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Is Facebook worried about staying relevant?

With all the hype surrounding Google+ is Facebook concerned about losing ground?

We'll discuss Facebook's place in the business arena and how its evolving to keep up with market trends while meeting the demands of its community.

In this 15 minute installment we'll cover 1) a quick review of the FB basics, 2) some new features & functionality that rival Google+ and 3) what it means to business today!

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  • Thank you for joining us today. We have been discussing the Facebook / Google cold war over the last month and half. So much of what is new & hot the last few months seems to tie back to competition between these two forces for social and web dominance. Today we are going to do a quick review of the basic business features of Facebook, who we think is winning the social war for dominance. The benefits of this dynamic between Google and Facebook is the phenomenal addition of new features to entice and engage us with the platforms.
  • What started as a college connection site (click) has become a powerful force to shift the way we view the web. We started connecting with friends and family (click) to view pictures and share our lives. Now we “like” business pages (click), create and attend events, are exposed to ads and marketing and our Facebook community even influences what links we click when searching the web for information.
  • Since the launch of Google+ the conversation about the social web has ramped up significantly. Google gained 25 million users in just over a month. As you can see from this illustration, Google+ did in 16 days what it took twitter 780 days and Facebook 852 days to accomplish. However, Google+ didn’t have to forge a new path like Twitter and Facebook did, yet still a pretty accomplishing feat. The numbers out of comscore this week indicated a slowdown in the growth on Google+ - this may have something to do with the fact that it is still in Beta and on an invitation only basis. But it will be interesting to see how it plays out.As an interesting note some people have abandoned their Facebook pages in favor of Google+(click).Chris Brogan, a rock star in the social media space, is passionate about Google+ and has moved there completely.Michael Lee Johnson, a web applications developer, ran ads on Facebook promoting his Google+ profile and Facebook pulled his ads and has blocked his Facebook ads account. Makes you realize just how nervous Facebook really is . . .
  • I wanted to do a quick overview of the business pages and then get into some of the new features.The utilization of Facebook business pages has grown significantly. As people grow in their understanding of social media marketing, engagement has ramped up as well. While traditionally this was seen as a B2C oriented application the effectiveness has grown for B2B. For all businesses Facebook is a great vehicle to(click) build brand, (click) add warmth and depth to your business and (click) let them see more about your business’“personal side”.SO let’s compare this to the Google+ Project – oh wait – Google+ has yet to “ officially launch business pages although many businesses and large brands have built out pages which are being pulled down. While I feel that Google+ will definitely gain momentum and credibility, it will take quite some time for their business pages, when they launch them, to gain the momentum that Facebook has.Let’s setup a leader board here (click) SO, Business pages gives us a win for FACEBOOK (click)
  • Where Facebook has proven to be the biggest threat to Google is in it’s ability to generate ad revenue. The beauty of the Facebook ads is how precisely you can target your ads. With the social graph (click) that Facebook has created you can create very specific and exacting ads targeting your ideal customer audience. Similar to Google AdWords, the platform is fairly simple and easy to use. You can turn it off and on at the drop of a hat.More precise/targeted advertising: ANOTHER win for Facebook (click)
  • Another way to enhance engagement and content from your Facebook page is Sponsored Stories. Sponsored Stories are a way to promote your business…Currently people are sharing a ton of content on Google+ BUT it will take quite a while for Google+ to gain the content momentum that Facebook has. In part due to sponsored stories! Another win for Facebook (click).
  • Facebook seemed to really “fight” the business pages concept for quite awhile. Now Facebook has embraced the business community – especially since it drives it’s ad revenue. So now Facebook allows businesses - AS BUSINESSES - to send notifications, share links and invite people to like it’s page. Previously the admin profile was forced to do this with their personal profile. This new feature will really help business pages to build a strong following.This is an automatic win for Facebook (click) since there are no Google+ business pages.
  • Wednesday July 6th, on the heels of the launch of Google+ - which includes Hangouts (group video chatting), Facebook announced the partnership of Facebook and Skype. Download Skype and connect it with your Facebook account and you can now video chat (click) through the new enhanced chat window on Facebook. As a side-note . . . I spent two hours trying to get this integration to work to no avail. I am on a MAC so I am wondering if that is part of the issue or user technical difficulties. In researching this I found several people who said they did get it to work on Mac but Gillian our Marketing Czar found a video that say it does not work on Mac . . .Raise your hand if you’ve had success with the skype / facebook integrationOk tweet me @katiehoke with your IT advice!
  • Clearly this competes directly with some of the new cool features that were launched in Google+, Hangouts was one of the very cool features that received a lot of buzz. It enables group video chat for up to 10 people. So far Google+ hangouts is much easier to use and access. I am a paid Skype client and couldn’t figure out the Facebook integration.Points for Google PLUS! (click)
  • One of the most common frustrations I hear from clients is the issue of community pages versus official pages. Official pages are created purposefully by an individual associated with the business or group. Community pages are generated as people add places that they check into or add something without an existing page to their likes, work places, education etc. Many official pages have duplicate community pages and for businesses active on Facebook this can create frustration as many “friends” of the business can support the wrong page. Now Facebook as created the ability to merge these pages. YEAH! No points for that ‘cause it’s about time!
  • This is today’s secret word…(click) this is the button on you’ll see on our website to enter the word – we’ll send you the link to enter to win after the webinar!Everyone got it?? (advance slide…)
  • Any questions about Facebook being a legitimate business tool should be put to rest with this example. American Express and Facebook have partnered for the ultimate couponing experience, coupon-less deals. GoSocial allows merchants to create deals through social networks like Facebook and foursquare. You redeem the deal simply by linking your Amex account with Facebook . . . Hence the Link, Like, Love.
  • (explain why social is impacting search and changing the rank conversation illustrate screen example from personal perspective…THIS WILL BE TRUE WITH GOOGLE + and GOOGLE SEARCH so it’s important to watch…
  • While Google+ is getting a lot of buzz we can’t forget the basics.Knowing and understanding (click) the impact of Facebook on ALL businesses is crucial. (click) The fact that Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare and more dominate the news wires, the blogging community and most internet marketers conversations is a clear indication of this evolution of search and social.(click) All businesses need to understand where this is evolving too and pay attention to the signals. Catching up in an environment that moves as quickly as digital marketing does will be difficult.Five years ago my clients were telling me they used the Internet to buy things for their personal lives but that Google had NO IMPACT on business to business applications. YET today, web marketing dominates industry and B2B isn’t just for consumers any more. The story is what impacts our personal lives often times will evolve into our business lives.(click) Social is important to all businesses on some level. Pay attention and watch the trends.And as far as our leader board (click) In the business arena Facebook is still leading the pack but keep in mind Google+ is just getting started. Stick with Jolt & Bolt each week and we’ll keep you up-to-date as the battle continues!
  • Questions?Let’s continue the conversation …I wrote a more in depth comparative blog discussing FB v Plus and it’s posted on our site. Leave a comment on my blog for an extra entry in the Amazon gift card drawing at the end of the month…
  • So speaking of staying on top of search and social trends and their impact on business – Why not join us every Thursday at 10 am. Reserve your spot by registering at…
  • Copy of the power point is available at (click)
  • Google vs. Facebook; Jolt & Bolt 8_4_2011

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    15. 15. Site-Seeker, Inc.  2011<br />What does this mean to you?<br /><ul><li>Facebook impacts business.
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    18. 18. Pay attention and watch the trends.</li></li></ul><li>Site-Seeker, Inc.  2011<br />QUESTIONS?<br />
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