Slice of life recount


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Slice of Life recount example

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  • Slice of life recount

    1. 1. Slice of Life RecountA slice of life story - a "cut-out" sequenceof events in a characters life.Depicts every-day life of ordinary people.
    2. 2. Slice of Life Recountbriefcaptures a slice / cut out of an experiencemakes a pointuses the sensestell about the ordinary - a common sharedexperience sunset, baking, walking on a beach,scavenging in a rock pool, a trip to Snowplanet,Rainbow’s End, Huia, a camp experience - sailing forthe first time, the flying fox....... surfing at Piha
    3. 3. LanguageActions verbs“The old woman was in his way”becomes“The old woman barred his path”“She laughed” - “She cackled”
    4. 4. Active nouns - make the nouns do something i.e.“It was raining” to become “Rain splashed down”“There was a large cabinet” becomes“A large cabinet seemed to fill the lounge”Adjectivesthe catthe valuable catthe old tortoiseshell cat
    5. 5. Use of the senses: to describe and develop the experiences, setting and character:•What does it smell like?•What can be heard?•What can be seen - details?•What does it taste like?•What does it feel like?
    6. 6. Imagery•Simile: The sea looked as rumpled as a blue quilted dressing gown. Or The wind wrapped me up like a cloak.•Metaphor: eg. She has a heart of stone or He is a stubborn mule or The man barked out the instructions.
    7. 7. •Onomatopoeia: eg. crackle, splat, ooze, squish, boom, eg. The tyres whirred on the road. The pitter-patter of soft rain. The mud oozed and squished through my toes.•Personification: eg. The steel beam clenched its muscles. Clouds limped across the sky. The pebbles on the path were grey with grief.
    8. 8. Skiing Nicholas Van Nest, Grade 6Icy frost whips against my goggles, the wind, tearing through myclothes. My skis feeling as if they’re on fire as I speed down the hilltoward the stunt ramp. Suddenly I flash back to last year’s vacationwhen I had been in the same boots racing down this very hill. I hadforgotten to lean back, lost both skis from the ramp, and done a flipresulting in a head-plant. Well, that wasn’t going to happen this year, Ithought, as I gripped the ski poles tighter and leaned forward. The windwas screaming in my ears as if even the elements were cheering me on.Tilting backwards I pushed one last time, and let speed decide my fate.On to the ramp I flew, shooting into the air losing all sense of gravity,time, or space, just begging to pull through. SWOOSH! I felt vibrationstingling the bottom of my skis. I’d made it!“I’m alive! Oh-ya!” I screamed. “In all of ya’ll faces. You all disgraces.Pick up the paces.”In the snow, dancing in my skis, I realized a German couple was staringat me wide-eyed, and I heard the husband say:“Iz ziz how all crazy Americans act?”