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Marketplace and Entrepreneurship by Shopee


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SITEC eCommerce Class
Module: Introduction to eCommerce 101
Title: Mobile, Marketplaces and Myths: How to build trust in the new era of mobile commerce - Marketplace
Presenter: Jonathan Soh, Head of Business Development (Shopee Mobile)
Date: 23 February 2016
Venue: Selangor Digital Creative Centre

Published in: Business
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Marketplace and Entrepreneurship by Shopee

  1. 1. MarketplacesWhat makes a marketplace? • Platform for buyer and seller to meet to buy or sell a product or service • Financial transactions on or off platform • Marketplaces aggregate products • Selection is usually more wide, availability is higher, and prices are more competitive than in vendor-specific online retail stores • Like pasar malam lah! • Unlike a real pasar malam – better discoverability!
  2. 2. MarketplacesAll sorts of eCommerce sites exist