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2015 02-11-eco-innovate-in-lighting-01 intro cyc led


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How to truly eco-innovate in Lighting - 11/02/2015 - cycLED and eco innovation framework
(Thomas Vandenhaute - Sirris)

Published in: Technology
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2015 02-11-eco-innovate-in-lighting-01 intro cyc led

  1. 1. Workshop Eco-innovation Brussels February 11, 2015
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Welcome & Intro Sirris 10u00 2. From DfR strategy to circular economy Philips 3. Impact of light on wel being SSL-erate 3. Exploring values Eco Design Centre Coffee 11u30 4. Witness Product & Service design Philips 5. Open innovation SSL-erate 6. Value proposition design Sirris Lunch 13u00 7. Witness demonstrator Etap & Ona 8. Barriers and how to overcome them Institut Mines-Télécom 9. Witness demonstrator Braun & Riva Coffee 15u15 10. Key takeways Sirris 11. Feedback & open issues All 12. Conclusion Sirris Network drink 16u00 12.02.2015Name 1
  3. 3. Welcome & Intro 12.02.2015 2 1 Thomas Vandenhaute Sirris
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION How to truly eco-innovate in the lighting industry? 12.02.2015 3 Future Perfect Horizon Experi ment PLAN DO CHECK ACT Current situation Future situation
  5. 5. Time for action 12.02.2015Thomas Vandenhaute 4 What actions / practices can you take up ?
  6. 6. Where to start ? Where you feel comfortable ! 12.02.2015 5 Explore strategy On which domain can value be found over the life cycle? Explore motivation and drivers Personal engagement What potential value can be found? Company engagement Explore business model (BM) How can BMs help to capture the value ? Explore product & service design What products and services can capture the value? Explore evaluation & validation What did the experiment bring? Learning by doing as a guide to increase knowledge
  7. 7. 2/12/2015 6 Environmental impact Impact of lighting products over life cycle Image: Philips
  8. 8. Environmental impact 12.02.2015 7 Energy in use Raw Materials Manufacturing Disposal How to stay profitable with energy efficient long lasting products ? Source: LCA of energy and environmantel impact of LED lighting products (US Dept of Energy)
  9. 9. Eco-innovation baseline 8 Resource Usage in LED products Number of users LED Products/ user Resource used/ LED product= xx Business Models can affect on the behavioral level. Determining the resource and energy use Sociological Technological Technology and behavior are equally important Energy Usage of LED products Number of users LED Products/ user Energy efficiency/ LED product= xx
  10. 10. Business Model 9 Driving trends Macro economic forces Indirect competition Direct competition Suppliers Buyers Image :
  11. 11. BM canvas extended Company values & Ambition Network Stakeholders Environmental cost Performance management Environmental Benefit Key Partners Revenue Streams €Cost Structure € Value Proposition Key Resources Key Activities Customer Segment Communication Channels Customer Relationship Source: based on BM canvas Osterwalder & Peigneur