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Initial pages

  1. 1. A SEMINAR REPORT ON CYBER CRIME AND SECURITY FOR PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE DEGREE BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY UNDER RTU, KOTA Session 2009-2013SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY:Mr. Sameer Chandra Shishupal Nagar(Lecturer , Dept. of Computer Sc.) (09EJCCS100)Mrs. Honey Saxena(Lecturer, Dept. of Computer Sc.) DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre SitapuraTonk Road, Jaipur I
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to all thosepeople who extended their wholehearted co-operation and have helped me toshape the paper in systematic way. I am highly indebted and graceful toMr. Sameer Chandra (Sen. Lecturer atJECRC) and Mr. MuktBihari( HOD Computer science) for their strictsupervision, constant encouragement, inspiration and guidance, which ensure theworthiness of my work. Working under them was a rich experience. I also thank to and Mrs. Honey Saxena (Lecturer at JECRC), I amextremely grateful and indebted to him expert, sincere and valuable guidance andencouragement extended to me .. I also take this opportunity to record my sincere thanks to all the facultymembers of the department(Computer Science) for their help and encouragement.I also thank my parents for their unceasing encouragement and support. Signature (Shishupal Nagar) II
  3. 3. PAGE INDEXS.No. TOPIC PAGE NO. 1. Abstract 1 2. Introduction 2 4. Cyber Law of India 3 5. Technical Aspects 4 6. Conventional Crime 5 7. What is Cyber Crime 6 8. Types of Cyber crime 7 9. History 8 10. Reasons for cyber crime 9 11 Cyber Criminals 13 12 Classification 15 13 Statutory Provision 19 14 Prevention of Cyber Crime 24 13. Conclusion 25 14. References 26 III