Mercury Wealth Management - The Need for Financial Planners


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Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. Your financial independence and future quality of life are vital issues that should not be left to chance. We understand this and can help you secure your future by providing tailored financial strategies designed to create and preserve wealth.

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Mercury Wealth Management - The Need for Financial Planners

  1. 1. Mercury Wealth Management: Financial Planner Melbourne Insurance We make sure you and your family are protected against life’s misfortunes. Superannuation We can assist you to save tax and have more super at retirement. Investment We can help you to grow your wealth and realise your financial dreams. Retirement We can help you retire when you want on the income you desire.
  2. 2. About Mercury Wealth ManagementCompany Directors automatically liable – legislative changes to SGCregime before parliament.The government recently introduced tax legislation which is designed to protectworkers superannuation and prevent the establishment of ‘phoenix companies’which are deliberately designed to defraud workers of their entitlements.Importantly directors will be personally liable for their company’s failure to paySuper Guarantee Contributions (SGC)The ATO will be able to make an estimate of unpaid SGC where a company fails tomeet its reporting obligations.What is interesting is that the ATO will be able to commence recovery proceduresand pursue company directors if a company fails to comply with its reportingobligations for a period of more than 3 months and its PAYG or SGC liabilityremains unpaid.Now more than ever company directors need to ensure that they pay both theirSGC and PAYG on time to avoid fulling fowl of the new rules.
  3. 3. Why is it Smart to Hire a money matters, having a professional guiding you throughoutFinancial Planner the ins and outs of the world of finance is going to do a lot ofDue to the recession that is currently wonders. For one thing, this man orhappening in almost every part of the woman is going to be able toworld, men and women today are having a determine where you can besthard time managing their cashes on hand. invest your savings.Hiring a financial planner would seemimpractical for a lot of people since it would 3. Another thing as to why employing anormally mean having an added expense. personal adviser for financing isDespite the fact that this is indeed true, going to be very advantageous isasking for the assistance of this professional due to the fact that you are going tois in all actuality going to be very be disciplined when it comes to youradvantageous in the long run. If you are expenses. This is because you arecurrently having troubles on how to going to have someone who is goingmanage your savings efficiently, here are to efficiently manage your money insome very good reasons why you should order for you to have sufficientseek a professional to do it for you: amount of savings without having to be extremely tight on the budget. 1. Probably one of the most obvious things as to why a couple of men On the other hand, the work of a financial and women would hire a financial adviser is still going to be pointless if ever planner is due to the fact that they their client is not willing to take into full are being saved from the stress that practice the recommendations he or she is brought about by money handling. suggests. For this very reason, it is therefore There are some of us who think that going to be very important for you to be this job is an easy one, but in all prepared in taking the advices of these actuality, it is not. This is because professionals prior to hiring one of them. managing accounts and finances efficiently would normally take a lot of time and analytical thinking. Talk To One of Our Advisers Today 2. In case you really want to be the one (03) 9326 1722 to deal with your bank accounts, it is still going to be best to have a monetary adviser to guide you in making wise decisions. Even if you are quite aware of the basics or
  4. 4. The Reason Why You Need basics of getting assistance from financial institutions, to ensure that throughout theAssistance from Financial event you will have the ability to ask thePlanners ideal questions.Handling your funds effectively is a trouble- Understanding what you are settingfree way to succeed in life, thus ensuring yourself up for is the easiest way to start aregardless of what happens in the near deal. Sometimes, there are institutions thatfuture you know you are ready to face it. will simply take advantage of you andThe significance of money in todays world subsequently thing you know, the cash youis acknowledged where a person is. You invested is all gone. To make certain yousee, money helps make the world go round; are deciding on the best path, study existingsometimes it doesn’t even matter where financial institutions and learn theiryou get it from. Majority of the folks have processes. This way, you will bear in mindthis mindset that, having money means of how they are doing their transactionshaving treatments for the course of your giving you a chance to decide whetherlife, which is somehow true. To be truthful, these associations can be relied is not really between bad or good Along with asking the ideal questions, thereanymore since the basis of giving verdict are individuals that make the most totoday is between your rich and also the clients that dont have the fundamentalpoor. The purpose is, as long as you have know-how. They will immediately presentmoney you have every means to choose you with choices and will not tell you thehow to utilize it, and financial planners can down-side of the storyline. Certainlyreally help you handle it. business is business, but honest expertsA financial planner is somebody that can have the decency to be truthful. If theyassess your current financial situation and can’t meet your needs, then seek anotherknowing that basis, he gives you the correct option.options that are nearest to your chosen Financial advisors are persons you needfinancial goal. You have to select from these when you want to put in your money thatoptions carefully because mishaps often will make you financially steady and wouldhappen when you make decisions not help take care of your tomorrow. They areunderstanding the entire condition. able to guarantee you the money youAnyway, these planners will guide you invested will be taken care of the rightthrough the whole course, so there is persons.nothing to be worried about. They willexplain to you on how you can make the Talk To One of Ourmost of your chosen deal. It is better ifbefore you start a transaction discover the Advisers Today (03) 9326 1722
  5. 5. Ways to Choose a Financial Ask aroundPlanner in Melbourne Ask people who are close to you and most preferably in the same situation as you. HeThere are plenty of advisers out there who most probably knows a planner and will beare qualified to give you sound advice. The more than willing to recommend one toonly problem is that a lot of them will take you. Also, you might want to ask aboutadvantage of your current dilemma and sell planners who have been around for manyyou different financial products that are years and has a lot of experience in hisoften unimportant. It would be best for you pocket. You don’t want a newbie to handleto avoid experts who would offer you all your investments right? It might cost youproducts the moment you talk to them a lot if you make the wrong move so beabout your problems concerning money as sure to get a hold of the right one.they will only take advantage of you. You Conduct an Interviewneed to find a financial planner who canhelp you address matters such as insurance, A reminder for first timers; do not settle forestate, tax, budgeting, investment, loan, the first few financial planners youand many others. Continue reading and you encounter. They will do anything andwill learn how to properly choose an adviser everything just to convince you to hire him.that suits you best. He will tell discuss about your problems and will offer possible solutions in which areKnow What You Want very convincing for first timers. AsIf you want to hire an expert to help you mentioned earlier, if he slips in theregarding money matters, then the first possibility of purchasing financial productsthing that you’ll need to do is to determine from him, then that’s the time when youthe problem. Why do you want someone to should be on alert or better yet, just avoidhelp you with your taxes? Do you want him.someone to help you see if an investmentmove is wise or not? Do you want someone Talk To One of Ourto keep track of your loan payments or justsomeone who can help budget your Advisers Todaymoney? You may also want to save for your (03) 9326 1722retirement, or if you want a career change,or even save for your kid’s college plan.Knowing what you want and determiningthe cause as to why you want to employ theservices of these experts can help narrowdown your choices.