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Whats new in SITEFORUM version6.3_eng


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Whats new in SITEFORUM version6.3_eng

  1. 1. SITEFORUM v6.3 - now available ... SITEFORUM 6.3 is now launched as the SITEFORUM Social Business Suite, the first “all-in-one” solution for social networking for business. We are taking social business to a whole new level with important features to drive additional value-added activity and collaboration. We have created exciting new opportunities for collaboration around Companies, Network Groups as well as new Virtual Business environments. We have also considerably enhanced some powerful capabilities including Categories and Social CRM and have included one of the leading online communications platforms, NetViewer, to provide a unified communications and collaboration platform, globally accessible via any internet browser. Welcome to the best social business solution for every business, from SME to global corporate. Welcome to SITEFORUM 6.3.Highlights of the release v6.3  All-new Network Groups  Company Directory Extensions  Virtual Business Improvements  Renewed Category Manager  Social CRM: Enhanced User History  Netviewer Integration
  2. 2. 1. All-New Network GroupsWe know that Network Groups are the heart of many of our busiest networks so we wanted to make themeven better than ever. SITEFORUM Network Groups are a great way to connect people and share ideas andinformation quickly and easily.The new Network Groups are now more flexible and powerful than ever so you can now use them evenmore easily for all sorts of collaboration including mini-communities, special interest groups, project teamsand also partner collaboration. Some of our communities have started to monetise groups and we haveprovided support features to enable this including online payment options for owning/operating groups. Key new features include: • Group Pages can be configured to be canvas pages with ultimate flexibility in content and layout • Drag and drop functionality for content/widget selection for Group Manager • Additional design options for Group Managers to optimise layout and presentation of Group • Ability to link Groups to companies who can own and operate these in line with your commercial termsCopyright © 2011 by SITEFORUM GROUP Email: Phone UK: +44 845 8724212 Internet: Phone Germany: +49 361 66615810
  3. 3. 2. Company Directory ExtensionsMany SITEFORUM customers use the company directory to provide online listing services for theircommunity and in some cases (e.g. supplier directories) generate revenues. SITEFORUM 6.3 adds newfeatures so that the directory can be even more useful and valuable for everyone involved.Whatever your usage of the company directory is – we are sure you will agree that the new service is oncemore a best-in-class component. New Company Directory features in this release include: • More presentation and layout options for company profiles and listings • New “capability” profiles for companies which are very easy for site admins to create and manage • More self-service options for companies to showcase themselves including “capability” profile • “Capability” search for site users enables them to quickly find entries of interest • Online payment options for Directory Subscriptions • “Leave a business card” function for all Directory Listings • Advanced Visitor Reporting • Creation and management of Company related Groups3. Virtual Business ImprovementsWe know that our clients value the powerful integration of Social Networking and Virtual Business with themany other services within SITEFORUM. With increased interest in all areas of Virtual Business, we havedeveloped our service to support additional formats and business models.Improved Booth Builder:We have made it even easier for event organisers and exhibitors to update their booths in real time. Using anew edit mode, Booths can be edited directly on the screen with new content areas, images, videos andstaff avatars.Copyright © 2011 by SITEFORUM GROUP Email: Phone UK: +44 845 8724212 Internet: Phone Germany: +49 361 66615810
  4. 4. New Virtual Rooms:Many of our corporate clients are keen to use our Virtual technology for other communications includingpartner events and communications, employee communications and online learning scenarios.SITEFORUM 6.3 comes with a new conference room template that is designed to make it easier to setupmeetings, collaborate or use e-Learning content."Multi-owner Virtual events":On some occasions it can be very useful to pass ownership of a Virtual Event to other organisationsincluding corporate event organisers, business partners or even community sponsors.Setting up virtual events with SITEFORUM is easy and straight-forward and you can run multiple virtualevents at the same time. Release 6.3 takes this one step further and gives portal owners the option totransfer ownership of a virtual event to another organization. That means that employees from thatorganization can now setup exhibition halls, tradeshow booths and/or webcasts for that event. This helpscommunity owners to build alliances and share promotion of such events. This can also be a chargeableservice for some communities.Copyright © 2011 by SITEFORUM GROUP Email: Phone UK: +44 845 8724212 Internet: Phone Germany: +49 361 66615810
  5. 5. 4. Renewed Category ModuleSITEFORUM has always provided a comprehensive category capability so that users, companies, blogs, files,stories, forums, events and more can be grouped using unlimited categories which can easily be created andmanaged by site admins. This is a very useful feature, providing a site-wide hierarchical coding structurewhich you can use as an alternative to or alongside free-format, user-defined Tags.In Release 6.3 we have made the category management module much more intuitive and flexible. You cannow easily add, rename, delete and move categories using new drag-and-drop functionality. You can alsomerge categories via mass actions. We have also introduced category templates which can be used in thenew company capability profiles and search functions.5. Social CRM: Enhanced User HistoryWe all know that the key to business success lies in forming trusted relationships with prospects andcustomers. There is plenty of evidence to show that customers expect you to have one integrated view oftheir dealings with you and they will reward suppliers who demonstrate this, and similarly reduceinvolvement with suppliers who don’t value their interactions.Release 6.3 now provides a comprehensive user history so you can see at a glance any users site interactionat a glance including site login and logout, story and menu views, document downloads, blog activities andalso campaigns which they have received. You can also manually add records for offline discussions orcorrespondance to complete the history.Copyright © 2011 by SITEFORUM GROUP Email: Phone UK: +44 845 8724212 Internet: Phone Germany: +49 361 66615810
  6. 6. 6. Netviewer (now Citrix) IntegrationThe SITEFORM / Netviewer (now Citrix) integration enables users to start online meetings, videoconferences and desktop-sharing sessions directly from many parts of your portal including network groups,virtual booths and meeting rooms, and invite other users to participate. Visual, real-time communication candrive great productivity improvements, and cut down on unproductive travel time and costs. Onlinemeetings, product presentations and webinars optimise lead generation and help increase sales.SITEFORUM integrated Netviewer sessions allow sharing of presentations, videos, text, spread sheets andmany other types of documents, with realtime video conferencing so participants can also see and speak toeach other. The Netviewer session can optionally be branded in the customer’s corporate identity.7. Other Features in Release 6.3Inline Editing Mode for Stories:Sometimes it can be useful to be able to quickly edit one or more small details in a story. To make life easierwe have introduced an inline editing mode. Now you can quickly edit stories directly in the front-end,including modifying title, short and long description. We know this will be a popular feature with manyclients and is a big usability improvement.New Charts:SITEFORUM 6.3 comes with a new chart library that works in most browsers. It creates attractive pie chartsand line charts and these can be seen in many SITEFORUM modules including SEO360, invoicing andnetwork file statistics.Copyright © 2011 by SITEFORUM GROUP Email: Phone UK: +44 845 8724212 Internet: Phone Germany: +49 361 66615810
  7. 7. Improved Statistics:Knowing what is happening on your portal is one of the most important capabilities for running a successfulonline business. Release 6.3 includes a new dashboard overview and unified graphical display of variousreports to allow you to analyze all information about your visitors and site activity. Visits of real users areseparated from search engine accesses in release 6.3.More details of release 6.3 and previous releases can be found at © 2011 by SITEFORUM GROUP Email: Phone UK: +44 845 8724212 Internet: Phone Germany: +49 361 66615810