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Proses E-Peruncit oleh Takatack


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Kelas E-Dagang SITEC: Proses E-Peruncit (Platform, Gerbang Pembayaran & Logistik)
Modul: Pengenalan kepada E-Dagang 102
Tajuk: How to Start ecommerce in Marketplace
Pembentang: Firdaus Noordin
Tarikh: 12 April 2016
Tempat: Selangor Digital Creative Centre (SDCC)

Published in: Business
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Proses E-Peruncit oleh Takatack

  1. 1. So how do i start on E- commerce?
  3. 3. Upsides? Free Just commission charges per sale High Traffic Marketing done for you Fast To set up To see results Validate Your product/s
  4. 4. Downsides? Personal Branding Lack of it Buying Experince Can’t control Ownership You won’t know what might happen in the future Competition Bound to be higher