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Internet Market Environment in Cambodia


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Internet Market Environment in Cambodia

  1. 1. Internet Market Environment in Cambodia Siteengine Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) 30th April, 2014
  2. 2. About Cambodia Area 181,035 km2 Population 15,205,539 (2013 est.) GDP(ppp) $2,600 (2013 est.) Internet TLD .kh Official Language Khmer Religion Buddhism 96.4% Currency use Riel and US$ Calling code +855 Mobile subscribe 19 millions (SIM Sold) (May, 2012) Internet User 3.8millions (4th quarter,2013 )
  3. 3. Ethnic group in Cambodia Ethnic group % of total* Population Khmer 90% 13,684,985 Vietnamese 5% 760,277 Chinese 1% 152,055 Other 4% 608,222
  4. 4. Cambodia Age Structure Age Structure % of total* 0-14 31.70% 15-24 21.20% 25-64 38.20% 65- 4.90%
  5. 5. Internet Usage in Cambodia Internet user : 3.8millions user (4th quarter, 2013) (Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of cambodia) Date Internet User May 2012 2.5millions 1st quarter 2013 3.2millions 4th quarter 2013 3.8millions
  6. 6. Number of Internet Cafe Year Internet Cafe 2012 316 2013 749
  7. 7. Mobile Subscribers Date Number Subscriber EoY 2012 19,105,115 2013 Q1 19,460,059 2013 Q2 19,301,683 2013 Q3 20,714,173 2013 Q4 20,264,514 *It is not uncommon for a person to have two or three mobile phones in Cambodia. *Almost all mobile subscriber are using prepaid plan. An expense of $2 to $5 per month is needed to continue the phone service
  8. 8. Fixed Phone Subscribers Date Number Subscriber EoY 2012 574,524 2013 Q1 491,521 2013 Q2 453,206 2013 Q3 434,151 2013 Q4 420,942 Fixed phone is not commonly for home use due to it high cost comparing to mobile phone. Most of phone subscribers are belong to company , NGO and government offices.
  9. 9. Internet Monthly Rate in Cambodia Home use internet 1Mbps Digi 12$ Metfone 10$ Telecom Cambodia 30$ Moble Internet Package Data Plan Price Mobitel 3.5GB 5$/month Smart Mobile 2.5GB 5$/month Metphone 2.5GB 5$/month In 2012 smartphones use represents 23% of internet activity in Cambodia
  10. 10. Number of telecom operators in Cambodia by April 2012 No Services Operators 1 Mobile(2, 2.5, 3G) 10 2 Fixed WLL 08 3 International Gateway 03 4 ISP 27 5 VoIP 15 6 VSAT 01 7 DNS(.KH) 1,461 8 Internet Cafe 304
  11. 11. Telecom Statistic, end of Q4 2013 - Mobile subscription : 20,264,514 Subs. (SIM Sold) - Fixed and Fixed WLL : 420,942Subs. - Internet user : 3.8millions user - About one million mobile broadband subscribers
  12. 12. Top websites in Cambodia by 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  13. 13. 1 2 m/ 3 4 http://kohsantepheapdaily. 5 http://www.dap- 6 7 8 9 Top local sites in Cambodia by
  14. 14. Facebook User in Cambodia (end of 2013)
  15. 15. Male and Female Facebook User in Cambodia (end of 2013)
  16. 16. Facebook vs Twitter in Cambodia + In Cambodia, 1100 people join Facebook everyday. A new user joins in every 2 minutes! + Comparing to facebook, Twitter is less popular in Cambodia.
  17. 17. Top Facebook Page in Cambodia Page Type Local Fans Fans 1 Sam Rainsy society 455,280 492,311 2 sabay Entertainment 422,923 441,653 3 VOA khmer Media 422,464 559,723 4 Little Fashion Brands 383,884 418,279 5 My TV Media 370,459 455,037 6 community 315,006 328,168 7 Kem Sokha society 293,173 315,457 8 Smart Axiata Brands 276,476 286,986 9 Thy Sovantha Celebrities 274,027 298,241 10 I love Cambodia Hot News Community 258,812 300,574
  18. 18. Cambodian Popular Youtube Channel
  19. 19. Fastest Growing Channels in April
  20. 20. Online Business in Cambodia + Selling products online is not yet a popular way of doing business in Cambodian Market. Yet, some young teen sellers are beginning to sell their products by using Facebook, Twitter or local website like (similar to + Rocket internet once tried to open internet market in Cambodia but repositioned its projects because the vast majority is not tax compliance.
  21. 21. Online Business in Cambodia + Most e-commerce sites in Cambodia are customer-to-customer; There is no business- to-customer online store here. + Postal service is not popular for local. International Package Delivery Sevice is the mostly used service. (DHL, FEDEX, …)
  22. 22. E-banking in Cambodia - Currently there are 28 Commercial bank and 7 specialized Bank in Cambodia. - Almost every bank offer VISA card or Master Card. - Almost all of the card are Debit Card but not Credit Card. - Visa is the most popular Card use in Cambodia
  23. 23. E-banking in Cambodia + Cambodian Riel (KHR) is the official currency. US dollars are also in common use. Most businesses, especially hotels, restaurants, airlines, markets and souvenir shops set their prices in US dollars. + There are ATMs across town and city. All of them dispenses US dollars. *588 ATM installed by 2011
  24. 24. E-banking in Cambodia - By 2012, ACLEDA announced 641,868 ATM Cards issued. - Although many shops and restaurants accept the payment by debit card or credit card, but most of people still prefer using Case to Card.
  25. 25. From E-banking to Internet Market + With the increasing popularity of using the Debit Card and Credit Card, E-commerce will become popular in Cambodia in the near future. + Debit Card or Credit Card will be the most used payment method. + Logistics service is a very important service to support the E-commerce and is expected to blooming in the near future.
  26. 26. Starting a new business in Cambodia The following URL provide the information of Starting a new business in Cambodia. starting-a-business Business-in-Cambodia.pdf
  27. 27. Popular in Cambodia Portal: Bank Mobile Carrier Newspaper TV Channel Internet Market(C2C)
  28. 28. CEO: Mr Chy Sila +CBM in 2002 (7 branch of F & B and most of them are popular branch in Cambodia) +Sabay Digital Corporation (2007): and entertainment company in media, music , cinema , filmmaking and especially the most popular online game provider in cambodia + was created in 2010 provides combination of breaking news and unlimited entertainment with focuses on youth. The primary objective of the webpage is to provide main contents such as entertainment, life, society, technology and sports. + Sabay Web is aimed to be a melting pot of ideas, opinions, gossip, experiences, where the youth gather to gain and share information and knowledge.
  29. 29. + Khmerload is a popular internet website that publishes content which entertains and informs viewers. Khmerload doesn’t publish content that is politically motivated. Articles focus on social issues in Cambodia such as crimes, traffic accidents, and conflicts. Some odd topics and events were also published based on videos and pictures from around the world. + Khmerload gain popularity through share on Facebook. CEO: In Vichea (អ៊ិនវិជ្ជា ) Registered Date:16/08/2012 Affiliated News Agencies
  30. 30. is a popular Cambodia website that publish or sharing hot news and hot video from Cambodia and all around the world. - Gain popular through Facebook, Khmer- post many videos that relate to singers, movie stars and scandals. - Besides, 4 main categories of news and video are: + Teens and Entertainment + Social and Politic + Health and Technology + Economic and Market +Founder: N/A +Date of Create: 2011(on FB) +Type: News and Entertainment Video +Total Likes on FB: 240,418 (21/04/2014)
  31. 31. +Own by Koh Santepheap daily +Founded: 2011(on FB) +Type: News +Total Likes on FB: 258,329 (21/04/2014) + is the online version of Koh Santepheap daily, a popular newspaper in Cambodia. + In term of circulation and readers, Koh Santepheap Daily Newspaper is the most popular Khmer newspaper in Cambodia. + Favor to the current government, the websites post the news about the achievement of government, social, politic and also Entertainment.
  32. 32. +CEO: Soy sopheap (a popular journalist and news reporter on CTN TV Channel) +Date of Create: 20/08/2011 (on FB) +Type: Breaking News and Entertainment Video +Total Likes on FB: 156,415 (21/04/2014) + Derm Ampil (DAP) is a popular internet website that publishes focus on social and political news in Cambodia. The website is gaining its reputation during Cambodia Thailand Border Conflict in June 2008 as this website providing live report and faster news. Articles focus on social issues in Cambodia such as crimes, traffic accidents, and conflicts are the main theme of this website.
  33. 33. is Cambodia's online shopping place that is similar to Rakuten. (but not yet popular in Cambodia) +Start operation in 2013, does not sell any goods itself but provides an online platform to facilitate trade between buyers and sellers +Gets your goods delivered within one or two (1-2) days in Phnom Penh area. + 8,333 Likes on Facebook (21/04/2014)
  34. 34. + Online shopping store in Cambodia (C2C) and is similar to + More than 50,000 registered + 74,863 Facebook Likes (21/04/2014) + You can become member without any cost and post Freely your products
  35. 35. About us Website: Facebook: (Japanese) Email: SITEENGINE INC. is a global webmarketing agency based in Tokyo, Japan. We help brands to expand their business in South East Asia. We translate websites and ads into Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Malay, Burmese, Khmer and Japanese. We have an affiliate in Bangkok, Thailand.