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100% Finance an outline


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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100% Finance an outline

  1. 1. Project Capital LTD Dubai
  2. 2. Project Capital LTD Dubai
  3. 3. PROJECT CAPITAL LTD Project Capital LTD Dubai An outline of our unique project finance process
  4. 4. Project Capital can help fund: Projects starting at 10M and upwards Strong Business Plan 15% down payment capacity
  6. 6. Example: ABC Windfarm Project of 20M Strong Business Plan 15% down payment capacity 5 year repayment schedule
  7. 7. Example ABC Windfarm (Step 1) ABC Windfarm opens a new company New Wind LTD ABC Windfarm is 100% owner New Wind LTD Project Capital can set up this company very quickly if needed New Wind LTD opens a bank account ( Project Capital can help if needed ) ABC WINDFARM NEW WIND LTD BANK ACCOUNT
  8. 8. Example ABC Windfarm (Step 2) New Wind LTD deposits 15% ( 3M ) in their new account PROJECT CAPITAL arranges a Bank Guarantee Face Value 20 M ABC WINDFARM NEW WIND LTD 20 M EURO BANK ACCOUNT BANK GUARANTEE
  9. 9. Example ABC Windfarm (Step 3) PROJECT CAPITAL arranges a credit line 90% of the face value of the BG ABC WINDFARM NEW WIND LTD 18 M EURO BANK ACCOUNT BANK LOAN
  10. 10. Example ABC Windfarm (Step 4) PROJECT CAPITAL arranges funding in 4 installments After 60 days ABC Wind farm receives 5M and then again after 120 - 180 - 240 days 60 DAYS ABC WINDFARM 5M 120 DAYS 5M 180 DAYS 5M 240 DAYS 5M
  11. 11. Example ABC Windfarm (Step 5) After receiving the first part of the funding (5M) the shares of New Wind Ltd will be transfered from ABC Windfarm to Project Capital ABC WINDFARM NEW WIND LTD Project Capital LTD Dubai 100% SHARES
  12. 12. Example ABC Windfarm (Step 6) ABC Windfarm will start repaying This is only 85% of the loan to New Wind Ltd As per schedule of the business plan ABC WINDFARM NEW WIND LTD
  13. 13. Business plan Project BG of 100% Client information Minimum 10M Creditline of 90% POF Max 10 year repayment 4 disbursements LOI 15% downpayment 85% repayment Corporate papers Own (new) company 3.5% interest rate Contract Own bank account 100% risk free TERMS AND CONDITIONS