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Day 2 Session 4: Reward Technology @ Selangor Smart City Intl Conference 2016


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Reward Technology @ Selangor Smart City International Conference 2016.
Presentation by Paul Sheedy, CEO & Founder of Reward Technology Ltd from the UK, at the Selangor Smart City International Conference 2016 on December 7th 2016.

Paul Sheedy presented about building security management solutions for companies around the world.

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Day 2 Session 4: Reward Technology @ Selangor Smart City Intl Conference 2016

  1. 1. Building Management Solutions. Enhancing Security, Efficiency & Safety for Smart Buildings.
  2. 2. RT use real-time detection of any individual carrying an access or ID cards, and using this ID data we intelligently facilitate the management of and communication to individuals, particularly in emergencies. These unique patented solutions from RT complement existing security and safety mechanisms through real-time detection of and interaction with people in the properties. Our digital location of people, with automated communication protocols, deliver the highest levels of logical insight on building usage, evacuation processes & protect all those in the building. Overview.
  3. 3. Key Challenges. Security: How can you further reduce the risk of breaches of security policy within restricted areas? Optimisation: How can you better manage the utilisation and costs of your real estate? Personalisation: How can you provide a more personalised experience to employees and visitors? Emergency Safety: How do you enhance the safety of employees and visitors in an emergency?
  4. 4. Security. Your Challenge: How can you mitigate the risks of breaches of security from employees or contractors entering restricted areas? Our Solution: Alerts sent immediately as unauthorised person enters area. Allows staff to challenge entry in a way that is appropriate. Reduces risk of employees breaching zone restrictions. Maintains secure records for compliance purposes.
  5. 5. Optimisation. Your Challenge: How can you manage and optimise the costs of your real estate across all your buildings around the world? Our Solution: Understands use through real-time analytics of locations. Reduce facilities’ over- and under-utilisation. Reduce costs of A/C, lighting, staff costs (receptionists, cleaners, security) by powering down during inactivity, optimise maintenance scheduling. Predict the effects of up/down-sizing staffing on usage.
  6. 6. Personalisation. Your Challenge: How can you provide a more personalised experience for staff and visitors when entering your buildings? Our Solution: Helps receptionists identify and engage with staff and visitors. Provides information and profiles as staff arrive on floors. Allows receptionists to seamlessly verify the staff profile to ID’s. Automates information to external staff on entering a zone, e.g. Wi-Fi password, contacts, security or safety notices.
  7. 7. Your Challenge: How can you enhance the safety of staff and visitors in an emergency like a fire or terror event? Our Solution: Tracks the location of every person on-site in real-time. Shows at-a-glance high risk areas. Identifies where there are problems with an evacuation. Maximises safety by allowing Fire Marshalls and Emergency Services to prioritise their attention. Allows for the highest level of digital detection of employees. Emergency Safety.
  8. 8. How it works. Solution fundamentals: Our solution comprises three parts: Powered sensors installed discreetly at key locations. Passive RT ID cards, with existing access control chip. Cloud or local portal, where users access real-time data analytics to configure alerts to any mobile device. Cards are clearly detected at pinch points from RT sensors, from where the ID, location and time are sent to our platform. Data is collected in real-time, with user profiles shown on screens and messages triggered by rules to any mobile.
  9. 9. Pushing Limits of RF.
  10. 10. Reporting Tools. Bespoke reports can provide insights into trends across frequencies, durations, entries and exits, and filters can be easily applied in many ways to isolate patterns.
  11. 11. Reporting Tools. Bespoke charts help visualise trends, for example by tracking entrances and exits per individual could provide a view of usage by time and location to understand usage versus capacity.
  12. 12. Summary. Building managers get the tools required to: • Provide high-quality engagement with all employees. • Assist evacuation in emergency situations. • Reduce the risk of compliance breaches. • Optimise the use of every building. Our Smartcards complement existing access systems. We provide a personalised, integrated, and simple solution to meet your business needs.
  13. 13. RIGHT PERSON RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE Contact Us: Reward Technology Ltd. Level39, One Canada Sq., London, E14 5AB +44 20 3668 3687