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Day 1 session 3: Key ASIC @ Selangor Smart City Intl Conference 2016


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Key ASIC @ Selangor Smart City International Conference 2016
Presentation by Eg Kah Yee, Chairman of Key ASIC, at the Selangor Smart City International Conference 2016 on December 6th 2016.

Eg Kah Yee presented about Key ASIC's design and manufacturing services for consumers, and also on wireless and personal electronic applications.

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Day 1 session 3: Key ASIC @ Selangor Smart City Intl Conference 2016

  1. 1. Eg Kah Yee Chairman of Key ASIC 6-7 December 2016 Selangor Smart City
  2. 2. Key ASIC Berhad • Founded in 2005 • Listed On Bursa Main Board in 2008 • HQ in Malaysia, Offices: Taiwan, Singapore. Partners: China, Japan, Russia, USA. • Core Competencies: – ASIC/SoC design – Internet of Things (IoT) chips with Wi-Fi – Developing Clouds/APP – Focus on IoT or Smart platform for healthcare, digital media, smart homes, industrial, etc. We Focus on Making Life Smart
  3. 3. What Makes A City Smart? Smart Lifestyle, Smart City Healthcare SmartSchool SmartHomes Industry4.0 SmartGrids Mobilee-commerce SmartTransport
  4. 4. IOT – Key to Making Things Smart PC (Wintel) Smart Phone Android/IOS IOT Healthcare Home Appliance TrackersAutomotive Cameras IOT IOT Clouds server software browser server software APP Cloud software APP Devices Computers Traditional Industrial Devices
  5. 5. Ecosystems of IOT (Smart Things) Automotive Healthcare Photo/Video Storage/Printing Possible to have multiple sub-ecosystems within a big ecosystem
  6. 6. We Can Make AnyThing Smart (IOT) • You Can Make Anything Smart • Electronic devices • Non-electronics devices • Enabling existing devices to be Smart • Developing Smart devices with built-in Wi- Fi or 3G/4G
  7. 7. Some of the Common IOTs Water Sprinkler Control Door Lock Thermostat LED Wireless Speaker Home Security Baby Shirt
  8. 8. Some of The Non Electronic IOTs
  9. 9. We IOT Anything with SD or USB Key ASIC’s “IOT Enabler Wi-Fi Modules” Devices with SD Slot Devices with USB Slot We IOT any existing electronic device/equipment With SD or USB Interface
  10. 10. IOT Air Conditioner Remotely Run Diagnostic of Air conditioner
  11. 11. Building Wi-Fi IOT Devices From Our “IOT Enabler Wi-Fi Platform” SPG101 SoC Wi-Fi Module Micro SD Card FLASH K-Cloud Linux USB SD APP
  12. 12. imedic™: Digital Mobile Healthcare System (HIPPA Compliant) Hotline Medical Personnel Patients Wireless Device APP i-medic® Cloud Local Doctors International Doctors Chat Call Upload Data Analyze EMR Analyze EMR Imedic®: The Doctors’ Assistant; The Patient’s Personal Care taker Consult Consult
  13. 13. i-medic Connected Devices
  14. 14. Hundreds of Specialists From the Best
  15. 15. Comprehensive, Integrated DMR Bio-Chem Doctor’s Diagnosis Images Mobile Medical DevicesDMR (800+ items) Preventive Medicine, Images, Functional Medicine, Cancer Immune Full History of DMR
  16. 16. i-medic, Integrating Western and TCM i-medic™ Western Medicine TCM Body Vital Signs
  17. 17. Business Opportunities and Models • IOT is a eco system. • IOT requires hardware, software and Internet technologies • IOT has multiple sub-eco systems with a major eco system • Each IOT eco system is low volume, high variety (challenging for large companies to monetize, easier for small companies to capitalize) • Each IOT eco system maybe highly localized. • Intelligence is usually in the Cloud/APP, and IOT devices are Generally small input or sensing devices. • Business model is the “Utilities Model”
  18. 18. Key ASIC Incubating IOT Projects • We invite IOT teams to submit projects to KA • We offer: • IOT Platform • Office Working Space/Lab • Engineering Support • Project Plan review • Business review of the IOT Project • Project Proposal should includes: • Engineering Scope of the IOT project • Target Customers or Business Case • Resources Required. • Profile of team members