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2015 02-11-eco-innovate-in-lighting-11b riva cyc led


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How to truly eco-innovate in Lighting - 11/02/2015 - Eco-innovation process at Braun and Riva (Nicky Constabel - Braun Lighting / Roger Aerni - Riva Lighting)

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2015 02-11-eco-innovate-in-lighting-11b riva cyc led

  1. 1. Riva: Demonstrator 4 Workshop Eco-Innovation, 11.2.2015, Brussels Roger Aerni, Riva GmbH Lighting
  2. 2. Stage of Development Luminous flux 15.000 lmLuminous flux 15.000 lm Beam angle 30°/60°/90°Beam angle 30°/60°/90° Power consumption 135 WPower consumption 135 W Protection class IP66Protection class IP66 Lifespan 80.000 hLifespan 80.000 h No pottingNo potting DALI dimmableDALI dimmable CLO constant light outputCLO constant light output Remote accessRemote access VDE reliability certificationVDE reliability certification Programmable PSUProgrammable PSU Screws & quick couplingScrews & quick coupling PSU: Power supply unit IP66: Dust and water jet tight DALI: Digital addressable lighting interface CLO: Ensures constant luminous flux and compensates gradual degradation of LEDs by automatically adjusting forward current. VDE: Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies
  3. 3. Overall Impact 465 Mlmh465 Mlmh 1200 Mlmh1200 Mlmh i
  4. 4. How did we get there?
  5. 5. Inputs through cycLED Manufacturer survey (reasons for failure) Manufacturer survey (reasons for failure) Standards and directives Standards and directives Heat sink design Heat sink design Measurement of lumen depreciation Measurement of lumen depreciation Impact of material flows Impact of material flows Business model canvas Business model canvas Economic appraisal Economic appraisal Constant challenge Constant challenge......