Mobile Marketing by Cole Carnes, Neverblue


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Interact Toronto Event - Oct 18, 2012

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Mobile Marketing by Cole Carnes, Neverblue

  1. 1. Neverblue Mobile Marketing Cole Carnes Neverblue Mobile Affiliate Manager
  2. 2. Why Mobile?Consumer Behavior:• Mobile is the fastest growing advertising medium in historyTime to reach 50 million users: Radio broadcasting: 38 years Television broadcasting: 13 years The Internet: 5 years The mobile device: 4 years The iPad tablet: 18 months
  3. 3. Why Mobile?Industry Facts:• Worldwide users of mobile Internet will overtake desktop in 2014Source: Microsoft
  4. 4. Why Mobile?Industry Facts:• Mobile Share of Web Traffic 2010 2012 % Increase Africa 5.81% 14.85% 155.59% Asia 6.10% 17.84% 192.46% Europe 1.81% 5.13% 183.43% North America 4.71% 7.96% 69.00% Oceania 2.88% 7.55% 162.15% South America 1.46% 2.86% 95.89% Worldwide 3.81% 10.01% 162.73%Source: Pingdom
  5. 5. Why Neverblue?Company Facts:• International Offices: Canada, the USA, England and Hong Kong. • Business Development teams in each of these offices• mThink Blue Book industry ranking:* 6th place in 2010 2nd place in 2011 1st place for 2012• Weekly payments• Traffic source-specific affiliate managers (mobile, email, international)• Out of Bounds competition*Source: mThink Online Advertising BLUE BOOK
  6. 6. Why Neverblue Mobile?Company Facts:• Mobile-specific staff • Affiliate Managers • Business Development• Rapid Growth • Over 600% growth in mobile over the last 12 months• Analytical Reporting • Device, carrier, OS, etc. reporting without redirects• Tracking • Server to server tracking = higher conversion rates• Offers • Currently over 300 mobile offers
  7. 7. Neverblue Mobile OffersCurrently 354 Mobile Offers 256 CPA 98 AppsRepresent 10 different verticals  Strongest Verticals are Dating, Installs, and Content offersMobile Business development team constantly searching for new offers
  8. 8. Welcome to the Neverblue Affiliate Site
  9. 9. Mobile Campaigns:
  10. 10. Choosing an Offer What verticals are you comfortable with? What type of traffic do you have? Web/App/Search/Push? What is your AM saying about offers?Is the offer already saturated?Do you have access to a unique/your own traffic source? Demographic?
  11. 11. Types of OffersApp downloads/installs (CPIs) Games, social networking, phone utilityContent offers Click flows vs pin submits What angles can you use to match your traffic to the content provided?Mobile Web How many fields? How many pages? What information?
  12. 12. Choosing a Traffic Source140 Proof Burstly Jumptap Mobile Theory Surikate4th Screen Buzzcity kiip MobPartner Tapit!AdCell Media Cauly Komlimobile MOcean Tapjoyadfonic DSNR Media Lead Bolt mojiva TrademobAditic eBuddy Letang MoPub TrafficjunkyAdMarvel EGS Media LogiaAd Motrixi VdopiaAdmia EngageBDR Madhouse NAVTEQ veltiadmob exoclick Madvertise Nextage VservAdmoda; Flurry Marimedia Pandora W4 MediaAdultmoda G+J Media Sales MDotM Pontiflex WebmediaAdsmarket Matomy Greystripe Medialets RadiumOne whereAdsAdsmobi  Metaps reporo WidespaceAdTriple Hands Microsoft Mobile Rovio XadAduru Hunt Mobile Ads Millennial Media Shazam XtendmediaAirpush iAd Mob Gold SiteScout YahooA-mo-bee InMobi MobClix Smaato Ybrand DigitalAOL IZP MobFox Sponsorpay YieldivisionAppenda jiwire Mobile Fuse StartApp yoc group
  13. 13. Neverblue Analytical Reporting
  14. 14. Neverblue Analytical Reporting
  15. 15. Neverblue Analytical Reporting
  16. 16. Tips for Launching MobileReach demographics via devices, carriers, and device/carriercombinationsDevice Demographics: • Android users are 10% more likely to be men •iPhone users are 18% more likely to be women •Newer/more expensive phones correlate with higher incomes
  17. 17. Tips for Launching MobileReach demographics via devices, carriers, and device/carriercombinationsCarrier Demographics: • Target 18-34 users with T-Mobile and Sprint •This demographic is the biggest consumer of mobile content •Nextel subscribers are 47% more likely to be a male between 35 and 44 •Reach lower incomes via prepaid carriers •Combine with feature phones and older androids?
  18. 18. Tips for Launching MobileBreak campaigns up to control costs, reduce risk, and get thebest data for your moneyCampaign 1: iOS phones + Carrier trafficCampaign 2: iOS phones + Wifi trafficCampaign 3: Android phones + Carrier trafficCampaign 4: Android phones + Wifi traffic• Pass site macro on all campaigns and specific carrier macro for campaigns on carrier traffic• Test multiple creatives on each campaign• Pay attention to how traffic volume responds on optimizations • Sometimes RON provides smaller margins but is made up for in volume
  19. 19. Tips for Launching MobileBidding Strategies and Analyzing Data• Bid low, monitor impressions, raise if needed• Duplicate campaigns and bid at different price points • Sometimes the best converting traffic requires a higher bid to access it• Speak to your rep to find out what the going rate for traffic is• CPC or CPM? • CPC helps control costs initially • Use high CTR ads on CPM to lower costs • Use high CTR ads on CPC to access more volume
  20. 20. Tips for Launching MobileBidding Strategies and Analyzing Data• Ensure that you have enough data!!!• Key variables: site, device, carrier, OS version, banner size• Focus on scalability – do not make targeting so tight that you lose access to volume• Do not throw away Site IDs without checking all data points • Some sites have huge volume even with tight targeting
  21. 21. Questions?Contact Info:Cole Carnescole.carnes@neverblue.comSkype/AIM: neverbluecole