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Brochure Design

  1. 1. NORTHERN NORTHERN2 TOSRIFA GROUP TOSRIFA GROUP 3 Giving the highest priority to the customers and to provide them with one stop service has been Northern Tosrifa Group’s ultimate goal. Driven with the Mantra DELIVERING SATISFACTION, the group has grown from modest knit apparel items manufacturing unit to a hub of 100% export oriented companies over the last 24 years. the group
  2. 2. NORTHERN NORTHERN4 TOSRIFA GROUP TOSRIFA GROUP 5 THE VISION We are focused to be the most preferred NAME to our stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, society and shareholders
  3. 3. NORTHERN NORTHERN6 TOSRIFA GROUP TOSRIFA GROUP 7 THE MISSION We are in a mission to: EXCEED our customer’s expectations delivering right products in right time with excellent quality and customer service. EMPOWER our Human Resource turning them into our Best Asset. CONTRIBUTE to the enhancements of our Society and Environment. MAXIMIZE Shareholder’s Value.
  4. 4. NORTHERN NORTHERN8 TOSRIFA GROUP TOSRIFA GROUP 9 STITCHING A legacy Today’s apparel giant Northern Tosrifa Group started off as Northern Corporation Limited with modest knit apparel items manufacturing unit in 1987. Now the group consists of knitting, dyeing, fabric finishing and several garment manufacturing units ensuring complete solution to the buyers. All these factories are 100% export oriented having high concentration in European Today Northern Tosrifa market with its knit apparel items. The group is a member of all the industry associations – Group has emerged BGMEA, BTMA and BKMEA. as a dedicated and $40.00 $40.00 preferred destination $35.00 $28.50 $32.60 $30.00 $25.10 for its valued $25.00 $20.00 customers to meet $15.00 $10.00 their every demand. $5.00 $0.00 2008 - 09 2009 - 10 2010 - 11 2011 - 12 SALES IN MILLIONS
  5. 5. 10 NORTHERN TOSRIFA GROUP To keep up with increasing NORTHERN TOSRIFA GROUP 11 demand of the buyers for quality and efficient garment Northern Tosrifa Ltd understands manufacturing facility, the need to continuously expand Fashion Asia Ltd was created its business horizon. With that in With the production in year 2000. The company mind Hung Tak Northern Garments capacity of the group since its emergence has Ltd, a joint venture company been highly successful in increasing over the years, Printer and between Northern Corporation producing t-shirts, polo Ltd and Hung Tak Garment Ltd of shirts, tank tops, dresses, Printers Limited was Hong Kong, was established. This leggings and sportswear for established to meet the gave Northern the opportunity to NORTHERN different buyers in Europe. TOSRIFA growing demand for enter into the ever growing woven Their dedicated team of 600 printing and embroidery. garments manufacturing market. CORPORATION INDUSTRIES employees have pushed the From transfer prints to Hung Tak’s vast knowledge in LIMITED LIMITED sublimation, Printers and enviro pac annual turnover to USD $9 shirt manufacturing in China and million which is a remarkable Printers can provide the Vietnam together with NCL’s achievement. Short lead buyers with a complete local knowledge and experience time and efficient lean printing and embroidery gives this company a unique manufacturing is what drives solution. The company competitive advantage. With Fashion Asia forward and is able to print and a production capacity of 5000 that is why it has become shirts per day, this factory is embroider 25000 and such a great one stop shop geared towards high quality 2000 pieces per day premium shirt buyers from around for its buyers. respectively. the world. 1987 2000 2002 2005 2011 2012 The group’s journey begins With hard earned experiences This poly, carton and with Northern Corporation from Northern Corp. and accessories factory has been Limited, a composite knit Fashion Asia, Tosrifa Industries set up for strengthening the apparel items manufacturing Limited was formed in 2002. backward linkage capacity unit. From a very humble Situated on 4 acre parcel of of Northern Tosrifa Group. beginning, Northern Corporation land TIL is the flag ship of The group has plans to Ltd now employs more than the group. The company has be completely vertically 1800 people and has annual all the latest technology and integrated and Enviro turnover of more than is focused to produce best Pac Ltd was established 22million US dollars. Situated FASHION ASIA quality knit apparel items. PRINTERS and with this mission in mind. HUNG TAK LIMITED Along with the usual ISO printers Enviro Pac not only caters NORTHERN just minutes away from Dhaka 9001:2008 and OEKOTEX to the needs within the International Airport, NCL is 100 standard certificate, TIL limited group but also supplies GARMENTS LTD well equipped to produce 12 is well on its way to receiving accessories to different tons of finished fabric per day the ISO 14000: Environmental other well established and has a sewing capacity of Management Certificate. The garment factories. Capable 4 million minutes per month. factory operates with 1600 of producing 66 tons of As a sign of NCL’s continuing hard working employees poly bags per month this success the company producing 10 tons of grey company is focused to has several international fabric per day and 3.3 million produce all major types of certificates including ISO sewing production minute per garment accessories. 9001:2000, OEKOTEX 100 and month and annual turnover of Organic Exchange. USD 12 million. OUR projects
  6. 6. NORTHERN NORTHERN12 TOSRIFA GROUP TOSRIFA GROUP 13 QUALITY COUNTS QUALITY is the critical success factor for Northern Tosrifa Group. Accordingly all concerns are equipped with latest machineries from knitting to sewing and finishing. All Workers are excellence oriented, meeting each and every stringent quality standard set by the buyers. 5S (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke) Technique is used for work layout. Production lines are designed in both Modular and Linear layout, enabling us to handle bulk orders or smaller more critical styles with equal efficiency and superior quality. In all stages of production, from knitting yarn to final garments, 4’Points Product Quality Control and 7’Points Traffic Light Systems are followed. AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) Standards, Major 1.50 and Minor 4.00 are in regular practice for the final Inspection.
  7. 7. NORTHERN NORTHERN14 TOSRIFA GROUP TOSRIFA GROUP 15 We value the endless possibilities of human endeavor and believe that a trained, disciplined and Human Capital The power of the Group lies within its PEOPLE happy workforce can do – accordingly it is committed to be an ‘equal opportunity employer’ offering best working environment for all of its 4500+ employees. miracles. This truly has been Employees are enjoying WPPF (Workers Profit Participation Fund) for last 15 years the case for Northern Tosrifa along with regular bonuses for target achievement, festival, and attendance. They Group. also enjoy earn leave encashment facility. 360-degree evaluation technique is in practice ensuring transparency and proper recognition leading to a more motivated workforce. Trainings with foreign and local experts are taking places in our own training center equipped with latest technology for both fresh and skilled workers. As per its policy, the Group is fully compliant with all local government labor laws, regulations set by ILO, BGMEA and valued buyers.
  8. 8. NORTHERN NORTHERN16 TOSRIFA GROUP TOSRIFA GROUP 17 Technology is for maximizing product quality and reducing production costs. It plays an important role in manufacturing process, quality assurance and decision- technology The nature of the industry demands us to making. Northern Tosrifa always keep pace with the continuous technological advancements. Northen Tosrifa Group believes that investing is in the forefront keeping all its units updated with the latest technology – resulting into efficiency and quality in production. in and embracing the The use of CAD, CAS and CAM system in the factories lessen wastage and makes cutting Technology will move the more efficient & precise. company forward in the years State-of-the-art fabric lab consists of Robolab, Spectrophotometer – Data Color and Dyeing machines from Ahiba & Methis. to come. The total operation is managed by a fully integrated ERP software. A dedicated team of foreign and local industrial engineers is always working to make the production leaner and more efficient.
  9. 9. NORTHERN NORTHERN18 TOSRIFA GROUP TOSRIFA GROUP 19 Green is becoming the most GOING GREEN important revolution in the Northern Tosrifa Group is a human company and takes every possible step with the history of mankind – loving environment in mind. As a sign of our continuing commitment to towards the environment the following measures are taken: and embracing fellow man, Optimization of water usage by deploying animal, tree, pond or even a highly efficient Effluent Water Treatment plant. Minimization of carbon foot prints by using CFL rock – these are all natures and LED energy efficient lights and production of renewable energy with solar panels. precious possessions –WE Reduction in energy wastage and making production eco-friendly by running all machines with Servo Motors. NURTURE THEM. Together with Lidl (Germany), a comprehensive carbon emission analysis was made for all the processes - from growing of cotton to manufacturing, transportation and sale of finished garment. This is an essential tool to reduce carbon emission. Full Compliance with REACH regulation protecting environment and people from risks of chemicals necessary for production and partnered with GIZ of Germany to obtain ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certification.