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Proses E-Peruncit oleh Takatack


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Kelas E-Dagang SITEC: Proses E-Peruncit (Platform, Gerbang Pembayaran & Logistik)
Modul: Pengenalan kepada E-Dagang 102
Tajuk: Self Hosted vs Hosted Commerce
Pembentang: Firdaus Noordin
Tarikh: 12 April 2016
Tempat: Selangor Digital Creative Centre (SDCC)

Published in: Business
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Proses E-Peruncit oleh Takatack

  1. 1. Which One Is For Me?
  2. 2. Do you prefer taking a public bus or driving a car?
  3. 3. Owning a Car Advantages ● Go anywhere, anytime you want ● Customize it anyway you like ● Car with good mileage or big storage ● How fast you want to go is up to you Disadvantages ● Pay for the car, a huge sum of money ● Parking ● Maintenance, repairs ● To customize it’s either you diy or send to shop to do it
  4. 4. Self-Hosted is like owning a car. If you like the freedom of owning a car, this might be for you.
  5. 5. It’s a piece of software you run on your laptop/computer
  6. 6. Pros ● Customize it anyway you like ● Ownership Flipside ● Take some time to set-up ● Might need to know coding, or hire a developer to create for you ● If you have technical problems, have to solve it yourself or pay someone to fix it for you Self-Hosted
  7. 7. Taking the Public Bus ● Go to where most people are going ● Decent speed, not up to you ● You don’t need to pay for maintenance ● Does not follow your schedule, you have to wait for the bus to come ● You have to follow their rules ● If you like taking public transport, then this is for you
  8. 8. A Hosted solution is a piece of software that runs on someone else’s server. You don’t need to access the code to make changes.
  9. 9. You use their website to make changes. Think Facebook.
  10. 10. Pros ● Easy to use, don’t need to know coding ● Need not worry about maintenance, or fixing any bugs ● Necessary integrations often done for you Flipside ● Often packaged as a SaaS, that means monthly subscription fees ● Can’t customize, however often come with ready- made templates Hosted
  11. 11. Manage everything in 1 dashboard! ● Get order notifications ● Inventory management ● Reports and analytics ● Customer profiles ● Built-in marketing
  12. 12. So Which One Is For Me?
  13. 13. How about a one month free trial for our premium subscription plan?
  14. 14. “It seems like so much work, and i’m quite busy”
  15. 15. •Store setup •Uploading of products •Updating of inventory •Orders processing •Payment verifications •Scheduling of partner courier pickups •Customer service •Over-all coordination with merchant •Sell in various marketplaces as well
  16. 16. Thank You Any Questions?