Henry viii


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Henry viii

  1. 1. Henry VIII The King and the Man By Silvia da Silva - 2013
  2. 2. King of England and Lord of Ireland Significant figure in the history of England Separation from the Roman Catholic Church Supreme Head of the English Church Legal Union of England and Wales Six wives – three children Wanted more than one male heir to the throne.
  3. 3. Henry VIII’s Parents Elisabeth of York and Henry VII Childhood
  4. 4. The young King True renaissance prince. Knew several languages. Athlete. Skilled with arms. Loved music. Handsome and passionate. Well liked by his subjects.
  5. 5. Some of Henry’s passions First tennis court Armour for foot combat in tournaments.
  6. 6. Wives of Henry VIII
  7. 7. Catherine of Aragon Married 1509 His Brother’s Widow Daughter: Mary Died 1536
  8. 8. The King’s Great Matter and the Plan to Solve It. Henry broke with the Catholic Church because the Pope would not grant his divorce. Thomas Cromwell suggested “The Act in Restraint of Appeals” which the King presented to the English Court and after being passed, it allowed him to get divorced. England became free from any foreign authority. 1534: Act of Supremacy confirms Henry as head of the Church of England, separate from Rome but still Catholic in doctrine
  9. 9. Anne Boleyn Married 1533 Executed 1536 Daughter: Elizabeth I
  10. 10. Jane Seymour Married 1536 Died in Childbirth 1537 Son: Edward
  11. 11. Anne of Cleves Married 1540 Marriage was Annulled after 6 Months
  12. 12. Catherine Howards Called the “Rose without a Thorn” Executed 1541 due to Earlier Counts of Adultery
  13. 13. Katherine Parr Married 1542 Outlived Henry and became the most- married English Queen (with four husband)
  14. 14. Curiosities about his wives Two were beheaded at the same place.
  15. 15. Curiosities about his wives The ghost of two of them were seen in and outside the castle. Jane Seymour Catherine Howards
  16. 16. Please answer the following questions: Out of his six wives, who do you think was the most important? Why? Was it fair of him beheading two of his wives? How do you think he would have reacted if he knew his daughters had ruled England?
  17. 17. Final Years
  18. 18. Henry’s children -Edward VI -First to reign Protestant -Dies age 15 -Mary I -Catholic reign -Marries Phillip I of Spain -Dies of cancer -Elizabeth I -Protestant -Most successful reign
  19. 19. To sum up Henry came to the throne after his brother’s death. He had six wives. His divorce of Catherine separated the English Church from the Catholic Church. England becomes protestant. “The Act of Supremacy” made him The Supreme Head of the Church of England. Out of his six wives two were beheaded, two divorced, one died and one lived. He had three children.
  20. 20. Suggestion
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