
  2. 2. Nashville native. Web site designer, developer. Writer.Photographer. Traveler. Gardener. Internet aficionado.First computer: Apple III (1985)First Web site: 1994.First Webmaster job: 1997 - 2000Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San FranciscoSecond Webmaster job: 2000 - 2004Owen Graduate School of Management - Vanderbilt UniversityOpened Site Shack:, Site Shack Web Design
  3. 3. What is SEO?SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Using a combination ofWeb coding and development, link building and various Social Mediastrategies and techniques, SEO is the practice of directing “organic”traffic to your online presence (i.e., Web site, blog, YouTube channel,SlideShare slide, images, map, “local place” or other online content).A skillful optimization of these techniques will push your online presencehigher up in the “SERPs” (search engine return pages). Your rank is basedon what the search engine considers most relevant to users, based on thesearch engine’s “algorithms.”
  4. 4. What is SEO?A typical organic search
  5. 5. Let’s TalkGoogleGoogle’s market share is about 68%.
  6. 6. What is Google’sAlgorithm? ** An algorithm is a specific set of instructions for carrying out a procedure or solving aproblem, usually with the requirement that the procedure terminate at some point.Specific algorithms sometimes also go by the name method, procedure, or technique.It’s a secret. Like the coca-cola formula.Periodically (increasingly) Google has tweaked itsalgorithm. Two of the most significant tweaks are referred toas Panda and Penguin.
  7. 7. PenguinWe know that Penguin is purely a link quality filter that sits ontop of the core algorithm, runs sporadically (thelast official update was in October 2012), and is designed to takeout sites that use manipulative techniques to improve searchvisibility.In addition to keyword stuffing, Google is also focusing onlink schemes. For many years, link farms and other strategieshave existed to game Googles PageRank system. Link farminghas famously fueled a good number of googlebombs, a phenomenon that has reared its ugly head time and time again. Morerecently, there has been a shift from link farming to "likefarming", a practice that leverages social media in the same waylink farms leverage links.
  8. 8. PandaThe Panda Algorithm was created by Google in an attempt tocause low quality sites to be displayed much lower in thesearch results. It seemed to be aimed at content farms thatranked well as a result of scraping content from other sites.Sites that have been affected by Panda often have significantamounts of duplicated content and also thin content. Thincontent is usually a page that consists of very few words. If asite contains a lot of duplicate and thin content then Googlesees little reason to show this site prominently in its searchresults. An entire site can be severely demoted because ofPanda even if only parts of the site have duplicate and thincontent.
  9. 9. As Google began to dominate,we were able to extrapolatecertain ranking factors.So what the ranking factors that Google uses torank a page? Google does provide us with some information.
  10. 10. Google SERP GeneralRanking Factorslink authorityage of domain nameshare-abilityauthor-ranksnumber of high-quality inbound linkskeyword-rich, unique page titlesquality and freshness of content (text + pics)keyword-rich, unique page names (URLs)page speedappropriate and smart use of keywords[see cheat sheet and checklist links in Appendix]
  11. 11. In other words, what are the best practiceelements of a high-quality SEO strategy?You want to open a bricks and mortar antique store. The first thingyou do (after you get the financing) is take ownership of your physicallocation -- one that you’ve selected based on its nice, well traveledstreet and the other fun, nice shops that are nearby.You want to make the storefront and interior as visually attractive aspossible with eye-catching signage. You want your antiques to benicely arranged, interesting and unique and have probable value to thepeople who come inside.
  12. 12. SignageLocationCurb AppealYour InteriorShareability(word of mouth)
  13. 13. Signage =keywords, keywords, keywords keyword is any word or short phrase that describes a websitetopic or page. - The more a keyword is used by searchers andwebsites the more attraction power it has. you do a single thing.Create a “seed list”. . .10 - 15 keywords and phrases.
  14. 14. For starters, keywords should be used in:• title tags• header tags (h1, h2)• image “alt” tag• your copy• link text• page names!• Search engines put more weight on the early words, so if your keywords are nearthe start of the page title you are more likely to rank well.• People scanning result pages see the early words first. If your keywords are at thestart of your listing your page is more likely to get clicked on.
  15. 15. Any advice on using keywords?
  16. 16. Location = URLkeywords, keywords, keywordsLocation = SEO friendly URL(think keywords)
  17. 17. Curb Appeal = ThemeAppearance (think “curb appeal”)= Professional, friendly, unique, high quality premium theme.
  18. 18. Interior = Your contentUser friendly! Easy to navigate. Logical site architecture.(use a xml sitemap, breadcrumbs)Use good looking, professional imagesPresent inviting substantive, copy -- fresh,attractive, eye-catching (keywords)No broken links!Get around quickly = fast pagesThink keywords “specials” (a blog page, landing page etc).
  19. 19. Shareability = Social Media■ Setup a Google account■ Setup a Google+ account and add a nice pictureof yourself (looking right, actually -- toward thecontent)■ Google Webmaster Tools■ Google Analytics - Yoast has a WordPressplugin for this:■ Pinterest account■ Facebook account■ Twitter account
  20. 20. Shareability = Social Media■ Like, Recommend the antique store etc for Social Media sites■ JetPack WP Plugin■ ShareDaddy■ ShareThis■ AddThis■ Follow the antique store (sometimes just linked icons)■ A lot of themes have this functionality built in using “Theme Options”
  21. 21. Shareability = Social MediaFresh postsLanding pagesYouTube channelInfographicSlideShareBlogging:Announce your promotions (e.g. one-day sale)Share expert adviceShare your personal reflections(keywords)Use Social Media to drive traffic to your:
  22. 22. Linkbuilding gold mine:Link building is simply the process of getting links to your websites (or what wecall inbound links or backlinks) from other websites.Links have always been an essential part of the internet and the web. It’s how wemove from one information to another whether it is trivial, factual, scientifical,opinionated, etc. Links are also a big factor of how Google ranks you.
  23. 23. SEO in WordPressExact same principles.Somewhat different implementation.WordPress is a Content Management System.Out-of-the-box it has certain SEO limitations:No unique page titlesNo unique meta-description tags
  24. 24. SEO Yoast is Yoast?Joost de Valk is a 30 year old Dutch web developer, SEOand online marketer. I started my career in severalcompanies, ranging from enterprise hosting to onlinemarketing agencies,  allowing me to work with severallarge businesses around the world, ranging from Dutchleaders as KPN and KLM to world leaders as eBay, RTLand Salesforce.
  25. 25. Appendix1.SEO Overview (misc information)2. training & knowledge3. metrics & analysis4. research & specialists5. checklists & cheat sheets6. keyword information7. link building8. google local search9. social media10.WordPress SEO with Yoast
  26. 26. SEO Overview and Knowledgehttp://searchengineland.com
  27. 27. SEO Overviewhttp://www.opensiteexplorer.orgAn analysis of your Web site:- how it performs independently- how it performs compared to other sites & Analysis
  28. 28. SEO OverviewResearch & ToolWar companiesSEO Specialists
  29. 29. SEO Overview and Cheat Sheets
  30. 30. Keywords Information can I use Google Insights for Search?
  31. 31. Link Building
  32. 32. Google Local Search Places Is Being Upgraded To Google+ Local
  33. 33. Google+ for Business
  34. 34. Social Media
  35. 35. WordPress SEO your Google+ profile picture appear beside your post:
  36. 36. WordPress SEO with Yoast Open Graph protocol
  37. 37. WordPress Useful (SEO) Plugins
  38. 38. Happy trails with WordPress!Judy