"Is One Life Enough" (IOLE) Professional Social Media Course


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"Is One Life Enough" is a university and professional development credit course taught twice yearly in Dublin Institute of Technology Campus in Dublin Virtually Live in Second Life (R)

The presentation is an introductory overview of the course highlighting benefits, opportunities to participate, and resource links

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"Is One Life Enough" (IOLE) Professional Social Media Course

  1. 1. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 1Sitearm Madonna: IOLE Guest Lecturer andSL Registrar"Is One Life Enough (IOLE)Professional Social Media Course"SL10B Auditorium, Tuesday, 9am PDT
  2. 2. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 2About IOLE● University and professional development creditcourse in the professional use of social mediatools - taught twice yearly, online, in DublinInstitute of Technology Campus in DublinVirtually Live in Second Life (R).
  3. 3. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 3
  4. 4. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 4SLers who are IOLE alumni● Acuppa Tae● Dudley Dreamscape● Elfay Pinkdot● Fenix Muhindra● Inish Karu● Locks Aichi● Mike Meltzer● Odysseus Tempest● Sitearm Madonna● Talia Takugawa
  5. 5. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 5IOLE Benefits● Networking – other SL people in IOLE● Learning – mastering social media● See, for example:“Is One Life Enough” Profession​al Social Media Course Background 2013– Includes undergraduate and SL-sponsored studentcomments and advice to future attendees
  6. 6. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 6
  7. 7. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 7IOLE FeedbackUndergrads: “I learned a lot about SL andpicked up new skills along the way.”“I learned a lot about copyright, which Ifound I didn’t really understand.”“I have a better understanding of theinternet, and learned things collegewouldn’t have necessarily taught me.”“I enjoyed the guest tutors and the lecturesgiven, very interesting.”“Top class, very well put together”“I feel well versed in the content of thismodule. I was learning far more, as it wasvery self directed.”“I learned how to play with art.”“Online classes are more convenient and Ican take in more.”SLers: “I’d never put Second Life togetherwith my real life profession. I found I was anatural leader, sharing my skills andexpertise with other students, and togetherlearning new ways of working online andmaking working online easier.”“Even though I was professionally aware ofthese online tools, I found that taking thiscourse gave me a way to make the time toactually learn them and put them to use inan immediate manner.”“I learned how to merge my online SecondLife persona with my real life professionalpersona without exposing my personal life.I met and worked with wonderful peopleabroad I’d never have met staying in myprofessional ‘island.’ And I am now teachinga new course at my work on social media.”
  8. 8. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 8Invitation to Participate● DIT official course blog:http://virtualenvironmentsmodule.com/about/● SL Resident registration information:http://sitearm.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/● Registration opens one month prior to eachsemiannual class.
  9. 9. SL10B IOLE - SITEARM 9