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Sirris Smart coating roadshow - Slips introduction 2


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Presentation of the new SLIPS technology for sticky problems by Phil and Scot of Slips technologies

Published in: Technology
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Sirris Smart coating roadshow - Slips introduction 2

  1. 1. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential April 12, 2015 Slippery Solutions for Sticky Problems™ SLIPS™ and Slippery Solutions for Sticky Problems™ are Trademarks of SLIPS Technologies, Inc. To watch movies in this presentation, visit:
  2. 2. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential2 About SLIPS Technologies, Inc. products stick inside containers bacteria stick to medical devices barnacles stick to boat hulls ice sticks to heat exchangers •  Launched Oct 2014 with $3M Series A led by BASF VC •  Raising $7.5M Series B – fund beta product launch materials stick to process equipment •  Materials & coatings products with fully-slippery surfaces •  Repel virtually all fluids and biological fouling agents •  Specialty coatings market = $120B, 5% CAGR •  Extensive patent portfolio – Harvard licenses plus own filings •  Industrial, medical and consumer applications, e.g.:
  3. 3. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential3 First Year Accomplishments •  2 lead product formulations developed •  400+ customer interactions (mostly inbound) •  25+ paid evaluations/development programs •  7 successful field tests •  $575K in grant funding (ARPA-E)
  4. 4. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential4 The SLIPS™ Difference: Liquid Surface Interface Solid surfaces are rough and have many pinning points Unwanted fluids or biological foulants get stuck and “smear” a solid surface Unwanted fluids or biological foulants slide off a SLIPS liquid film surfaceSLIPS™ surfaces have a stable & immobilized liquid lubricant overlayer, a smooth & slippery fully-liquid surface
  5. 5. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential5 SLIPS™ vs. Alternatives Teflon® solid surfaces: chemically inert, but not that slippery; relatively durable Structured [lotus leaf] solid surfaces: superhydrophobic but don’t repel much else; can easily become super-wet; fragile SLIPS™ liquid surfaces: 100% liquid interface, super slippery and omniphobic; self-healing and easy-clean, not permanent but re- plenishable
  6. 6. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential6 Two Product Formulations Polymer matrix with self- replenishing lubricant reservoir SLIPS™ Liquid Lubricant Film Overlayer Metal, plastic, glass, ceramic substrate Formats: spray, paint, film, curable mixtures S-SLIPS R-SLIPS
  7. 7. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential7 Solid Patent Position •  9 patent families exclusively licensed from Harvard (Jan’11 priority) •  2 foundational patents granted* - broad claims –  articles with a slippery liquid overlayer –  methods of making SLIPS –  uses of SLIPS •  Company-owned patent filings –  compositions of matter –  methods and uses *9,121,306 & 9,121,307
  8. 8. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential8 •  SLIPS™ Product Sales –  manufacture via toll partners –  sales and distribution direct or with partners –  examples: marine paint, ice-release film, easy-release bags/pouches, slippery tubings/O-rings •  SLIPS™ Product Royalties –  License SLIPS to customers for specific applications –  example: SLIPS for lubricious shaving cartridge How We Make Money
  9. 9. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential9 Series B •  $7.5M to fund β product launches by 2017 –  $5M for SLIPS marine anti-fouling products –  $2.5M for SLIPS product extensions •  down-select 1 additional SLIPS product opportunity •  execute 4 licensing deals •  Close in late 2016 •  Series A post-money: $5.2M –  Led by BASF Venture Capital –  Co-investor: Hansjörg Wyss Trust
  10. 10. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential10 SLIPS Product Development Refine products & manufacturability based on customer field testing •  6+ months performance •  Repellency of 10+ industrial foulants 11/2014 company launched after 3yr incubation at Harvard/Wyss 2015 2016 2017 2018 Aug, 2015 α-products launched (200+ formulations, spray,brush-on, film) Industrial R&D (lab to market) Product Development Scale-UpDiscovery β- Product Launch β-products launch; complete QC, shelf-life, scale up, (& regulatory registration as needed) Secure toll manufacturing and distribution partners – position for market deploymentPoC demonstrations in customer settings SLIPS β-productsSLIPS α-products
  11. 11. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential11 Customer-Funded Pipeline Viscous fluid release in manufacturing & containers Non-fouling submerged lenses (e.g. endoscopes) Frost & ice release - heat exchangers and roofs Liquid barrier for cement and concrete 1st Target Market (Marine) Lubricious disposable consumer product 2nd Target Market (TBD) Licensing Opportunities Non-stick biological growth media labware Medical Devices (e.g. drainage catheters)
  12. 12. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential12 1st Product: Marine Foul-Impede Paint •  Initial focus on merchant vessels - $3.5B •  Big adjacent markets: recreational vessels, aquaculture •  Opportunity for $30M revenues in 2020 •  Non-toxic FuelEfficiency 1yr 2yrs 3yrs $20B Fuel Penalty 90% of market uses toxic Cu-based paints
  13. 13. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential13 •  90% (86,000) of merchant vessels that run “slow” (<15 knots) •  Foul-release non-toxic alternatives to Cu are limited in this regime –  too soft for many applications –  high ownership costs •  Large adjacent market opportunities –  other vessels (Navy, recreational) –  aquaculture –  submerged structures Opportunity: SLIPS Solution: Foul-Impede Coatings •  Non-toxic but with similar costs to Cu •  Smooth, low drag, tough •  Effective for slow vessels Marine Foul-Impede Paint
  14. 14. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential14 Good Field Test Results Status and Plan •  NDSU Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering “SLIPS are one of only a handful of next generation, ecofriendly materials I have come across that pose a clear and present danger to marine biofouling —barnacles beware.”  Shane Stafslien, Director, Bioactive Materials Research Lab •  1-year static test (Boston area harbor), >95% removal •  Effectively no barnacle adhesion in dynamic field tests (2 mths) •  β product development & formulation optimization in process •  JV/JDP discussions with several strategic partners •  ARPA-E grant received (total $575K), additional $5M pitched •  Dynamic testing in progress Q2’16 •  First installation on ship hull Q3’16 •  $30M revenues by 2020 Marine Foul-Impede Paint (cont’d)
  15. 15. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential15 Leadership Philseok Kim, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CTO Inventor, technologist, scientist Daniel Behr, CEO Entrepreneur, venture investor, commercialization specialist; Dozens of startups in the physical sciences and the life sciences Scott Healey, VP Business Development   Business and sales developer, industrial and consumer Michael Laine, VP Business Development Business and sales developer, marine and medical
  16. 16. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential16 BoD and Advisors Joanna Aizenberg, Ph.D. Co-founder, Director, Chair of SAB; Professor of Materials Science, Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard George Whitesides, Ph.D. SAB Member; Professor of Chemistry at Harvard; co-founder of Genzyme, GelTex, Theravance David Ward Director & Chairman; Managing Partner at MTI Ventures Michael Nettersheim, Ph.D. Director; Investment Manger at BASF Venture Capital Andrew Stevenson, MBA Director; Managing Partner at Timberline Management and Stevenson Family Investments Jens Rieger, Ph.D. SAB Member; Senior VP of Advanced Materials and Systems Research at BASF John Hartnett Medical Advisor; Tepha Biomaterials, prior Boston Scientific Cheryl Martin, Ph.D. (pending) Coatings Advisor; prior Rohm & Haas, ARPA-E, Kleiner Perkins
  17. 17. © 2014-2015 SLIPS Technologies, Inc. Confidential17 Thank you @slipstech +1 (617) 360-7080 Philseok Kim, CTO: Scott Healey, VP of Business Development: