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Mercury wealth management financial planners and advisers


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Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. Your financial independence and future quality of life are vital issues that should not be left to chance. We understand this and can help you secure your future by providing tailored financial strategies designed to create and preserve wealth.

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Mercury wealth management financial planners and advisers

  1. 1. Mercury Wealth Management: Financial Planner Melbourne Insurance We make sure you and your family are protected against life’s misfortunes. Superannuation We can assist you to save tax and have more super at retirement. Investment We can help you to grow your wealth and realise your financial dreams. Retirement We can help you retire when you want on the income you desire.
  2. 2. About Mercury Wealth ManagementCompany Directors automatically liable – legislative changes to SGCregime before parliament.The government recently introduced tax legislation which is designed to protectworkers superannuation and prevent the establishment of ‘phoenix companies’which are deliberately designed to defraud workers of their entitlements.Importantly directors will be personally liable for their company’s failure to paySuper Guarantee Contributions (SGC)The ATO will be able to make an estimate of unpaid SGC where a company fails tomeet its reporting obligations.What is interesting is that the ATO will be able to commence recovery proceduresand pursue company directors if a company fails to comply with its reportingobligations for a period of more than 3 months and its PAYG or SGC liabilityremains unpaid.Now more than ever company directors need to ensure that they pay both theirSGC and PAYG on time to avoid fulling fowl of the new rules.
  3. 3. Ensure A Bright Future With looking out for the wellbeing of your whole family and your valuables.The Help Of A Financial In case you are unsure of the goals youPlanner In Melbourne want to set for your future, these industry experts can help clear things up for youDue to the current state of our economy, all because it is their job to remind you of yourof us cannot afford to aimlessly squander needs first rather than your wants. Withour money. However, all of us are not their help, you will be able to determineaware how to manage our earnings well how you can generate the amount youdespite the fact that we know that this is need for every short, medium, and long-very important. It is a good thing that men term goal you have established.and women can employ the services of afinancial planner in Melbourne if they are When it comes to financial planning infinding it difficult to accomplish this task on Melbourne, make sure that you hire atheir own. These professionals have group of expert people because two headsbecome a necessity in this day and age. are always better than one. You will be ableThey are able to assist you with regard to to get more insight from them as opposedmanaging your finances in the event that to just one person. However, you need toyou do not have enough understanding or bear in mind that these individuals shouldtime for this aspect. have the knowledge, skills, certifications, and licenses so that you will be certain thatYou need to create and follow a budget if you are getting more bang for your buck. Asyou want to be successful in managing your long as you start as soon as you can, youmoney. Keep in mind that these experts are will be able to secure your future with ease.not limited to assisting you with your checkbook. They are also capable of helping youlearn how to use your credit wisely in order Talk To One of Ourto reduce your taxes. If you happen to be Advisers Todayinterested in getting insured, they are in the (03) 9326 1722position to provide you with suggestions. Itwont come as a surprise if you areinterested in obtaining insurance due to thefact that you can never tell what willhappen tomorrow. It is always better to beprepared than to end up one day withoutany resources to spend for your necessities.In addition to that, you are not the onlyperson that you are looking out for; you are
  4. 4. Land – owning a land property, not exactlyFinancial Advisers and ones that are developed can bring lots ofWhere Their Uses Can Be monetary returns later on. Lands don’t depreciate, they only get expensive throughUtilized the years and it’s a pretty good investment. Getting the necessary papers will be easierIt is essential to any person to have the with financial advisers to back you up.stability that he needs not only for hisfuture but also for his current situation. It is Jewelries – if you are willing to invest yourunlikely that your finances will be as money into something that does notorganized if you are not taking the time to depreciate, then this is one of those. Gems,sort them out yourself from time to time. If diamonds, pearls, these are those trinketsyou don’t have stable finances, it’s harder that don’t just come beautifully but alsofor you to handle your money and you will expensively. If you can grab a lot of thesebe asking yourself from time to time where and put them in a safe place, later on youyour money goes. A lot of people just spend can sell them for money and financialand spend their whole earning life only to stability.find out later on that they have nothing left Time deposit and other bank relatedas they grow old. That is where financial investments – your money if not being usedadvisers should come in, if you have the should be safeguarded right? How aboutsense to plan for the stability of your investing it in a bank? If you don’t know afinances, half of your being old problems lot about how banking investments workwill be solved. you can ask help from your financial adviserFinancial advisors will most likely encourage and he will be happy to provide to save most of your extra salary and Retirement planning in Victoria isn’t thatdump them into good investments. It’s bad if you look into the future today. Don’tunlikely that they will do your finances any be troubled that someday when you are oldhard because it’s their job and reputation at you will be left with nothing. Invest todayrisk here. So what would be the advices that and find that financial stability you seekthey will tell you? early in your life.Bonds – it’s not difficult to understand thatif you want to buy something that can be along term investment, this is what you Talk To One of Ourshould do. Your advisers will tell you to Advisers Todayinvest good money on stable bonds which (03) 9326 1722they themselves will teach and promote.
  5. 5. Financial Advisor in After you have secured their qualifications, you can ask or research about theirMelbourne: Helping You background and experience. Know how longSecure Your Future they have been operating and ask for the names of their previous clients. If they haveFinancial planning is such a delicate matter. worked with a big organization, then it is aFor you to be able to secure your monetary good sign. You can then ask for theirfuture, you need a financial advisor in impression or reviews about the serviceMelbourne. Sometimes, we can’t even trust that were given to them by the advisor ifourselves from saving our own money and they are impressed or not.keeping track of our income and expenses Referralsbecause most of us spend a lot. Some evenspend more than what they earn. We need One thing that can ensure you of thesomeone who can be trusted to take care of legality of the firm or individual you want toour funds and will know how and where to hire is if they are referred by someone,invest it so that it can grow. This is where someone you know well. Most likely, youthe role of a financial advisor comes in. are not the only person who is undergoing this financial dilemma. There are a lot ofIf you are tired of managing your finances, people out there who have experiencedwhen you don’t know where all of your financial problems are learning from theirmoney goes, then you certainly need the experience can be beneficial to you. Askhelp of a financial advisor in Melbourne. them to recommend you to someone theyYou just need to be meticulous in finding know.the best person to work with and someonewhom you can really trust with taking good Look it up Onlinecare of your finances. You must look forsomeone who won’t take advantage of you If you don’t know where to start lookingand who is just after their pay rather than and asking the people around you is not anhelping you. Now here are some things that option, you can look for a trusted one overyou should know. the internet. All you need to do is search “financial advisors Melbourne” and youQualifications and Experience will get targeted results in your area. What’s good about looking online is thatThere are advisors who work for a firm and you can take a look at their websites andthere are those who work independently. read the different reviews and testimonialsWhatever you choose, you need to ask for of those people they have worked with.their qualifications and credentials. Youmust ensure that they have the right papers Talk To One of Ourto practice giving financial advice to people. Advisers Today (03) 9326 1722