Mining for Untapped Markets With Social Media; BizBuzz Session 2011


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Mining for Untapped Markets with Social Media; Hidden B2B Tips: Even with the girth of blogs, videos and books about using social media to generate leads and sell products, the most powerful strategies for finding and connecting with relevant people are still emerging. Kevin presents the latest case studies and strategies to take social media from the occasional Facebook “like” and periodic Youtube video views to a full blown online conversation, inside a community of potential customers. The core of this shift is realizing that not every medium is right for every business and not every person needs to hear what you have to say.

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Mining for Untapped Markets With Social Media; BizBuzz Session 2011

  1. 1. presents Mining for Untapped Markets With Social Media presented by Kevin Rowe Senior Internet Marketing Specialist
  2. 2. “ Passive mining ” Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
  3. 3. Message Design
  4. 4. The Golden Circle Why How What
  5. 5. Message Design
  6. 6. Top level elementsWhoVerbalsAvenueEvaluate
  7. 7. Tim Ferris: @tferrissWhoVerbalsAvenueEvaluate
  8. 8. Tim Ferris: @tferrissWho Princeton graduate Guru of self-teachingVerbals Tango Chinese kick boxingAvenue Started BrainQUICKENEvaluate
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  10. 10. Tim Ferris: @tferrissWhoVerbalsAvenueEvaluate
  11. 11. Tim Ferris: @tferrissWho Engineering a “Muse” – Volume 4: Case Studies of Successful Cash-Flow BusinessesVerbals 8 Steps to Getting What You Want… Without Formal Credentials How to Bulletproof (or Unf*%k) Your MacAvenue Looking to the Dietary Gods: Eating Well According to the AncientsEvaluate
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  26. 26. Be Amazing