3. lesson plan pnieb unit 1.1 session 10-11-12


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3. lesson plan pnieb unit 1.1 session 10-11-12

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN PROFRA. MÓNICA MARICELA VARGAS CANTÚ UNIT: 1.1 GRADE: 3° GROUP: A, B, C, D. SOCIAL PRACTICE OF THE LANGUAGE: Read and understand different types of literary texts from English-speaking countries. STAGES ––Propose and write examples of the situations that describe the emotions. ––Check that the examples comply with grammar, spelling, and punctuation conventions. ––Organize an event to present and read the emotionary. DATE:October 1st – October 5th PRODUCT:Emotionary (Inventory of emotions) ENVIROMENT: Literary and Ludic. SPECIFIC COMPETENCY:Read suspense literature and describe moods. STRATEGY: Learning to do Understand general sense, main ideas, and some details of a suspense narrative. • Read and re-read narratives. • Use diverse comprehension strategies. • Detect frequently used words. • Infer main ideas from details. • Answer questions to infer characters’ moods from explicit information. • Relate moods to specific moments in a narrative. STRATEGY: Learning to know • Elements in narratives. • Repertoire of words necessary for this social practice of the language. • Upper and lower-case letters. STRATEGY: Learning to be • Foster respect towards the opinions of others. • Stimulate an aesthetic pleasure for literature. • Develop empathy towards different moods. MATERIAL / RESOURSES Notebook Worksheet Whiteboard Projector Cardboard Describe characters’ moods in a suspense narrative. • Relate moods to characters. • Make sentences from words that express moods. • Complete sentences to express moods. • Describe characters’ moods. TIME ACTIVITIES SESSION 10 5’ T asks to each student: How do you feel the last weekend? In order to communicate an emotion and review vocabulary. 10’ Ss write the moon of each character and then write a sentence describing why is on that moon. (Worksheet #13) 15’ Ssget in pairs and listen a song to identify the different emotions and the moon of the artist. Ss complete the missing words of the letter listen the song. (Worksheet #14) 10’ Sscomplete a chart writing on one side a list of the emotions that in their opinion they appreciate in the song and in the other side the emotions that they feel with the letter. Homework. Finish the chart with the emotions. Bring images about different emotions. ACHIEVEMENT • Uses various strategies to understand narratives. • Infers the general meaning and main ideas from details. • Formulates and answers questions in order to infer information. • Writes opinions regarding moods.
  2. 2. SESSION 11 5’ Ss get in teams of four. 25’ Ss receive a paper with pictures and sentences in disorder. They have to cut and paste each picture with each emotion in correct form to form a brochure with a color paper that T provides them. 10’ Ss pass to the front to expose the emotionary that they create to the group. Homework. Finish the brochure. SESSION 12 5’ T shows in ppt the emotionary vocabulary and narrative elements in order to review the lesson. 30’ Ss answer a quiz to identify strengths and areas of opportunity of the unit. 5’ Ss revise the quiz of their partner to identify strengths and areas of opportunity of unit. HOMEWORK: ASSESSEMENT: Global. Worksheet (13-14) Product Quiz. TUTOR´S COMMENTS: Session 10. Finish the chart with the emotions. Bring images about different emotions. Session 11. Finish the brochure.