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History Titles Now Available As Audio Downloads


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A large number of historical titles can now be downloaded in audio format

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History Titles Now Available As Audio Downloads

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  3. 3. History 11 Days in December: Christmas at the Alamo, The Bulge, 1944 Author John Myers Myers Author Stanley Weintraub Reader Robert Morris Reader Patrick Cullen Price $ 16.95 Price $ 14.95 quot;Those who doubt the greatness of men can leave this book alone or read and recant. This follows the story of the seige of In December 1944, the Allied forces thought their campaign the Alamo. It is one of the mightiest tales that the history of for securing Europe was in its final stages. But Germany had this or an... one last great surprise attack still planned. Here is the unforgettable story of one of the grimmest points of World War II and its miraculous Christmas Eve turn toward victory. Ambassador in Paris: The Reagan Years Author After Fidel: The Inside Story of Castro's Evan Galbraith Regime and Cuba's Next Leader Author Reader Brian Latell Matthew Davis Reader Price Stefan Rudnicki $ 14.95 Evan Galbraith represented America in Paris for four years Price during Reagan’s administration, and he paints a vivid picture $ 23.95 showing the life of an American ambassador in the grand and glamorous city. His story is often amusing when describing This compelling, behind-the-scenes look into the Castro his involvement on talk shows, at embassy dinner... brothers’ remarkable relationship reveals how Fidel and Raul have collaborated for years and challenges the view of the little-known Raul as an insignificant player. Latell projects what kind of leader the younger brother and designated... America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It Author Age of Chivalry, The Mark Steyn Author Thomas Bulfinch Reader Brian Emerson Reader Mary Woods Price $ 19.95 Price Someday soon, you might wake up to the call to prayer from a $ 26.95 muezzin. Europeans already are. While liberals will say diversity is our strength, the Taliban will burn books and Bulfinch's masterpiece of history and fable recounts the tales barber shops in Greenwich Village and the Supreme Court of Arthur and the Round Table and how the Arthurian legend will uphold sharia law. If you think this can’t happen, you... has metamorphosed from medieval Welsh texts through French romances to obscure British histories. This book not only tells the King Arthur tales but also explains the... Page 2 of 70
  4. 4. History American Revolution, The: Part 1 Bankrupt: The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Today's Democratic Party Author George H. Smith Author David Limbaugh Reader George C. Scott Reader Raymond Todd Price $ 12.95 Price $ 23.95 In 1764, Britain imposed the first of several taxes with the Sugar Act. This was followed by the Stamp Act and the With his trademark bull’s-eye analysis and common sense, Townshend Revenue Act. In 1773, the Seven Years War with best-selling author David Limbaugh provides a sobering and France had made Britain t... shocking portrait of a Democrat Party that has lost its soul, too morally and intellectually bankrupt to serve our country. American Revolution, The: Part 2 Basic History of the United States Vol. 1, A: Author The Colonial Experience, 1607-1774 George H. Smith Author Clarence B. Carson Reader George C. Scott Reader Mary Woods Price $ 12.95 Price In 1764, Britain imposed the first of several taxes with the $ 16.95 Sugar Act. This was followed by the Stamp Act and the Townshend Revenue Act. In 1773, the Seven Years War with This is the first volume of a comprehensive six-volume set. “ France had made Britain t... For Carson, history is more than facts and dates, [but] is the product of the actions of countless individuals, each under the influence of certain ideas. . . . He shows how they were responsible for the settlement of this continent,... America's Secret War: Inside the Hidden Worldwide Struggle Between the United States and Its Enemies Basic History of the United States Vol. 2, A: Author The Beginning of the Republic, 1775-1825 George Friedman Author Clarence B. Carson Reader Brian Emerson Reader Mary Woods Price $ 26.95 Price Through the vast information-gathering network of his private $ 23.95 global intelligence company, Stratfor, called quot;The Shadow CIA,quot; George Friedman presents the startling truth behind Carson's full-scale treatment of American history combines America's foreign p... scholarly exactness with evocative passages that lead the listener to a clearer understanding of the people and events. Page 3 of 70
  5. 5. History Basic History of the United States Vol. 3, A : Basic History of the United States Vol. 6, A: The Sections and the Civil War, 1826-1877 America in Gridlock, 1985-1995 Author Author Clarence B. Carson Clarence B. Carson Reader Reader Mary Woods Mary Woods Price Price $ 19.95 $ 19.95 Carson begins this third volume by diagnosing the root Carson’s newest volume in his set brings U.S. history abreast causes that eventually gave rise to sectionalism. Also with recent developments in government and culture. Among examined are removal of the Indians, the plantation system, the topics he examines are materialism and statism, the the Transcendentalists and ... welfare state, conservatism and liberalism, the Reagan and Bush administrations and their subplots, as well as the... Basic History of the United States Vol. 5, A: Basic History of the United States Vol. 6, A: The Welfare State, 1929-1985 America in Gridlock: 1985-1995 Author Author Clarence B. Carson Clarence B. Carson Reader Reader Mary Woods Mary Woods Price Price $ 26.95 $ 19.95 The fifth volume covers the Great Depression through the mid- eighties. Carson elucidates the causes of the stock market Carson’s newest volume in his set brings U.S. history abreast with recent developments in government and culture. Among crash and the years of economic depression which followed. Further discussions are equally engaging, including the New the topics he examines are materialism and statism, the Deal, Social Security, World War II, the Cold War, the... welfare state, conservatism and liberalism, the Reagan and Bush administrations and their subplots, as well as the... Bin Laden Author Yossef Bodansky Reader Nadia May Price $ 43.95 Yossef Bodansky gives us an in-depth look at the rise of Osama bin Laden, the only terrorist leader ever to have declared a holy war. Here is a comprehensive account in meticulous detail of what dr... Page 4 of 70
  6. 6. History Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path Caesar's Legion: The Epic Saga of Julius of the World's Most Precious Stones Caesar's Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome Author Greg Campbell Author Stephen Dando-Collins Reader Tom Weiner Reader Stuart Langton Price $ 16.95 Price $ 23.95 The smuggling of diamonds from Sierra Leone has become one of the most savage rebel campaigns in modern history. From insights into the mind of history's greatest general to a This gripping true story traces the deadly trail of these grunt's-eye view of the gruesome realities of war in the diamonds and the repercussions felt far beyond the poor and Classical Age, this is a vivid portrait of the daily life of the war-ridden country of Sierra Leone. Tenth Legion. Blooding at Great Meadows: Young George Case Against Hillary Clinton, The Washington and the Battle that Shaped the Author Man Peggy Noonan Author Alan Axelrod Reader Marguerite Gavin Reader David Drummond Price $ 14.95 Price Peggy Noonan offers an eye-opening assessment of the $ 19.95 scandals and failures of the Clinton years, from Whitewater and health care to the Filegate and Travelgate affairs, casting The man who would prevail in a war for independence came a revealing light on the first lady’s motives and behavior. of age not through easy victory but in triumphal defeat. <i>A Blooding at Great Meadows</i> is a unique look at the founding father as a young, inexperienced military leader with many lessons yet to learn but already possessed of the... Charlie Wilson's War Author George Crile Reader Christopher Lane Price $ 36.95 This New York Times best-seller is the untold story behind the last battle of the Cold War, the rise of militant Islam, and of a colorful congressman from Texas who conspired with a rogue CIA opera... Page 5 of 70
  7. 7. History Child of Fortune, A Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, The Author Author Jeffrey St. John, Foreword by Jacob Burckhardt Warren E. Burger Reader Reader Jeff Riggenbach Geoffrey Howard Price Price $ 23.95 $ 26.95 With his simulated day-by-day reportage, prize-winning In this landmark study, Burckhardt chronicles the breakup of journalist-historian Jeffrey St. John makes you an eyewitness the medieval worldview that came with the rediscoveries of to the 1787-1788 political battle to ratify the U.S. Constitution. Greek and Roman culture and the new emphasis on the role And what a ba... of the individual. These went hand in hand with scientific achievement and a more naturalistic depiction of the world... China Fantasy, The: How Our Leaders Commander Of The Exodus Explain Away Chinese Repression Author Author Yoram Kaniuk James Mann Reader Reader William Sutherland Jeff Riggenbach Price Price $ 16.95 $ 12.95 Of the expeditions led by Yossi Harel from 1946 to 1948, it What are our ideas and hidden assumptions about China? was the voyage of the Exodus to Palestine that became a Does America’s policy toward China make sense? In this beacon for Zionism and a symbol to all that neither guns, vigorous look at China’s political evolution and direction, cannons, nor warships c... Mann offers a startling vision of our future with China that will have a profound impact for decades to come. Compassion Versus Guilt and Other Essays Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality? Author Thomas Sowell Author Thomas Sowell Reader Michael Kevin Reader James Bundy Price $ 14.95 Price $ 12.95 Sowell’s essays paint some hard truths, which are backed by his brilliant scholarship. He discusses many of the Armed with vast statistical research, economist Thomas extraordinary ideas that preoccupy the liberal political agenda, Sowell deftly refutes the key assumptions on which the civil- exposing their flaws and submitting them to reprimand. He rights movement as we know it today was erected, “that lays bare the errors of such phenomena as affirmative discrimination leads to poverty and other adverse social action,... consequences and . . . that adverse statistical disparities imply... Page 6 of 70
  8. 8. History Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Cracking DaVinci's Code Author Author John Perkins Peter Jones, Ph.D. Reader Reader Brian Emerson Joyce Bean and Bill Richards Price Price $ 19.95 $ 24.95 John Perkins was an economic hit man. His job was to The Da Vinci Code: Harmless fiction or a hidden agenda convince countries around the globe to accept enormous aimed at the foundations of Christianity? loans that they could not pay back. His true story exposes international intrigue, corrup... Day the World Ended at Little Big Horn, The: A Lakota History Conflict of Visions, A: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles Author Joseph M. Marshall III Author Thomas Sowell Reader Joseph M. Marshall III Reader Michael Edwards Price $ 16.95 Price The Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 has become known as $ 16.95 the quintessential clash of cultures between the Lakota Sioux Sowell explains that most people have one of two contrasting and whites. Lakota historian Joseph M. Marshall III reveals visions, “constrained” and “unconstrained,” described in terms the nuanced complexities that led up to and followed the we recognize as associated with the political Right and battle, in an account that has until now only been... political Left. At the heart of the conflict of visions are questions about the moral and intellectual... Devil Came on Horseback, The: Bearing Witness to the Genocide in Darfur Constitutional Journal Author Author Brian Steidle with Gretchen Jeffrey St. John Steidle Wallace Reader Reader Jeff Cummings Jeff Riggenbach Price Price $ 16.95 $ 16.95 This is an intense, vivid autobiographical report from the heart You are there, in 1787, at America's constitutional convention, of violent Darfur by a former American Marine who became a with the inside story that reads like a modern-day account of military observer for the African Union. The first extensive on- the secret proceedings in Philadelphia. Veteran print and the-ground account of the genocide in Sudan, it is also a broadcast jou... powerful memoir of one soldier’s awakening to... Page 7 of 70
  9. 9. History Distant Mirror, A: The Calamitous 14th Echoes of the Mekong Century Author Peter A. Huchthausen and Author Nguyen Thi Lung Barbara W. Tuchman Reader Lloyd James and Marguerite Reader Gavin Nadia May Price $ 16.95 Price $ 49.95 Peter Huchthausen, in a patrol boat on the Mekong River, rescued a badly wounded Vietnamese child, Nguyen Thi The fourteenth century reflects two contradictory images: on Lung, arranged for her treatment and education, then lost one hand, a glittering time of crusades and castles, track of her during the Tet ... cathedrals and chivalry; on the other, a time of ferocity and spiritual agony, a wo... Ethnic America Double Victory: A Multicultural History Of Author America In World War II Thomas Sowell Author Ronald Takaki Reader James Bundy Reader Edward Lewis Price $ 26.95 Price Thomas Sowell provides us with a useful and concise record $ 16.95 tracing the history of nine ethnic groups: Irish, Germans, Jews, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Blacks, Puerto Ricans, In Double Victory, a broad spectrum of American voices and Mexicans... emerge to illustrate the various struggles and victories fought during wartime: a Japanese -American at an internment camp; a Native American ... First Heroes, The Author Echo of Greece, The Craig Nelson Author Edith Hamilton Reader Raymond Todd Reader Nadia May Price $ 36.95 Price Immediately after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, daredevil $ 14.95 flyer Jimmy Doolittle led a retaliatory bombing raid on Tokyo itself. This is the true account of how ordinary people, when With the clarity and grace for which she is admired, Edith faced with ex... Hamilton writes of Plato and Aristotle, of Demosthenes and Alexander the Great, of the much-loved playwright Menander, of the Stoics, and ... Page 8 of 70
  10. 10. History Five Days in London, May 1940 Great Hurricane, The: 1938 Author Author John Lukacs Cherie Burns Reader Reader Geoffrey Howard Anna Fields Price Price $ 14.95 $ 16.95 The days from May 24 to May 28, 1940, altered the course of Those who survived still remember the Great Hurricane as the history as Churchill and the members of his Cabinet debated most terrifying moment of their lives. Using newspaper negotiating with Hitler or continuing the war. Lukacs takes us reports, survivor testimony, and archival sources, Burns hour by hour into the critical unfolding of events at 10 reconstructs this harrow... Downing Street, where the military disasters taking... Great Raid on Cabanatuan, The: Rescuing Forge of Union, Anvil of Liberty the Doomed Ghosts of Bataan and Corregidor Author Jeffrey St. John Author William B. Breuer Reader Jeff Riggenbach Reader Patrick Lawlor Price $ 16.95 Price $ 19.95 One of the most important news stories of the last three centuries comes to life in this quot;eyewitness accountquot; of In January 1945, captured American soldiers, emaciated and America's first federal elections, the first congress, and ill from brutal mistreatment, were still in the notorious President Washington's cr... Cabanatuan prison camp in the Philippines when Army Rangers set out on a daring ... Four Days of Naples Greek Way, The Author Aubrey Menen Author Edith Hamilton Reader Nadia May Reader Nadia May Price $ 19.95 Price $ 16.95 During the Allies’ aerial bombardment of Naples in 1943, the renowned scugnizzi, or street boys, of Naples staged their Based on a thorough study of Greek life and civilization, of own violent revolt against the occupying Germans. Using Greek literature, philosophy, and art, The Greek Way furniture to build barricades and stolen guns to shoot at the interprets their meaning and brings a realization of the refuge enemy, they fought for four days. Hundreds died, yet the... and strength the pa... Page 9 of 70
  11. 11. History Histories, The Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone Author Herodotus Author Rajiv Chandrasekaran Reader Bernard Mayes Reader Ray Porter Price $ 49.95 Price $ 19.95 Herodotus is the father of historical writing and a most compelling storyteller. His tales laid bare the intricate human This unprecedented account takes us into the Green Zone, entanglements at the core of great historical events. He headquarters for the American occupation in Iraq, and shows infused his magnifi... how the Coalition Provisional Authority helped fuel the insurgency by ignoring pressing Iraqi needs to pursue irrelevant neoconservative solutions and pie-in-the-sky policies. History of Latin America, A Author In Time of War: Hitler's Terrorist Attack on George Pendle America Reader Author Fred Williams Pierce O'Donnell Price Reader $ 19.95 Raymond Todd Pendle was closely connected with Latin America for more than forty years. His text emphasizes how many races and Price classes have contributed to the civilization of this great $ 26.95 landmass, with its vast ... In 1942, eight Nazi saboteurs were caught on American beaches and executed. The decision was challenged in court but eventually upheld in the Supreme Court's ruling in Ex parte Quirin—a case that h... History of Warfare, A Author John Keegan Invention of Childhood, The Reader Author Frederick Davidson Hugh Cunningham & Michael Morpurgo Price Reader $ 36.95 Michael Morpurgo With the premise that all civilizations owe their origins to war making, Keegan probes the meanings, motivations, and Price methods underlying war in different societies over the course $ 31.99 of some two thous... Presented by award-winning children's writer Michael Morpurgo, this genuinely ground-breaking history of British childhood from the year 1000 to the present... Page 10 of 70
  12. 12. History Ireland: A Concise History from the Twelfth Korean War, The Century to the Present Day Author Max Hastings Author Paul Johnson Reader Frederick Davidson Reader Nadia May Price $ 36.95 Price $ 16.95 This pre-eminent military historian takes us back to the bloody, bitter struggle to restore South Korean independence Ireland’s history is more turbulent and fascinating than any after the Communist invasion of 1950. Using personal other. From the first English presence in Ireland through interviews with more than ... siege, rebellion, and civil war, to Irish ascendancy, home rule, and the present-day troubles, Johnson tells the story of this most remarkable island. Korean War, The : The Vietnam War - Part1 Author Is Paris Burning? Wendy McElroy Author Larry Collins and Dominique Reader Lapierre George C. Scott Reader Frederick Davidson Price $ 12.95 Price After WWII, Korea was divided in half at the 38th parallel. To $ 29.95 the north were the Communists; to the south were the United Nations peacekeeping forces. In June 1950, North Korean quot;Is Paris burning?quot; is the question Hitler asked over and over soldiers backed by... as the French and American troops battered their way into the city. Few moments in history are as stirring as the Allied liberation of... Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA Author Jefferson's War: America's Frist War on Tim Weiner Terror 1801-1805 Author Reader Joseph Wheelan Stefan Rudnicki Reader Price Patrick Cullen $ 39.95 This is the book the CIA does not want you to read. For sixty Price years, the CIA has maintained a formidable reputation while $ 23.95 never disclosing its blunders to the American public. Now a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter uses the CIA’ Two centuries ago, without congressional or public debate, a s own archives to reveal the CIA as a deeply flawed... president who is thought of today as peaceable, Thomas Jefferson, launched America's first war on foreign soil, a war against terror. Th... Page 11 of 70
  13. 13. History Light and the Glory, The Magnolia Grove: The Story of Rear Admiral Richmond Pearson Hobson Author Peter Marshall and David Author Manuel Dr. Harvey Rosenfeld Reader Raymond Todd Reader Patrick Cullen Price $ 29.95 Price $ 16.95 quot;America, America, God shed His grace on thee. . .quot; Did Columbus believe that God called him west to undiscovered In 1898, when the Spanish- American War was not going well lands? Does American democracy owe its inception to the for the United States, Richmond Pearson Hobson survived a handful of Pilgrims who set... “suicide mission” in a failed attempt to block Santiago Harbor in Cuba and was i Little History of the World, A Men in Black Author E. H. Gombrich, translated by Author Caroline Mustill Mark R. Levin with an Introduction by Rush Limbaugh Reader Ralph Cosham Reader Jeff Riggenbach Price $ 16.95 Price $ 16.95 This world history is not dominated by dates and facts but by the sweep of experience across the centuries. In forty concise The Supreme Court endorses terrorists' rights, flag burning, chapters, Gombrich tells the story of humanity from the Stone and importing foreign law. Is that in the Constitution? You're Age to the... right: it's not. But these days the Constitution is no restraint on our o... Long March, The Mexican-American War, The Author Roger Kimball Author Jeffrey Rogers Hummel Reader Raymond Todd Reader George C. Scott Price $ 19.95 Price $ 9.95 Thomas Hargrove's Long March to Freedom is a record of Hargrove's eleven months as a hostage of Colombian On May 13, 1846, the United States Congress declared war guerrillas and was the basis for the recent movie hit Proof of upon Mexico. Although the Mexican-American War lasted Life that starred Meg Ryan, ... only 18 month, its consequences were profound. Mexico lost nearly one-half its territo... Page 12 of 70
  14. 14. History Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Objection! Republic Author Nancy Grace with Diane Author Clehane Chalmers Johnson Reader Marguerite Gavin Reader Tom Weiner Price $ 19.95 Price $ 23.95 As host of Closing Arguments on Court TV and Nancy Grace on CNN's Headline News, Nancy Grace has won legions of Exploring in vivid detail the trap into which the dreams of devoted fans with her intelligent, plainspoken approach to the America’s leaders have taken us and the likely consequences law. In Objection!, sh... of our dependence on a permanent war economy, Johnson’s prophetic book, Nemesis, shows how imperial overstretch is undermining the republic itself, economically and politically. One Christmas in Washington: Roosevelt and Churchill Forge the Grand Alliance New World Coming Author Author David J. Bercuson and Holger Nathan Miller H. Herwig Reader Reader Lloyd James Lloyd James Price Price $ 23.95 $ 36.95 One Christmas in Washington is the fascinating, in-depth look New World Coming is a vivid portrait of the 1920s, focusing at the Washington war conference of 1941, as two proud and on the men and women who shaped this extraordinary time, accomplished statesmen struggled to overcome biases, including, ironically, three of America's most conservative suspicion, and hubris t... presidents, Harding,... One Man's War: The WWII Saga of Tommy Novus Ordo Seclorum LaMore Author Author Forrest McDonald Tommy LaMore and Dan A. Baker Reader Reader Daniel Laurence Patrick G. Lawlor Price Price $ 19.95 $ 19.95 The title translated means quot;a new order for the agesquot; and is quot;LaMore's odyssey from tail gunner to prisoner of war to the motto on the Great Seal of the United States. By escapee and interpreter for the advance guard of the Soviet explaining how events occurring in Philadelphia in September army provides a unique tale of aerial combat, the horrors of 1787 ushered in a new ... the stalags, and lo... Page 13 of 70
  15. 15. History Only Yesterday Pirate Coast, The: Thomas Jefferson, the First Marines, and the Secret Mission of Author 1805 Frederick Lewis Allen Author Richard Zacks Reader Grover Gardner Reader Raymond Todd Price $ 23.95 Price Jazz, flappers, rumble-seats, flagpole sitters, Rudolph $ 26.95 Valentino and Lucky Lindy—these were the catch words of the Roaring Twenties. But so were the K.K.K., women's In the first U.S. covert mission to overthrow a foreign nation, suffrage, Sigmund Freud, Teapot... President Jefferson dispatched an unlikely diplomat, forty- year-old William Eaton, to Tripoli to free three hundred American hostages... Patriot's History of the United States, A: From Columbus's Great Discovery to the Politically Incorrect Guide to American War on Terror History, The Author Larry Schweikart and Michael Author Allen Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Ph.D. Reader Patrick Lawlor Reader Barrett Whitener Price $ 59.95 Price $ 16.95 Since the liberal revolution of the '60s and '70s, American history books have been biased toward the negative. They Here, Professor Thomas Woods refutes the popular myths overemphasize America's racism, sexism, and bigotry while and reveals facts that you won't be, or never were, taught in downplaying the greatness of her patriots. As a result, more school, while leading you on a fast paced, politically incorrect emphasis is placed on Harriet Tubman than on George... tour of America... Page 14 of 70
  16. 16. History Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Proud Tower, The: A Portrait of the World Warming (and Environmentalism), The Before the War 1890-1914 Author Author Christopher C. Horner Barbara W. Tuchman Reader Reader Jeff Riggenbach Nadia May Price Price $ 23.95 $ 39.95 The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and In The Proud Tower, Barbara Tuchman concentrates on Environmentalism) exposes the shoddy science, plain society rather than the state. With an artist's selectivity, dishonesty, and hidden political agenda behind the biggest Tuchman brings to vivid life the people, places, and events phony environmental scare since the predictions of that shaped the years le... catastrophic global cooling in the 1970s. Red Star Rogue: The Untold Story of a Prince of the City, The: Giuliani, New York, Soviet Submarine's Nuclear Strike Attempt and the Genius of American Life on the U.S. Author Author Fred Siegel Kenneth Sewell with Clint Richmond Reader Reader Brian Emerson Brian Emerson Price Price $ 26.95 $ 23.95 In the first post-9/11 account of the career of the man who One of the great secrets of the Cold War, hidden for decades, established himself as quot;America's Mayorquot; in the dark days is revealed at last. Early in 1968, a nuclear-armed Soviet after America was attacked, Fred Siegel examines Rudy submarine sank close to American shores. Compelling Giuliani's successes in N... evidence strongly sugges... Prince, The Rise of the American Republic Author Author Niccol Machiavelli John R. Alden Reader Reader Patrick Cullen John MacDonald Price Price $ 12.95 $ 43.95 Here is the world’s most famous master plan for seizing and Recommended listening for all Americans as well as for holding power. Machiavelli set out to write a treatise on foreigners seeking to gain historical wisdom and insight, this leadership that was practical, not idealistic: the prince he magisterial and lucid history of America is written with a envisioned would be unencumbered by ordinary ethical and lighter touch. Alden... moral values. Controversial but powerful, The Prince is... Page 15 of 70
  17. 17. History Roman Way, The Seizing the Enigma Author Author Edith Hamilton David Kahn Reader Reader Nadia May Bernard Mayes Price Price $ 16.95 $ 26.95 Edith Hamilton shows us Rome through the eyes of the Seizing the Enigma provides the definitive account of how Romans. Plautus and Terence, Cicero and Caesar, Catullus, British and American code breakers fought a war of wits Horace, Virgil, and Augustus come to life in their ambitions, against Nazi naval communications and helped lead the Allies their work, loves and hates to victory in the cruc... Sabotage: America's Enemies within the Since Yesterday CIA Author Frederick Lewis Allen Author Rowan Scarborough Reader Christopher Lane Reader Tom Weiner Price $ 23.95 Price $ 14.95 In this panorama, subtitled The 1930s in America, Frederick Lewis Allen combines an eye for the significant trivia of In this groundbreaking new book, best-selling author Rowan everyday existence with a facility for neatly dissecting the Scarborough reveals how CIA bureaucrats and partisan political monolith... politics are undermining President Bush and the war on terror through disinformation, incompetence, and outright sabotage. Six Armies In Normandy Secret War against Hitler, The Author John Keegan Author William Casey Reader Fred Williams Reader Peter Kjenaas Price $ 33.95 Price $ 16.95 John Keegan chronicles the 1944 invasion of Normandy, showing each of the title's six armies in a battle sequence Former CIA director Casey wrote this book because, he said, “ testing them to the utmost.. I believe that it is important today to understand how clandestine intelligence, covert action, and organized resistance saved blood and treasure in defeating Hitler.” Based on his own WWII service, Casey recounts how the Allies... Page 16 of 70
  18. 18. History Six Days of War South Africa Author Author Michael B. Oren Joseph Stromberg Reader Reader Robert Whitfield Harry Reasoner Price Price $ 36.95 $ 12.95 Six Days of War is the most comprehensive history ever South Africa has become the world’s symbol of racism. From published of the six days of intense Arab-Israeli fighting in the the moment the Dutch colonists set foot on the Cape in 1652, summer of 1967. Oren spotlights all the participants--Arab, this nation has steered a straight course toward apartheid; Israeli, Soviet,... civil unrest has resulted. These tapes explore the economic and social forces that have brought South Africa into... Sole Survivor Story of the Renaissance, The Author Author Ruthanne Lum McCunn William Henry Hudson Reader Reader Johanna Ward Robert Whitfield Price Price $ 16.95 $ 39.95 On November 23, 1942, German U-boats torpedoed the In a lucid, perceptive analysis of the Renaissance, Hudson British ship Benlomond, and it sank in the Atlantic in two minutes. The sole survivor was a second steward named explores the major forces behind this transition from the medieval to the modern world. He examines voyages of Poon Lim who, with no knowledge o... discovery, inventions, science, art, literature, and intellectual upheavals, throughout which runs a thread of continuity:... Soul of the Indian, The Taj Mahal: Passion and Genius at the Heart Author of the Moghul Empire Charles Alexander Eastman Author Reader Diana and Michael Preston Scott Peterson Reader Price James Adams $ 9.95 Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939), an educated and Price well-known Sioux, saw both sides of the great divide between $ 19.95 Indians and whites, and he wrote eleven books attempting to reconcile the two cultures. This book is his illumination of While the Pilgrims were struggling to survive in the New Indian spiritual beliefs and practices. A convert to... World, work began on one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Taj Mahal, built by Moghul emperor Shah Jahan as a memorial to his beloved wife Page 17 of 70
  19. 19. History Text of the United States Constitution, The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton, The Author George H. Smith Author Amanda B. Carpenter Reader Walter Cronkite and a full cast Reader James Adams Price $ 9.95 Price $ 12.95 The United States Constitution established both a strong central power and protected states’ rights. But to say that They adore her in Manhattan, worship her in Hollywood, and something is of two parts is not to say that the parts are idolize her in the liberal media. But those of us in what Hillary equal. Advocates of state sovereignty believed the described as a “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” have been Constitution created an executive power that was so strong it keeping a file on her. If you’re one of us, this book will give might... you all the ammunition to help end Hillary’s White... Triumph of Liberty, The War of 1812, The Author Author Jim Powell Jeffrey Rogers Hummel Reader Reader Jeff Riggenbach George C. Scott Price Price $ 39.95 $ 14.95 From the millions of men and women whose struggles and The United States emerged from the American Revolution still successes have made freedom possible, Jim Powell has entangled in old world politics. In particular, America faced all chosen a few talented, courageous individuals and by the trade restrictions of the British Navigation Acts. The result: weaving together their moving life stories, tells the saga of in 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain, and liberty as a whole. proceeded to invade Canada, one of... Two Treatises of Government Wise Men Know What Wicked Things Are Written on the Sky, The Author John Locke Author Russell Kirk Reader Craig Deitschmann with a full Reader supporting cast Peter Kjenaas Price $ 25.00 Price $ 14.95 This presentation discusses the life of John Locke, the evolution of his ideas, and the political conflicts in 17th Through eleven essays, Kirk addresses one question: “Is the Century England which led to the writing of Two Treatises of American republic descending into decadence, or are the Government. The famous Second Treatise - which contains American people entering upon a renewal of belief and hope?” Locke’s central ideas on rights, government, and revolution- In his range of subjects, including “The American Mission,” “ is... The Illusion of Human Rights,” “Prospects for American... Page 18 of 70
  20. 20. History / American History / American Page 19 of 70
  21. 21. History / American 109 East Palace 9/11 Commission Report Author Author Jennet Conant US Government Reader Reader Anne Twomey Grover Gardner, Barbara Rosenblat, Kate Fleming, Scott Price Price $ 15.95 $ 109.95 In this deeply moving account, Conant reveals an enigmatic Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attack man, who served his country at tremendous personal cost. Upon the United States. 1776 (Abridged) 9/11 Commission Report Executive Summary, The Author David McCullough Author US Government Reader David McCullough Reader Grover Gardner Price $ 15.95 Price $ 7.50 In this stirring audiobook, David McCullough tells the intensely human story of those who marched with General George A must-read for all Americans! Washington in the year of the Declaration of Independence. 1776 (Unabridged) After Chancellorsville Author Author David McCullough Edited by Judith A. Bailey and Robert I. Cotton Reader Reader David McCullough Brian Emerson Price Price $ 29.95 $ 16.95 In this stirring audiobook, David McCullough tells the intensely This collection of letters reveals the Civil War for many who human story of those who marched with General George lived it, overwhelming and ultimately tragic, viewed through Washington in the year of the Declaration of Independence. the eyes of a courageous youth and an unforgettable young woman. Page 20 of 70
  22. 22. History / American Against All Enemies American Soldier (Unabridged) Author Author Richard A Clarke General Tommy Franks with Malcolm McConnell Reader Reader Richard A Clarke Eric Conger Price Price $ 15.95 $ 16.95 Inside America's War on Terror. The disturbing truth about the A journey retraced from small-town boyhood through a war on terror, written and read by Richard A. Clarke. lifetime of military service. All Corvettes are Red: Inside the Rebirth of America's Women an American Legend Author Gail Collins Author James Schefter Reader Jane Alexander Reader Raymond Todd Price $ 16.95 Price $ 26.95 Courageous, silly, funny, and heartbreaking, these women shaped the nation and our vision of what it means to be No American car carries the mystique of the Corvette, and female in America. early in 1997, General Motors unveiled the stunning fifth- generation Corvette to universal acclaim. But GM’s triumph was hard-won. The legendary sports car had nearly fallen victim to internal company politics and a squeeze on profits.... Antietam Author American Soldier James Reasoner Author Reader General Tommy Franks with Lloyd James Malcolm McConnell Reader Price General Tommy Franks $ 23.95 Antietam is the third in a series of novels spanning the Civil Price War and describing its effects on one southern family, the $ 25.95 Brannons. Mac, a Brannon son and a gifted horseman, joins Jeb Stuart's cava... General Franks retraces his journey from a small-town boyhood through a lifetime of military service -- including his heroic tour as an Artillery officer in Vietnam, where he was wounded three times. Page 21 of 70
  23. 23. History / American Band of Brothers Call to Conscience: The Birth of a New Nation Author Stephen E. Ambrose Author Martin Luther King JR Reader Cotter Smith Reader Martin Luther King JR Price $ 15.95 Price $ 4.98 Band of Brothers is the account of the men of this remarkable unit who fought, went hungry, froze, and died, a company that Featuring Never-Before-Collected, Original Recordings of Dr. took 150 % casualties and considered the Purple Heart a Martin Luther King, Jr. - Edited by Clayborne Carson and Kris badge of office. Shepard. Basic History of the United States Vol. 4, A: Captured by Indians: A True Account by The Growth of America, 1878-1928 Mary Rowlandson Author Author Clarence B. Carson Mary Rowlandson Reader Reader Mary Woods Carrington MacDuffie Price Price $ 23.95 $ 12.50 Carson's full-scale treatment of American history combines This marvelous reading of Mary Rownlandson's account of scholarly exactness with evocative passages that lead the the Narragansett Indian siege, descriptive and mindful of the listener to a clearer understanding of the factors which will of God, this is a very powerful audiobook. shaped this nation. Chancellorsville Bound for Canaan Author Author James Reasoner Fergus M Bordewich Reader Reader Lloyd James Fergus M. Bordewich Price Price $ 23.95 $ 19.95 Chancellorsville is the fourth in a series of novels spanning An important book of epic scope on America's first racially the Civil War and describing its effects on one southern integrated, religiously inspired movement for change. family. After Will and Mac Brannon return to their units, the Confederate caus... Page 22 of 70
  24. 24. History / American Chickamauga Civil War, The: A Narrative, Vol. II, Fredericksburg to Meridian Author James Reasoner Author Shelby Foote Reader Lloyd James Reader Grover Gardner Price $ 23.95 Price $ 59.95 This is the seventh book in a series of historical novels spanning the Civil War and describing its effects on one The Army of the Potomac attempts to take Richmond, southern family. While two Brannon sons were with Lee at resulting in the bloodbath at Fredericksburg. Joe Hooker Gettysburg and Cory was a... makes yet another attempt, but Stonewall Jackson turns his flank at Chancellorsville. In ... Citizen Soldiers Civil War, The: A Narrative, Vol. III, Red Author River to Appomattox Stephen E. Ambrose Author Shelby Foote Reader Cotter Smith Reader Grover Gardner Price $ 15.95 Price Citizen Soldiers opens on June 7, 1944, on the Normandy $ 59.95 beaches... Here, told in vivid narrative and as seen from both sides, are those climactic struggles, great and small, on and off the battlefield, which finally decided the fate of this nation. Civil War, The: A Narrative, Vol. I, Fort Sumter to Perryville Author Civil War, The: Part 1 Shelby Foote Author Jeffrey Rogers Hummel Reader Grover Gardner Reader George C. Scott Price $ 59.95 Price All the great battles are here, of course, from Bull Run $ 9.95 through Shiloh, the Seven Days, Second Manassas to Antietam and Perryville in the fall of 1862, but so are the From April 1861 to April 1865, America was caught in the smaller and often equally imp... convulsions of war - The Civil War. No historical even, short of the American Revolution itself, has so deeply affected the United States. T... Page 23 of 70
  25. 25. History / American Civil War, The: Part 2 Crack in the Edge of the World, A (Abridged) Author Author Jeffrey Rogers Hummel Simon Winchester Reader Reader George C. Scott Simon Winchester Price Price $ 9.95 $ 19.95 From April 1861 to April 1865, America was caught in the The international bestselling author of The Professor and the convulsions of war - The Civil War. No historical even, short Madman and Krakatoa vividly brings to life the 1906 San of the American Revolution itself, has so deeply affected the Francisco Earthquake that leveled a city symbolic of Americas United States. T... relentless expansion Civil War, The: The American Heritage Crack in the Edge of the World, A History Of (Unabridged) Author Author Bruce Catton Simon Winchester Reader Reader Barrett Whitener Simon Winchester Price Price $ 16.95 $ 25.95 quot;The story of the war needs retelling because it helped to The international bestselling author of The Professor and the change the future of the human race,quot; wrote Bruce Catton. Madman and Krakatoa vividly brings to life the 1906 San According to the New York Times, this work is quot;scholarly, Francisco Earthquake that leveled a city symbolic of Americas judicious, clear, and ... relentless expansion Common Sense Curran Vs Catholic University Author Author Thomas Paine Larry Witham Reader Reader George Vafiadis Robin Lawson Price Price $ 12.50 $ 26.95 The work that George Washington said helped spark the The Curran case framed an era, from 1965 to 1990, and left Revolutionary War. behind unresolved questions about authority and freedom in the Catholic Church today. Through biography, history, theology, and courtroom ... Page 24 of 70