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Istanbul’s Big Smart Roadmap

Keynote presentation by Dr. Fatih Gundogan, Deputy General Manager of ISBAK-Istanbul, at the Selangor Smart City & Future Commerce Convention 2017, on the topic titled 'Istanbul’s Big Smart Roadmap'

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Istanbul’s Big Smart Roadmap

  1. 1. Dr. Fatih GÜNDOĞAN Deputy General Manager İSBAK Roadmap
  2. 2. 15 Mio. population 39 Districts 8000 years history Crossroads of Europe and Asia
  3. 3. SMART History Culture Economy PoliticInfrastructure Transportation Technology Big Data IoT Communication Governance Human Attractiveness ArchitectureInnovation CITY Open Data
  5. 5. SMART CITYER I. Organization ---> @Municipality and @ISBAK II. What is a smart city? ---> Literature Review III. Istanbul – Other Cities ---> Benchmarking IV. Istanbul – Istanbul --->Current State Assessment V. Istanbul – Future --->Vision and Strategies VI. Istanbul –Technology ---> System Architecture
  6. 6. İSBAK Benchmarking Frost and Sullivan Current State Assessment Ericsson Vision and Strategies and Roadmap Ernst and Young Smart City System Architecture Cisco
  7. 7. Benchmarking: City Filtering 50 Cities 10 Cities 2015 Innovation Cities Index 2016 Networked Society Index 2015 Sustainable Cities 2016 Cities in Motion 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Top 30 Cities Filters for 20 shortlisted cities include regional representation, current smart city projects and top smart city rankings. Top 20 Cities Makro Indicators: Population Density, PPP GDP Direct Indicators: Innovation, Public Engagement, Policy Support, Vision Breadth, Investment Indirect Indicators: Tertiary Education, Ease of Business, ICT Index, Industry Mix, Mobility Mix
  8. 8. London Paris Barcelona San Francisco New York Copenhagen Berlin GIFT Singapore Seoul Benchmarking: City Filtering
  9. 9. Benchmarking: Smart City Index 191 indicators 60 indicators for the best comparison with 9 cities Istanbul Smart City Index for the future studies • New York • San Francisco • London • Barcelona • Copenhagen • Seoul • Singapore • Berlin • Paris • Istanbul
  10. 10. 898 208 720 1250 900+ 8 Survey Session Contact Person Pages Report Hours Interview Workshop IMM : 39 Affiliate Co. : 28 Municipalities : 39 Private Co. : 22 NGOs : 41 Public authorities : 40 Current State Assessment
  11. 11. Within the scope of Smart City Istanbul Project, Smart City Istanbul’s vision, strategic goals, objectives and key performance indicators will be determined and roadmap will be designed. Purpose Vision Mission Determination of the Strategies Determination of the strategies aligned with vision in the basis of functional areas Strategic Objectives Determination of the objectives for the identified strategies Strategic Goals Determination of the goals and targets for specified strategies Determination of Key Performance Indicators Determination of KPIs to follow strategic objectives Determination of the Initiatives Determination of the necessary initiatives for the strategies Prioritazation of the Initiatives Prioritization of strategic initiatives according to predetermined criteria Roadmap Design Preparation of the roadmap by scheduling the initiatives on the priority basis Values Vision and Strategies
  12. 12. Vision and Strategies • Stakeholder survey with 203 executives • Social Media Analysis and Persona Study with 450 citizen • Vision Workshop with 54 participants from several sectors (municipalities, ministries, NGOs, private companies) (15 June 2017)
  13. 13. Vision and Strategies • «Mars Group Workshop» with 11 participants with special experts selected from 1. Workshop (12 July 2017)
  14. 14. Business Capacities Business Services Application Architecture Data Architecture Infrastructure Architecture City Strategies Smart City (System) Architecture
  15. 15. Floating Solar Power Plant 180ton CO2/yr 250kW
  16. 16. Bike sharing 19 Station 200 Bicycle 100.000 hiring/yr *Since 2015 300 Station 3000 Bicycle >1Mio hiring/yr (est.) Existing New
  17. 17. Science Center and Living Labs in 2018 Haliç Science Center Şişhane Living Lab Kabataş Living Lab Levent Living Lab
  18. 18. Pilot Project: Smart Container Cans Bottles Image Processing Smart Sensors IoT Smart Card integration Improving awareness in recycling Pilot Project: 100 Container
  19. 19. Istanbul’s Online Taxi Management Platform
  20. 20. “IBB Navi” which is developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems and it is the most comprehensive navigation application. You will reach your destination in shortest time by following the routes created using live traffic information in all cities in Marmara Region, especially in Istanbul. IBB Navigation System
  21. 21. WORLD CITIES EXPO’18 19-21 April 2018 ISTANBUL
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention…