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How To: Play the VC Game


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Presentation originally written for How To Web conference 2011 in Bucharest Romania. Basic overview of venture capital with analogies to common features of games. Slides are primarily visual, probably not too helpful without the audio.

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How To: Play the VC Game

  1. 1. How to:Play the VC Game Sitar Teli @sitar
  2. 2. Sitar Teli (@sitar)DHTV (@dhtv)AmericanBased in LondonVC for 5 yearsPan-EuropeanEarly-stageConsumer internet and mobile
  3. 3. what gameare youplaying?
  4. 4. fundraisingis social
  5. 5. viral loopsare highlyeffective share see talk hear click meet
  6. 6. badges!(j/k…sort of)
  7. 7. check your HUD
  8. 8. know yourgamer ≠
  9. 9. practice buildsskill
  10. 10. boss level
  11. 11. play the the player
  12. 12. get the cheatcodes
  13. 13. game over?