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Vivacity Smart City Platform


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Published in: Technology
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Vivacity Smart City Platform

  1. VivaCityAn Open Data Platform for the Smart City Marco Montanari @ingmmo
  2. Smart city
  3. sensors• Sensors• Probes• Sensing elements
  4. -house-
  5. Why OD for SC? Knowledge is power. F. Bacon
  6. SC
  7. Sim City 1
  8. Evolution of data representation
  9. Smart cityBUT…
  10. Big data?
  11. BROAD DATA!(or APIs, obviously)
  12. SpaceTime Time Space
  13. How?
  14. VivaCityCreated during DjangoDash 2012 (48 hour coding competition)
  15. PostDocSemanticizer Data- container VivaCity
  16. ProcessCSV Normalized SHP Models Semantics DataAPIRaw Data Semanticizer UI
  17. Model manager (PostDoc)
  18. Semanticizer (yes, I’m sorry for the name)
  19. UI
  20. So what now?• The project is on GitHub, so Fork it and contribute!• The project has a development installation up and running at
  21. The plan• I’m an engineer  HELP with the UI!! • Extend the model-manager to expose RDF data• Create more input methods• More apps using more normalized models!!!
  22. Wut? Apps?• WiFiShare – user-driven wifi analysis and collection tool, started with the open data from Bologna – to be released for Android soon• BikeRack – Where’s the nearest bike rack? Started with the data from Chicago and Baltimore – To be released for Android and WinPhone7 soon
  23. Thanks!• Marco Montanari•• @ingmmo•