Social Networking For Enterprise


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Social Networking / Collaboration is critical for any Enterprise.

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Social Networking For Enterprise

  1. 1. Power of Social Networking in Pursuit of Competitive Advantage<br />Srinivas Sirigina<br /><br /><br />August 01, 2010<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />Social Networking for the Enterprise<br />
  2. 2. Social Networking – What is it?<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />Me, My Self, My Thoughts, My Interests, My Preferences, My Needs, My Stuff, My Connections, Me, Me, Me …<br />Find & Connect: People finding others they like through their social circle and make connections<br />Express: People expressing themselves freely with their group<br />Share: People sharing bits of their life with their group<br />Stay Connected: People staying connected with others that they are interested in by using the digital tools<br />Ask: Get insights from your own trusted circle<br />Answer: Help others, gain trust and build relationships<br />Contribute to add/update shared knowledge<br />
  3. 3. Popular Social Network Providers<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />FaceBook – Personal Pages, Walls, Share Pictures, Apps<br />Twitter – Micro blogging & Link sharing, Follow/Followed<br />Linked-in – Professional Network, Skills, Experience, Recommendations, Interests, Discussions, Feeds/Updates<br />MySpace – Personal Pages, Blog, Share pictures<br />Blogger – Blogging, RSS Feeds<br />Diggit, Reddit – Link Sharing<br />Wikipedia – Self moderating knowledge creation by the community<br />
  4. 4. Essential Features<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />Personal Pages (Me, My Self & My Interests):<br />Profile, Pictures, Interests<br />Connect (My People):<br />My Network, Following / Followed<br />Express (My Thoughts):<br />Blogging, Micro-blogging, Link sharing<br />Collaborate (Q & A):<br />One-to-One Questions, Forums, Discussions, Wiki<br />Feeds (My Updates): <br />Receive Updates on schedule, on demand or direct push<br />Search:<br />Enterprise search across all of the knowledge<br />
  5. 5. Benefits<br />“Connected People are the most Productive People”<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />Builds a sense of community<br />Improved mutual respect through knowing each other<br />Knowledge sharing<br />Identifiable Subject Matter Experts / Gurus<br />Knowing whom to call<br />Stay current about your circle<br />Collaboration<br />
  6. 6. Problems:<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />Governance issues<br />Every thing you read online may not be accurate<br />Could get disruptive<br />Could promote group think<br />Not a replacement for face-to-face interaction<br />ROI may not be clearly identifiable<br />Some may not want to adopt to the new collaboration<br />
  7. 7. Keys to Success<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />Tools must be easy to use<br />Give people the freedom to choose how they use it<br />Don’t force. Use recognition and minor incentives to promote<br />Focus on building a thriving community, ROI will follow<br />Clearly specify the usage policy<br />Give freedom to express with in the guidelines<br />Solicit ideas and feedback from the enterprise<br />Security & Access Control is critical<br />Executive participation is critical to promote adoption<br />
  8. 8. Where do we start?<br />Promote a sense of community among the employees<br />Employee Profiles: Easy to find right people with right skills<br />Executives can communicate their strategy and vision indirectly through sharing what they are doing. Ex: Tweet: Met with WB today, got praised for our safety record<br />Blogs: Let people gain credibility by sharing what they know<br />Discussion Forums<br />Knowledge Wiki: Contribute to knowledge to shared wiki<br />Follow: Subscribe to updates from people, Wiki topics & Blogs<br />Enterprise Search – Topic and context sensitive search<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />
  9. 9. Use Case: Profiles<br />Name: John Doe<br />Location: Kansas City, KS<br />Department: Operations<br />Role: Officer<br />Contact: 234-234-2345<br />My Skills: Safety Rules, Field Operations, Singing, Speak Spanish<br />Community Recognition: Safety Rules Expert<br />My Circle: 25 connections Following: 27 People, 9 Topics<br />My Thoughts : (7) - You won’t believe what I saw in the field today<br />My Groups: Safety, KSC Field Crew<br />My Contributions: Need help with a Rule?<br />My Interests: Week-end Golfer<br />What do I do: Help with operations, field testing. Loremipsum sit an option blandit. In has sale erremassentior, pro eurequevivendo. Vis ea cibodicant, pro vitae exercipartem ad, no estdoloremnominavi. Fastidiiadipiscing ne per, ea eiusperpetuapri. Id pro bonorumsuavitate, priquemrequedefinitioneste. Quastantasvivendum has ex, ciboimpeditincorrupte at duo, prieunihilaudiamreformidans.<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />
  10. 10. Express: Tweet or Blog<br /><ul><li>Tweet, Blog or Buzz, they are all the same: Expressing thoughts, sharing ideas
  11. 11. Pushed to subscribers or Pulled on demand
  12. 12. Tags: Mark each with tags</li></ul>John Doe – Thinking Out Loud<br />12:00 PM – All that rain hasn’t been very good for the roads [issue, track, testing]<br />Paul Nelson, 12:30PM - Let me know if you need any help there<br />8:30 AM - Heading out to check the roads, be back by Noon. [status]<br />Yesterday – You won’t believe what I saw in the field today<br />7/15/2010 3:00 PM – “Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day.” Look out for wash outs, this storm could spell trouble. [testing, weather]<br />7/14/2010 10:00 AM – “Its pouring heavy here in Celina, KS, MP 530” [weather, Celina]<br />6/1/2010 2:00 AM – Got to meet with Warren today. Great guy. I am impressed on how much he knows about our operations and safety record<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />
  13. 13. Use Case: Do you have a minute?<br /><ul><li>Most of the questions people have can be solved very quickly if it was posed to the right person without inconveniencing them
  14. 14. Search the group forum to see if the question was already answered before
  15. 15. If not, ask the question to the Group.</li></ul>NeedCode for Accident Report<br />Paul Nelson, 8:30 AM <br />Does any one know what the correct code is for minor accident in the field?<br />Jack Sparrow, 8:40 AM – I think it is 35.<br />John Doe (Testing Guru), 8:45 AM – Jack is right, it’s 35. Here is a link to all of codes http://ourintranet/reporting-codes<br />Paul Nelson, 8:46 AM – Thanks a lot guys. <br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />
  16. 16. Getting Started: Keep it Private<br />None of the public social networking providers are ready for Enterprise usage<br />Security Concerns<br />Confidentiality<br />Lack of support for Enterprise needs<br />Not all features offered by one<br />If you are planning to connect with your Customers, that’s a different story. <br />Start using Face Book, Twitter and Linked-In<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />
  17. 17. Getting Started: Build Vs. Buy<br />We recommend “buy and customize”<br />There are many vendors in the Social Networking space<br />Ex: Alfresco Social Office, Jive Software, Share Point, JCow<br />Finalize the list of features youneed<br />Quick vendor selection<br />Phase 1: Deploy quickly with “out of box” functionality<br />Review usage patterns and define phase 2 <br />Let the community dictate the phase 2 <br />Phase 2 to N: Short release cycles (Agile) with useful features<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />
  18. 18. Me First: Is your enterprise ready for Social Networking?<br />Srinivas Sirigina, SSI Inc [] [] [August 01, 2010]<br />